Spring Trends for Tops Wholesale

When selling tops wholesale, you must stay on top of the trends. Spring has

Spring Trends for Tops Wholesale

almost sprung and with that, many women are headed to stores and perusing online boutiques to get an idea of what’s hot for the new season. Many trends trickle down from celebrities. When it comes to tops, customers are eager to buy because a top can be worn in many different ways.

Loose tops – Loose tops with a bohemian vibe are hot for spring and summer 2012. This trend is seen on many celebrities. Loose tops look great with skinny jeans and slim leg pants, both which are popular silhouettes for pants. Loose tops in feminine fabrics like chiffon or silk (or synthetic versions of these materials) create a soft, romantic look that’s popular for the new season. Loose tops with elasticized necklines and cuffs or waistlines are easy for most shapes to wear. Loose tops are also popular because they mask a tummy and work for day and night events. Look for bright colors and swirling prints for loose tops.

Nautical trends – Nautical trends like stripes, epaulettes and buttons make a major statement for spring. These tops look sharp and crisp on a warm day. Women wear nautical tops with jeans, slacks and skirts. Nautical tops are great for vacation, but they also provide a playful look for college students or stay-at-home moms. Nautical trends have been going strong for awhile now, but the tops have stuck around and look to be a favorite for spring 2012. There were many runway shows with nautical tops and celebrities continue to wear them with everything from shorts to short, voluminous skirts.

Wrap tops – Like loose tops, wrap tops are easy to wear regardless of a woman’s shape. Wrap tops or faux wrap tops create a feminine shape. For plus size women, this highlights the waist and for thin women, this shows off curves. It’s an easy shape that works for the office or on the weekend. Wrap tops in jersey and cotton fabrics are the most versatile.  You want to offer clients fabrics that have versatility and allow them to wear the item for many occasions. Wrap tops with slight draping at the neckline or roomy arms are also popular.

Spring trends for tops wholesale are a prime area for retailers to make money. Most customers want pieces that can work with basics they already own. Tops tend to be an area where women of all ages will try trends versus pants where most women stick to the same silhouette and colors.