Wholesale Junior Dresses: 2012 Prom Trends

Prom Dresses

Ordering wholesale dresses for the spring season will help outfit young women for special events.

Spring is a time when spring dances, proms and other special parties become the focus of many high school girls. These girls show up to stores all over the country in hopes of finding that perfect dress that no one else will be wearing. When it comes to these dresses, stores can benefit from purchasing wholesale junior dresses to provide these girls with a wide selection to ensure that each girl can find just what she is looking for.

Short Is In

This year, short is in when it comes to prom dresses and dresses for other occasions. Many of the options in special occasion dresses fall just above the knee, giving girls the fashionable look they want for their special day. These short formal dresses come in a variety of styles for the overall look of the dress, including strapless, one-shoulder straps and low cuts. Buying one of these dresses is sure to turn heads at any prom or other special occasion.


While some of the more classic colors, such as black and white, are always in style for formal dresses young women wear to dances and other special occasions, this year also features a variety of bolder colors for this type of dress. Bold pinks, purples and blues top the list. However, any bright and bold color will do. This gives girls a wide range of options so they can be sure to pick something that no one else will be wearing so they can stand out in the crowd. When you purchase your wholesale junior dresses, pick a range of these color options so you can provide the best selection to your customers.


In general, the formal dresses that are available from wholesalers have a more fitted look to them. The material clings to the body, giving the tight-fitting look many teenagers want. There are other options that provide a looser fit, such as a flared skirt or just a simple loose fit to the skirt of the dress. This means girls have many factors to consider when they are choosing the right dress for the prom or any other occasion.

Choosing the best dress for the occasion is often the top priority of many teenagers in high school. They want to pick something that no one else will be wearing but is also in the right style. Some girls put a lot of pressure on themselves when it comes to these dresses. This is where you can provide a great service by offering the greatest selection. The best way to do this is to buy wholesale junior dresses so you will have plenty on hand.