Writing Effective Blogs to Market Wholesale Apparel In Your Retail Store

Consumers are bombarded by media information about fashion online, in print, and on television. As you begin to market your wholesale clothing purchases for your online retail store, you need to offer compelling copy about each item to draw in shoppers. Beyond individual item copy, you can enhance the shopping experience by adding a fashion related blog to your retail site. By adding blog posts, you can focus on specific items of wholesale ladies apparel for sale in your retail store by offering information about new fashion trends or celebrity fashions.

Writing a blog that draws in readers can be as simple as focusing on a specific type of clothing. For example, you may want to write a catchy piece on juniors dresses if you have a large order of wholesale special occasion apparel coming in. Writing a blog that focuses on different styles of junior clothing with matching accessories and shoes can be tied to current celebrity fashions.

Make your blog entries engaging by highlighting the features of your clothing and wardrobe additions that would make them a full outfit. Weekly or monthly blog entries can ensure that your content remains current and keeps the interest of your readers. Linking your blog to Facebook can also net you subscribers to a content newsletter to deliver your blog entries and create Facebook posts.

Within the blog, SEO content writing is also key. Determine which key words or phrases are the search words that your target audience are searching for. Include those words or phrases at a 1-2% density per one hundred words to elevate your placement in search engines.

By taking the simple step of creating a blog with SEO content you can help new consumers find your website. This will, in turn, create a larger shopping public. Once the shoppers find your site, you can keep them shopping by writing interesting content that fits with their lifestyles and retail spending.