How can Small Clothing Companies attract Customers to their Online Stores?



When you are preparing to open up your small clothing company to the online world there are a few different small tasks that you need to take care of first. Many people are often mistaken by thinking that all they need to do is create a site and sell their product. There are many steps and strategies that you need to look at in order to get your new small clothing company off of the ground within the world of online shopping. Take a look at this great guide to help you get started.

Your site is going to speak volumes when you are getting started. Think about the customers or the clients and what they are looking for. If your site is all over the place and full of disorganization you may not see the spike in sales that you are looking to see. Make sure that the pages that you create are easily to follow and full of content that your clients want to see. When you are creating a site for a small clothing company you need to have an edge or a trait that will make your company stick out or more well known. Try out a trademark or even a logo of some type so that people know who you are.

Online marketing and marketing campaigns are going to help pull you forward when you get started. After the site has been created now you will need to pull in the traffic that can turn into possible clients or customers. When you start an online marketing campaign you will be utilizing advertisements and even video ads so that you can get your small clothing company out there. Remember, you do not want to overdo it with the advertising, but once you find a happy medium you should start to see daily sales instantly.

You might also want to expand your small clothing company to free online auction sites. This is just like opening your own boutique only you do not have to pay monthly rent, just small fees whenever a sale is actually made. You can create your own page with your own products and pictures. This is another way to get your clothing company out there on the map without acquiring anymore out of pocket expenses. If you are running your own neighborhood boutique, the online auction site is a great way to gradually get into search engine optimization so that your site can create automatic revenue. The only thing that you should have to worry about at that point is shipping and balancing your books!

Small clothing companies do not have a lot of revenue to play around with, which is why the internet is such a great free outlet. If you are looking into creating your site make sure that you have the proper online marketing tools. Set aside some cash for your copywriting services and for your online marketing campaign. Once you start to climb up there in the top search pages you will start to receive instant traffic and automatic sales within a few short months!

Women’s Clothing One Byte at a Time


apparel.JPGIf one truth holds water in today’s busy economy, it is this: the internet has opened up the women’s clothing industry to a completely new type of consumer. Once upon a time, if a woman wanted a fashionable new dress, her choices were limited to the local retail and department store market. Those days are gone, and the retailer has to keep pace.

When the time comes to shop for women’s clothing, the fashion savvy woman looks for those hot new styles and the frugal woman looks for those money saving sales; the fashion savvy, frugal woman looks for hot new styles that do not cost an arm and a leg. The internet has been a wonderful addition for those women wanting to find women’s clothing that is stylish, affordable, sexy, casual, formal, and/or sassy.

Staying on the cutting edge of the latest styles and fashions is a full-time undertaking. The internet has proven to be a versatile, useful tool in staying on top of those latest styles and fashions. The retailer and the consumer both can get instant details of latest fashion trends with only the click of a button. Nothing could be easier, right?

Top 5 Reasons to Use the Internet for Women’s Clothing

  1. Shopping on the internet does not mean buying something is necessary.  In fact, window shopping for women’s clothing is easy, fun, and convenient when using the internet. Imagine window shopping without feeling guilty or being pressured by overanxious salespeople.Statistics have shown the majority of consumers will investigate a purchase via the internet before making the final purchase at a brick and mortar store. Consumers are learning what to buy long before they enter a brick and mortar store.A retail store with an internet website will attract more potential consumers!
  2. Shopping for women’s clothing via the internet is educational. Consumers and retailers can investigate instantly delivered news on popular new fashion trends, and getting all the juicy gossip on which star is wearing what hot new designer’s fashions is a simple button click away.Staying up to date on the latest in trends, styles, and fashions in women’s clothing is a necessity for the wise retailer, and the internet allows the retailer to get instant information.Retailers can find a cornucopia of fashion magazines, trade magazines, and connections via the internet translating to lower costs and higher profits!
  3. When women and/or retailers are looking for women’s clothing, the internet offers a wider variety and selection of fashionable, affordable styles. The internet is a virtual marketplace where the astute retailer will find selections and options never before dreamed possible.Plus size clothing, missy size clothing, junior clothing, special occasion clothing, and many more types of popular women’s clothing are available from all over the world. The larger the variety of women’s clothing, the more chances the retailer has to offer consumers new, trendy fashions at affordable prices.The internet is a versatile tool in adding diversity and versatility to any women’s wardrobe!
  4. The internet offers a worldwide market for buying and selling. Women’s apparel from all over the globe is available from the comfort of your own home or office. Gaucho sets, gauchos, ponchos, special occasion clothing, and other popular clothing styles can be purchased directly from the supplier.In addition, the retailer will find with an internet website, the possibilities for a consumer base are enormous. The internet has a huge profit potential for the retailer looking for an adventurous purchase for and from a global market.Did you know there are over 450 million internet users according to Internet World Stats?
  5. Women’s apparel that fills a niche can be quite profitable via the internet. Women’s apparel boutiques and specialty stores will find a wider audience and wider choices as well. A global marketplace filled with unique, special, and ethnic women’s clothing. With the popular of ethnical clothing, purchasing a selling via the internet just adds to a storefront’s visibility.Niche specialty boutiques make an average of 245% more profits than the regular retailer!

When wanting to find women’s clothing, the consumer expects superior design, style, and fashion at an affordable rate. The perceptive retailer uses the internet as a mode of education for learning of past, current, and future fashion trends. Then armed with an arsenal of information proper steps are taken to insure the greatest chances of success for the retailer.

Women’s clothing such as that offered by Open Stock Apparel offers the varieties, the styles, and the affordable prices necessary for an attractive presence on the internet and the brick and mortar storefront. In addition, Open Stock Apparel offers expertise, information, and customer service second to none.

Using bytes to increase profit potential allows the retailer to take a bite out of an unstable and fluctuating marketplace.

The History and Versatility of the Poncho


AugustSilkAUG071073The poncho is a wonderfully simple garment with an extensive history around the world used as a tool as much as a fashion accessory. The simplistic design has won the heart of consumers around the globe, and retailers will find adding a poncho or two to the storefront will provide a beneficial asset.

The beauty of the poncho is seen on many levels. First, regardless of socio-economic status, the poncho can be seen draped comfortably over the shoulders of men, women, and children in most countries. Second, the poncho is simplistic, often being nothing more than a hole for the head located on a blanket type material. What could be easier, and of course, more affordable?

Any woman will find the poncho a great addition to her wardrobe, and rumors have it that this fall and winter the poncho will be all the rage.

What Does a Poncho Do?

Depending on whom you ask, the poncho will perform various tasks from being stylish and fashionable to adding warmth and utility. A poncho, depending on what it is made of, is a versatile fashion accessory and tool available in women’s clothing, men’s clothing, and even children’s clothing.

In women’s clothing, fashion trends depict the popularity of new fashions in the clothing industry. A poncho is one of those rare fashions that really never goes out of style. While the fabrics, styles, colors, and prints of the poncho will fluctuate with the fashion trends common today, the basic design of the poncho changes only a minuscule amount.

The Poncho in History

The Jesuit missionaries in the 16th century found the tendency of the indigenous natives in Northern Argentina to wander around virtually naked indecent. The Jesuits would give the indigenous natives ponchos to keep them warm and modest. The poncho was an easy, affordable solution for the Jesuits.

Today, the poncho is not too different from yesteryear. The major difference is the materials used today are slightly different from when the Jesuits freely handed out the poncho in attempt to allow for some modesty among the indigenous natives of Northern Argentina.

The Poncho Today

Women’s clothing most often includes the poncho as an accessory. However, many popular designers actually have blouses with the look and feel of the traditional poncho. Today’s authentic poncho is usually colored with natural colors in European countries, but the indigenous people of Argentina today use dye to decorate the material making those ponchos decorative and colorful.

Once upon a time, a poncho was made from wool, but today, a poncho can be made of wool, cotton, or other synthetic materials, and usually can be knitted, crocheted, or any other type of construction. The poncho is indeed a versatile addition to any storefront selling women’s clothing.

A Poncho by any Other Name

Interestingly, various parts of the world have different names for the poncho of Latin America. For instance, in Northern and Southern Chile, the word to use would be poncho, but in Central Chile the word to use would be chamanto.  In Mexico, the people use the word sarape or jorongo in place of poncho; in Switzerland, Bavaria, and Austria, the people use the word kotze.

In the colder regions of Columbia, the people call ponchos ruanas, and in the Middle Ages, the people would wear heavy ponchos constructed of wool that they called grugels. Another heavy poncho is commonly called a poncho chilote; the poncho-like garments, worn by the Roman Catholic Church cassocks, are called kasels or pluviales.

Women’s Fashion Trends and the Poncho

Women’s clothing has to look good – plain and simple. The poncho offers a wide range of fashionable colors, and today, many women’s ponchos are knitted or crocheted, and then embellished with bows or other types of fashionable embellishments. The poncho can be used for warmth, but it can also be used solely as an accessory to accent the complete ensemble similar to how a scarf or sash would work.

In addition, many ponchos are made of a heavier duty material making them perfect for use as a raincoat or as a protector from other harsh elements. Have you ever seen these ponchos worn at sporting events? Yes, even sporting teams have their emblems put onto raincoat type ponchos to sell to awaiting fans.

When purchasing wholesale women’s clothing adding an array of ponchos will benefit the retailer. Ponchos are stylish, attractive, and versatile. With the addition of some classy, stylish ponchos, wholesale retailers will find the consumer base knocking on that door to get the latest in poncho designs.

Open Stock Apparel offers a wide array of ponchos in various colors, styles, and designs perfect for today’s busy lifestyle. With Open Stock Apparel, the retailer can be assured the wholesale prices are competitive enough to allow the retailer some leniency in pricing strategies. After all, with Open Stock Apparel, the retailer and consumer are what matters, and offering elegant ponchos is just one way Open Stock Apparel beats the competition.

Understanding the Versatility of Sweaters


Historically, sweaters have been popular throughout many fads and fashions withstanding the test of time. Sweaters are one of the most versatile of fashionable apparel, and sweaters come in a copious number of styles, designs, and price tags. Yes, sweaters can keep you warm, but a sweater can also keep you stylish and cool even on the hottest of days.

Just a few types of sweaters include cardigan sweaters, wool sweaters, argyle sweaters, sweatshirts, cashmere sweaters, and even dog sweaters! In times past, sweaters were hand knitted from wool, but even within the wool category, there are different types of popular wool material used to make wearable sweaters.

Exploring the Undershirt

Commonly, sweaters of all types are worn over an undershirt. Women’s shirts, normal t-shirts, custom t-shirts, polo shirts, and dress shirts are all popular types of shirts to use as an undergarment with a sweater. The type of undershirt worn will be partially dictated by the type of sweater worn for the day.

Normal t-shirts, custom t-shirts, some pop shirts, and some women’s shirts are useful because there is no collar. When worn under a women’s sweater, only the sweater is left showing. However, sometimes, a collar such as those seen with many dress shirts, polo shirts, and women’s shirts, can be a stylish way to accessorize the sweater while adding a bit of additional insulation on those cool days or nights.

Types of Popular Sweaters

There are a few popular categories most sweaters fall into today: cardigan sweaters, crewneck sweaters, Vee neck sweaters or V-neck sweaters, and turtleneck sweaters. Each of these popular categories offer something special to the consumer.

Cardigan Sweater

Cardigan sweaters can be short sleeved, long sleeved, or somewhere in between. What makes a cardigan sweater a cardigan sweater is the front-style closure. Usually, the closure will be either buttons or zippers, but sometimes other types of closures will be utilized. The cardigan sweater will be similar to a knitted jacket.

Cardigan sweaters are useful for any temperatures, occasions, and body sizes. Plus size sweaters will often have numerous cardigan sweaters to accent the natural beauty of the plus size woman.

Crewneck Sweaters

Crewneck sweaters are an extremely popular and versatile type of sweater. Most commonly, the crewneck sweater refers to a sweater an individual would pull over the head, and where the neckline of the sweater is close to the neck. Rounded crewneck sweaters and boat neck crewneck sweaters are two of the most popular of crewneck sweaters on the market today.

With a crewneck sweater, the sweater is a solid piece with no closures. These look great with an undershirt containing a collar or a simple t-shirt to protect from skin irritation often accompanying a sweater.

Vee Neck Sweaters or V-Neck Sweater

Vee neck sweaters, or v-neck sweaters, are extremely popular in today’s busy and stylish women’s apparel. This type of sweater is similar to the crewneck sweater except the neckline makes a “V”. In addition, the vee neck sweater is also found commonly with closures.

The v-neck sweater is a popular sweater with or without the addition of an undershirt. Additionally, plus size sweaters will often be a vee neck sweater to show-off a bit of cleavage. Many plus size sweaters are a v-neck sweater because many larger women do not appreciate the snugness of the crewneck sweater.

Turtleneck Sweaters

Turtleneck sweaters have been popular for as long as sweaters have been around. These beautiful sweaters have an unusual neckline – the neckline of turtleneck sweaters has extra material so that the sweater bunches around and covers the neck. This is great for the woman wanting to add a bit of warmth with high style.

Plus size sweaters may come in a turtleneck styles, but usually the more extended the size, the less likelihood the sweater will have be a turtleneck sweater. Plus size women do not usually appreciate the constriction offered by the turtleneck style. Instead, a vee neck or even a crewneck is preferred in plus size sweaters.

Designs and Materials

The designs and materials used in sweaters is evolving over time, but sometimes, the designs and materials will never go out of style. These designs and materials have withstood the test of time and will be with us for centuries to come. Most commonly the materials used in developing the sweater will change according to new technologies utilized in the development of the material.

Cashmere Sweaters

Cashmere sweaters are one of the softest, most luxurious sweaters on the market today, and the cashmere sweater is a good example of a fashionable, evolving material. Cashmere wool is obtained from a Cashmere goat. A common misconception today is that any “soft” fiber used is considered cashmere, but this is far from the truth. Cashmere wool, in fact, has extremely strict standards to fall within the cashmere category.

Cashmere sweaters are stunningly gorgeous and ultra soft. In addition, cashmere sweaters are great for making plus size sweaters because they act as comfort apparel and, of course, the softness is second to none.

Argyle Sweaters

Argyle sweaters have been popular since the 50s, and are a good example of a fashionable, evolving pattern. These versatile sweaters are not made of a particular material, but argyle is a pattern used on the sweater. At one time, argyle sweaters signified an upper class, but today, anyone who wants to look fashionable will find the argyle pattern beneficial to an entire apparel ensemble.

The argyle pattern consists of diamonds within a diagonal checkerboard pattern. The diamonds can be of any color, and often, the argyle sweater will have popular colors in today’s fashionable color schemes.

Today’s fashionable society understands the importance of sweaters as much as Open Stock Apparel does. Sweaters come in all shapes, sizes, and fashions designed and developed with today’s busy woman in mind. Regardless of the apparel scheme for the day, there is a sweater to highlight the natural beauty of the woman in question.

When you expect the best quality, the best design, and the best price for your sweaters, Open Stock Apparel exceeds all expectations. By offering a large quantity of designs by various designers, Julie Ann caters to your changing needs. After all, when you expect the best, Open Stock Apparel listens and complies to you and your consumers desires.

Purchasing Wholesale Women’s Clothing – The Secret Revealed


foottrafficAccording to Bloomberg News, major retail clothing chains have seen a sharp decrease in sales for the month of June. Consumers have been purchasing staple goods such as groceries and electronics, but major retail clothing chains such as Macy’s Inc., and J.C. Penney Co. have seen a drastic fall in consumer spending.

Not surprisingly, discount retail chains such as Target and Wal-Mart are seeing an increase in consumer shopping after displaying the back-to-school merchandise and removing the summer merchandise displays.

U.S retailers claim consumer sales rose in June by an estimated 2.4 percent. Yet, the clothing industry seems to be taking a hard hit with losses reported at an estimated 4.0 percent. Consumer spending is shifting with the economy. Instead of spending hard-earned money on clothing, consumers are frugally shopping and purchasing bare necessities.

Sears Holding Corp. Reports Sharp Quarterly Declines

Sears Holding Corp. is the largest department store in the U.S, and the shocking facts show this mega-retailer has a second-quarter loss of more than 45 percent. Even the discount sister company K-Mart has seen a loss of almost 5.0 percent in the same period. With the back-to-school merchandise quickly approaching, even these once popular department stores are seeing consumers spend less while demanding the same excellent quality.

Where The Consumers Are Going

Clothing retail chain giants such as Gap Inc. and Kohl’s are seeing sharp declines in consumer spending. According to this same report, many of the discount chain stores are seeing large increases in consumer sales. Abercrombie & Fitch reported consumer spending was up by 2 percent, and Zumiez Inc. reported consumer spending was up by over 14 percent.

Consumers are spending, but how the consumer spends is changing. Consumers are choosing to shop smartly being more frugal and careful than ever before. The economy is unstable, and the instability is forcing consumers to plan purchases more carefully.

How To Purchase Safely

Retailers purchasing wholesale women’s clothing will find the back-to-school season is a hotbed of consumer spending. Gearing towards a frugal consumer audience is going to benefit the retailer wanting to make a profit in this unstable economy. Taking chances on new designs and fashion will pay off as along as the purchase is cost effective, smart, and fashionable.

Wholesale women’s clothing will also find discount sales and end-of-the-season sales appealing to the consumer causing an increase in consumer spending. A more frugal consumer audience translates to profitable in-store and/or online store special sales.

Special Occasion Apparel

As the consumer spending is revealing more frugal spending habits there is one advantage many wholesales and/or retailers should keep in mind. While general consumer spending is down, consumer spending is increasing for necessities and staples. Purchasing special occasion apparel is a time the consumer can lavishly spend on a basic necessity no matter the occasion. Of course, wholesales and/or retailers offering a cost effective solution for the special occasion apparel will find a loyal, reliable consumer audience.

Changing With The Times

Purchasing and selling wholesale women’s clothing has waxed and waned with the times; the current apparent trend in consumer spending will soon change. Discount clothing stores and small, local retail clothing stores have an advantage – consumer loyalty. Selling to a more localized consumer market or a niche consumer market is proving more reliable and profitable than the large department retail stores.

Motivating consumer spending is easy with a diverse selection of women’s clothing. Consumers appreciate a “down home” retail storefront where personal touches cannot be replicated in larger department stores. The average consumer expects an affordable, frugal solution to basic necessities. Does your retail storefront offer what the consumer is looking for in terms of price, selection, and customer service?

Keep Your Eyes Open

As the summer season is being placed on discount racks making room for the fall selection and the popular back-to-school styles, wholesale women’s clothing is changing to meet those changes as well. There are many smart purchases to be made in wholesale apparel because of this seasonal switch, and keeping those eyes open will help prepare the retailer for future fashions and seasons.

While the economy may be fluctuating taking with it the consumer spending habits, retailers offering stability will always come out on top. The waxing and waning of current consumer spending habits may be in constant flux, but the retailer who plans accordingly will offer the consumer stability, and in the process, gain a more loyal consumer base.