Mod It Up: 70’s Styles in Women’s Clothing

Summer 2011 means taking a trip down memory lane (for those of us who know what it means to be fashionable).  From the crazy colors of the 70’s to the frequently used peek-a-boo look, this summer’s styles are all about taking what was best about the styles of yesterday and making them current.  So, without further ado, the hottest trends in 2011, with a nod to the past, are:

1.     70’s Glam:  from colors that pop to the unique fabric choices of the 70’s, what’s in this summer is what was ‘in’ during the 70’s – without the horrible hair.  Choose over-the-top colors and stylized pieces to disco your way through the summer

2.     The Stripes Are Winning:  This summer, if it’s stripped, it is hot.  Choose bold, symmetrical stripes like ClothesRUs’ V-neck Vibrant Colored Tunic, or delicately designed

Plus Size V-Neck Vibrant Colored Tunpieces and pair them with simple whites or blacks. A free flowing stripped skirt and a simple white top will have you dancing in the streets.

3.     Denim:  Who would have thought that a fall fabric would make such summer splash?  This summer everything can be made out of denim.  Try a tunic jacket with a simple tank and skinny jeans to vamp it up.

Junior Sheer Blouse with Sweetheart Neckline

4.     Peek-a-boo:  See-through fashion has appeared again.  Today’s hottest peek-a-boo women’s fashions and juniors fashions couple bold opaque pieces with a see-through top.  Add a bit of daring without taking it too far with this reincarnated fashion statement, such as ClothesRUs’ Junior Sheer Blouse.

5.     Funky Footwear:  no outfit is complete without fun shoes, and this summer’s hottest style is the jazzed-up espadrille.  Fun, funky platforms add a touch of style, a bit of class, and a ton of chic to any look from casual to formal.

Mod up your wardrobe this summer with a combination of vintage-look pieces and the latest designer pieces to always to a vision of taste and beauty.