Sweater Weather


by Molly Griffin

The hustle and bustle of the holidays may be behind us, but snowy wintry blizzards are definitely still very much a part of the weather forecast. Newsflash: it is officially sweater weather. That said, it’s time to bundle up fashion friends! And bundling up never looked so good than when you choose to do it stylishly with a cozy sweater dress.

Clothes R Us offers an abundant supply of ladies dresses, specifically chic sweater dresses, all for the budget friendly price of $29.99. A few key components when styling a sweater dress are a wide belt, tall boots, and opaque tights. Oh, and it never hurts to have seamless or thong underwear in your arsenal! Since many sweater dresses hug our curves, we may as well plan accordingly with your undergarments.

We understand the need for the stocking the perfect ladies apparel, staying in sync with hot trends along the way. The sweater dress trend is a part of our wide array of ladies dresses, offering multiple inviting options for staying warm, without compromising style or budget. Check out some of below fab options for staying cozy chic.

Pullover Sweater Dress

Missy Pullover Belted Sweater Dress In Sienna $29.99

Jessica Simpson Sweater Dress

Jessica Simpson Sweater Dress

Style Tip: Keep it monochromatic cool like Jessica Simpson. Be careful not to go overboard with one color, and break up the monotony with a slight variation of the hue you’re rocking. More specifically, tie in the camel color in this belt with camel colored tall boots. Add even more dimension (and an added layer of warmth!) to this look with a long sleeve brown tee-shirt.

Junior Pull Over Sweater Dress

Junior Pull Over Sweater $29.99

Missy Empire Waist Indigo Sweater Dress

Missy Empire Waist Indigo Sweater Dress $29.99

Style Tip: Add black opaque tights and ankle booties or tall boots for a chic look with subtle sex appeal. Add a black turtleneck to the indigo sweater dress for a smart contrast to the vibrant blue, not to mention a great layering option for keeping warm.

Missy Sweater Dress With Asymmetrical Turn Collar

Missy Sweater Dress With Asymmetrical Turn Collar $29.99

Nicole Richie and Cameron Diaz

Nicole Richie and Cameron Diaz

Style Tip: Rock a wide belt at the narrowest part of your waistline and sport bare legs like stunning Cameron Diaz (if you’re stems can stand the cold!), or keep it simple with tights and heels like style maven Nicole Richie. Either look is a winning combination!

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Fashion Secrets Worth Keeping


Wishes Junior Ruffled Dress

Wishes Junior Ruffled Dress

Fashion Dresses

Shopping for fashion dresses is something that many self-conscious women dread, so for these women, it helps to know what kinds of dresses complement the different body types. Keeping this in mind, retailers who purchase stock from wholesalers will probably want to buy a large variety of styles unless if they specialize in clothing for a specific body type, such as plus size or petites.

Eliminating problem spots

Many women have a specific “problem spot” that they feel is the least flattering part of their figure. Whether this is the waist, hips, or legs, these spots can be played down. For example, a thick waist can be hidden under an empire waist dress, and someone who feels self-conscious about her legs can cover up with a maxi dress.

Another common problem is height. Usually, short women want to look taller and vice versa, and dresses can go a long way in helping a woman create the illusion of a desired height. For example, a petite woman can look taller by buying form-fitting dresses in darker colors. This provides not only a slimming effect but an elongating effect as well. Dressing in any one color will enhance height, so tall women who don’t want to play up that feature might lean toward dresses with a variety of color.

A problem that often plagues both tall and petite women alike is an undefined waistline. For women who don’t want to draw attention to the waist, a good way to deflect attention from there is to play up a more favorable feature. For example, a slender neck can be complemented by a necklace, or long legs can be shown off in a dress that stops a few inches above the knees.

Mint Green Floral Print Maxi Dress in Pink

Mint Green Floral Print Maxi Dress in Pink

Basic Fashion Dress Types

The A-line dress is a classic style that will last in someone’s wardrobe for years to come. It is form-fitting at the top and flares out gradually going downward, so it is a good choice for defining the waistline and hiding wider hips.

Like the A-line dress, the maxi dress is tighter at the top and loose flowing at the bottom, but the difference is that it runs all the way down to the ankles. It is an informal style, so it can be worn many times instead of sitting in a closet until the next special occasion. It is feminine, flattering, and for those who feel self-conscious about their bodies, it provides great coverage.

The empire waist is also a good choice for women who want to hide a wider waistline. On this style, the waistline is set anywhere between the bust and the natural waistline. Because of this, it also helps in accentuating the bust.

The sheath dress fits tightly throughout the body, which makes it popular among women with slender figures. For women who want to accentuate curves, though, a good way to do so in a sheath dress is to play it up with accents like ruching or bold prints.

The above styles are just a few examples of the many different kinds of fashion dresses on the market. Height, weight, and overall shape need to be taken into consideration, as each cut of dress has a different effect. Many women who feel self-conscious have a difficult time determining what their strong spots are, so the key to choosing fashion dresses is knowing which ones will play up a woman’s best features. OpenStock Apparel is a wholesaler that carries fashion dresses to flatter figures of all types, from petites to plus sizes.