Wholesale Fashions For a Women’s Boutique


Find wholesale fashion apparel at openstockapparel.com.Looking for a way to mix your love of shopping with making money? Consider opening a women’s clothing boutique. Here your love of clothing is satisfied as you create the opportunity to own and sell designer trends.

So where do you begin in opening a women’s clothing boutique? This simple approach can help get you moving.
Make a business plan. Ask yourself crucial questions: What do you want to specialize in: Career Blouses, special occasion, vintage, party dresses? Where do you see your store located? Define your vision as specifically as you can, including everything from financial projections to what you wish to name your business. Even think about where you will purchase your wholesale apparel.

Educate yourself. Do you have the experience to start a business? Have you written a business plan? Do you have the start-up capital? Many communities have special organizations for starting businesses. Seek out mentoring at SCORE or the Small Business Administration. Learn the basic necessities of running a clothing boutique by interviewing other boutique owners and learning from their experiences.

If you build it, they will come. Once you know what you are aiming for, start slow. Remember, many small businesses started in the home. Bill Gates and Steven Jobs even started in the garage. Begin buying merchandise from wholesale women’s clothing stores online. Acquiring products can help you start small and be fun, with regular visits to thrift stores and garage sales, or learning about your options for wholesale women’s clothing to purchase your line.

Keep cost down. Begin by designing a home event and building a customer base. Invite your potential customers and have fun showing your new “lines” of clothing over wine and cheese. Network and get invited to parties, or give others a chance to hold their own clothing parties.

Start a Facebook or MySpace page for your consignment business and begin inviting everyone you know to it.

Check out local space. Many towns have community sales space, such as flea markets, that allow you to rent a corner of the area, while someone else operates the cash register and distributes the sales, less an administrative fee. This is a great and affordable way to test the water before signing a lease in a commercial space.

Smart Growth. Once you have built a network of clients, have all the financial systems in place, established a web presence, and have begun generating cash flow, now you are ready to research locations and put your business plan to work. Take into account additional costs for the store, such as employees, store fixtures, utilities, advertising, wholesale women’s clothing, and theft prevention as you find that perfect spot to open your boutique.

Open Your Store. With the merchandise in place, your website linked into your network, advertising in local papers, press releases out, colorful signs and balloon drawing attention to your store, open the doors and pay attention to your clientele, their feedback in valuable to continue to understand your market and how to expand it. Remember it’s all about learning your customer’s needs and keeping them happy.

Wholesale Clothing to Make a Boutique Work


wholesale fashion dealsWhen creating a business plan for opening a women’s clothing boutique, one of the most important aspects to develop is where and how you will acquire the merchandise. Having a strong and varied supply of wholesale apparel is a major part of creating a successful boutique.

As a rule, women shop for any number of reasons. Sometimes we just need a new outfit for an event, or to replace certain elements of our wardrobe. Other times we shop for sport, just enjoying perusing the new fashions, trying on and dreaming. Other times we shop for emotional reasons. Whatever our reasons for heading to the store, going shopping does not always mean spending money in that moment. But if you are building customer loyalty, having unique, quality and ever-changing merchandise is the number one draw that will keep customers coming back.

As a boutique owner, you can never forget the power of new merchandise. Large stores are subject to go with the trends and change with the seasonal styles as the corporate headquarters determine. As a small boutique you can make up your own rules, bring in new styles at anytime, and feature a larger variety of clothes than the larger stores can provide.

Offering new merchandise doesn’t mean having to go outside your market. Instead, constantly turning over your stock gives you the reputation of freshness and brings clients back on a more regular basis. Online wholesale apparel stores are a great place to find new merchandise.

This constant change offers your customers more reasons to return. When they know you have new lines in frequently, they also know you will have more sales. Moving merchandise out the door is what you want to achieve. Any revenue lost in the sale price is gained in long-term loyalty to the sales, as well as the new delights that replace the old.

So changing the racks on a regular basis provides more than just new clothes. Bringing in fresh styles creates a reason to have another event such as a sale, fashion show or tea party. It also inspires new windows and displays, which keeps your sales floor a surprise. Customers begin to know you as a shop that is always offering a new find.

So when you are looking for ways to build brand loyalty and gain a reputation for being fresh, new and fun, think about how often you change the racks. You don’t have to do an overhaul, but going out of your way to always be looking for and bringing in new styles of wholesale apparel will be the change you need to have them coming back on a regular basis.