Buying boutique inventory for the first time

October 10th, 2009

Buying inventory for any store is a challenge, but for those who are new to buying merchandise, it can be especially nerve-wracking. After all, your inventory defines who you are as a brand, and it can make or break your business. Here are a few handy tips on what to look for when purchasing wholesale clothing for boutiques.

Find a good wholesale clothing distributor – Wholesale clothing sellers come from all over the USA, and if you are uncomfortable buying your wholesale clothing over the internet, it’s easy to find a local wholesale clothing distributor. A good relationship with your clothing dealer can ensure a fantastic inventory for your store. Your distributor will know what sells best at the retail level in your area, and they’ll also have a great selection for you to choose from.

Consider all your options – Are the you only boutique selling plus sized clothing? Can you offer something your other local stores can’t, like additional tailoring services, or designer handbags? Don’t only look at women’s clothing. Think about broadening your horizons.

It’s okay to make mistakes – You’re not going to be right 100% of the time, especially as you’re feeling out your market. Don’t get discouraged if some things sell well, but others sit untouched on the shelves. Unsold goods make great fodder for special sales that will attract people to your store, and you can always take your business on the road. Flea markets are a great place to move unsold merchandise quickly, because the foot traffic is always impressive.

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