Aqua Dreams and Colorful Creations: Junior and Women’s Apparel Trends

Landlocked shoppers can bring a vision of the ocean to their wardrobe with the colors of the sea from From plus size clothes, like a sea-worthy blouse, to trendy women’s tops, like a flattering tunic, you can find gorgeous blues and aquas in our online catalog. Celebrities from both coasts love the flattering colors of the ocean and their relaxing beachy feel. While a celebrity look with aqua or sea blue might be over-the-top for the red carpet, brings you outfits that can fit into your everyday life.

Soothing aqua is the feature of our Plus Size Knit Top with Pearl Bead Trim featuring an oceanic color hue. It also adds pearl accents that won’t require a dive trip to accent your women’s top. Balance the aqua color with khaki or black pants and a bold turquoise necklace for an easy everyday outfit. Wearing your favorite flip-flops with this versatile basic top can help you feel the sand between your toes even if you are miles away from the beach.

For a beautiful mix of aquas, greens, and blues, you can add the Madison Paige Colorful Sleeveless Tunic in Aqua to your closet. Don’t be surprised if you hear the sounds of the ocean rushing around you when you wear this relaxing tunic over skinny jeans or tights. An asymmetrical hem moves with you, like the waves of the tide, in this versatile tunic style.

Party the night away under the sea in our version of party dresses for juniors. The Wishes Junior Party Dress with Convertible Fold-Over Lapel features the option to change-up the neckline to suit your mood. Add some strappy gold sandals and you can move like a mermaid through your next special occasion wearing an oceanic dress worthy of Neptune.