Bringing Style to Juniors


When purchasing wholesale junior’s clothing, it’s important to be stylish and current with the trends. Junior wholesale clothing is made in many sizes and it’s meant to fit girls in the 10 to 18 age range. Juniors fall in an age group where they are constantly being pressured to fit in, have lots of friends, and have people like them. Often times the easiest way for them to fit in is through dressing like their peers. Because of the constant pressure to fit in, they constantly pay attention to what’s in, hot, and current so they will rarely wear anything that is out of fashion because they are so style conscious.

Pay attention to what’s in the magazines and on the runways, because junior girls will be sure to watch the trends too. Make sure the items are cute and age appropriate, like this lovely pink tunic top, which could be paired with low-rise skinny jeans, a pair of leggings, or as a dress like Britney Spears did here. Tunic tops and cardigan sweaters, like versatile cropped cardigans, are staple items in any juniors’ wardrobe because they can be paired with so many different things, like jeans, jeggings, skirts, and dresses. So be sure, as a wholesale junior’s clothing buyer, so include these items when making a purchase.

Party dresses are also another very trendy item in junior’s clothing right now. Whether for prom, a school dance, or a night out, cute, stylish dresses are something every girl between 10 and 18 will need in her closet. This satin dress is perfect for all three of the aforementioned occasions, and it follows a huge trend seen on the runways this year; bold, vibrant colors paired with dark colors. Dresses patterned with polka dots or florals are another huge trends seen on the runways this year, so if you want to bring style to the junior set through wholesale clothing, these are another must-have item. Dresses like these are great because they are versatile, easy to wear, and they will make every young girl feel chic, modern, up to date with her style, and the envy of all her friends, which is an instant confidence boost.

Staying current on the trends and paying attention to the runway shows are two imperative aspects to purchasing wholesale juniors clothing. Juniors are a very style-conscious set, and they tend to follow the trends, not set them. So be sure to stay up to date on what’s stylish, and you’ll be able to bring style to any junior’s wardrobe.

Women's Fashion Trends-Wholesale Prices


The tunic style top is in right now and it’s a perfect piece to accomplish the oh-so-popular boho chic look that all the celebs are sporting lately. The asymmetrical lines of OpenstockApparel’s tunic top paired with a pair of well-worn jeans or a pair of leggings and a lightweight knit sweater is an easy way to mimic this popular style with affordable wholesale women’s clothing prices. The best things about this trend is it is so easy for anyone to accomplish, it’s a great way to look super chic and still be comfortable, and once someone has a few basic pieces it’s so easy to mix and match them because there are no strict rules to accomplishing this look! Another popular piece that is a great basic for the boho chic look is a great knit cardigan like OpenStockApparel’s Madison Paige Colorful Sleeveless Tunic. Make sure it’s little too large, because that’s the style with this look. Just look at how Mary-Kate Olsen pulls off this look. A slightly larger cardigan also allows for layering your look, which is perfect for warmer or cooler weather and layering is a big part of the boho chic style. Another great thing about this style cardigan is that it can be a staple piece in any wardrobe and incorporated into many different styles and looks, instantly expanding any wardrobe.

Another big trend in women’s fashion that flatters every woman, instantly makes her look chic and up to date, and can be accomplished with purchasing wholesale clothing is the mixing and matching pretty, flirty patterns, as showcased on the runway this year by designer Chris Benz. The key is to use different patterns that are in the same color family, to avoid a look that’s too crazy or mismatched. Take a great floral patterned dress like OpenStockApparel’s Junior Floral Print Dress and pair it with a polka dotted jacket or sweater in the same color family, and hit on two popular trends in one outfit; mixing patterns and asymmetrical lines. This fashion trend requires pieces that are similar colors, and purchasing wholesale clothing is a smart way to get as many pieces as possible.

Wholesale women’s clothing and apparel offers a great affordable way to accomplish all the popular celebrity looks, from everything boho to all the latest runway trends. Just because it’s wholesale fashion doesn’t mean it’s not completely up to date and fashionable. Every look that has been covered here is completely accomplishable at wholesale prices, can be easily done by anyone, and is on the cutting edge of the most modern trends in women’s fashion.

Writing Effective Blogs to Market Wholesale Apparel In Your Retail Store


Consumers are bombarded by media information about fashion online, in print, and on television. As you begin to market your wholesale clothing purchases for your online retail store, you need to offer compelling copy about each item to draw in shoppers. Beyond individual item copy, you can enhance the shopping experience by adding a fashion related blog to your retail site. By adding blog posts, you can focus on specific items of wholesale ladies apparel for sale in your retail store by offering information about new fashion trends or celebrity fashions.

Writing a blog that draws in readers can be as simple as focusing on a specific type of clothing. For example, you may want to write a catchy piece on juniors dresses if you have a large order of wholesale special occasion apparel coming in. Writing a blog that focuses on different styles of junior clothing with matching accessories and shoes can be tied to current celebrity fashions.

Make your blog entries engaging by highlighting the features of your clothing and wardrobe additions that would make them a full outfit. Weekly or monthly blog entries can ensure that your content remains current and keeps the interest of your readers. Linking your blog to Facebook can also net you subscribers to a content newsletter to deliver your blog entries and create Facebook posts.

Within the blog, SEO content writing is also key. Determine which key words or phrases are the search words that your target audience are searching for. Include those words or phrases at a 1-2% density per one hundred words to elevate your placement in search engines.

By taking the simple step of creating a blog with SEO content you can help new consumers find your website. This will, in turn, create a larger shopping public. Once the shoppers find your site, you can keep them shopping by writing interesting content that fits with their lifestyles and retail spending.

Sell Your Wholesale Women's Apparel Using Social Media


Social media is more than networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Social Media is any website, platform or program that allows people to discover content, access information and/or interact with others. Following this definition, virtually any website, micro-site or online community may be considered a part of social media.

Meetu Magic Maxi Rayon Challis Dress with ...

In reality, social media sites include blog forums, social networking sites, bookmarking sites, news sharing sites and photo or video sharing sites. All of these different social media outlets have content that is primarily user-generated and can be easily shared. They also promote interaction between users. There are different ways that you can utilize the nature of social media to sell your products – especially wholesale fashion apparel pieces for your retail customers.

The Internet Fashion Goddesses

There are a handful of internationally popular fashion bloggers. These bloggers have earned respect because of the authenticity of their posts. They publish posts about their personal fashion preferences, their experiences, and their opinions. Their credibility is so strong that even the likes of Louis Vuitton started sending them items to review with a clear understanding that it is their complete prerogative whether or not they will feature the product, what they will say about the product, and when to publish the post. Try sending these bloggers several different pieces from a recent wholesale clothing order. If they decide to feature your product, you may see your hits increase dramatically. Some of these bloggers are BrianBoy and Tavi Gavinson.

The Forums

There are many fashion forums and blog sites where you can cross-post your site. However, forums masters are extremely cautious. If they get any hint that you are there only to promote your site,

Madison Paige Chiffon Tea Length Dress

they will kick you out faster than you can say Louis Vuitton. The key is establishing you reputation as an interested and participating member of the community. This means you will have to start posting, and remain active, for a time before you even begin posting links to your retail site. Consider participating in forums that specialize in wholesale clothing for women or juniors to increase your traffic.

Remember that the power of social media is its authenticity. Be real, be honest, and enjoy social media. Do that and you will be able to utilize its power to sell your any wholesale fashion apparel pieces you have in stock.

Clothing Sales Skyrocket With Marketing and Wholesale Vendors


Everyone wears clothes so it’s no wonder that the wholesale clothing market is so huge. As a matter of fact, it may be one of the biggest of all wholesale markets across the board. It is a highly divisional market that can be cut up into several categories such as gender, size and age categories.

The junior clothing market is undoubtedly one of the most profitable because juniors not only tend to outgrow their clothing, their personal style is still developing. Working with a junior wholesale provider can help you build a collection that will please even the most picky of junior shoppers. Building a base wholesale juniors collection of tops and dresses will quickly impact your conversion rate.

Never forget your women’s market. They love to shop and have a highly developed sense of style. Focusing your efforts on creating a marketing campaign designed to attract women makes sense, and by working with a wholesale provider of women’s fashions, you can increase your profit margin. Your collection should focus on seasonal pieces as well as special occasion dresses, women’s and casual dresses. A well rounded collection will appeal to a larger base clientele.

Remember that the wholesale fashion industry is expanding at a phenomenal rate – giving you access to more choices for your clients. You can get in on this business boom by either creating an online marketing campaign or for your business, or moving your physical store into online marketing and sales.

One of the biggest advantages to online marketing of your wholesale clothing business is that it has the potential to bring you several million potential customers. Building the best collection by working with reputable wholesale fashion providers and developing a solid marketing plan can help you take your business to the next level.