Wholesale Junior Dresses for Spring and Summer

Get stocked up now on wholesale junior dresses for the spring and summer season. Dresses are a hot trend now for casual wear. Young ladies are also beginning to shop for junior dresses for proms, Valentine’s Day dances, graduation and other events. Making sure you have a variety of colors, styles and sizes in order to appeal to fashion savvy young ladies will create an increase in sales for your 2012 sales year.

Wholesale junior dresses for spring and summer this year are a variety of fashion trends including whimsical print dresses, floral summer dresses and casual dresses that include crocheted cut outs including back, neckline and straps. While bright colors are coming in big this year, black and white is a tried and true classic. Creamy neutrals are also showing up as a hot pick for juniors. A surprising new trend is a 70s style vibe. Choose an assortment of dresses that include sequins and sparkles.

When you are shopping to stock your wholesale junior dresses for spring and summer, you will want to include an assortment of formal dresses. Full length prom gowns for juniors and seniors are one of the most important dresses of the year for young ladies going to prom. While stocking your formal line of wholesale junior dresses, add a variety of white graduation dresses. Eyelet white dresses and above-the-knee white dresses are still the fashion.

Choosing a variety of wholesale junior dresses for parties is fun this year. With all the sparkles, sequins and whimsical prints, you can choose a collection of dresses that are perfect for fashion savvy young ladies. Stocking a large variety of styles is important. The worst thing ever is to show up to a party wearing the same dress that another girl is wearing. With this in mind, make choices with different colors, patterns, lengths and styles to choose from.

Wholesale junior dresses casual wear this year is going to be more feminine and glamorous than we have seen in a few years. A particularly popular trend for this year is ethnic inspired print dresses in flowing fabrics. Think princess chic, with floral and lace accents for your customers to choose from. Sheer fabrics and scarf-inspired dresses will also sell well.

Choosing the right mix of formal, casual and party wholesale junior dresses for spring and summer will be easy with so many choices available. The more sizes you offer the more young ladies will be able to shop for the perfect dress for their warm weather events. When young ladies find the perfect dress at your retail center, they will come back year after year for their dress shopping needs.