For Easy Trendy Clothes get the Menswear Look


Embrace the hottest thing in trendy clothes right now… menswear. With pop artists like Lady Gaga dressing up in drag for the cover of her newest single, and designers showcasing crisp white button downs, bowties, and black slacks all over the runways, the mCino Designer Jacket enswear look is huge right now when it comes to trendy clothes.

Don’t let this trend scare you. Menswear doesn’t have to mean manly. The new trend pairs figure flattering cuts with more masculine colors and accessories like black and white, and bowties. Menswear can be very flattering on women when done right, and it can be mixed with more feminine pieces, like skirts of florals, in order to achieve a more balanced look. When incorporating menswear into their style, women should try out several different styles of menswear to see what pieces are right for them. To achieve this trendy clothes look, women should try only incorporating one piece of menswear at a time to avoid having a cluttered, disheveled look. When done really well, menswear on women can be simultaneously structured and glam.

There are a few key pieces of trendy clothes that really express the menswear trend easily and effortless. These are the items that you should stock in your store. Things like a traditional white button-downs are great to have. The classic, crisp, white shirt is a must-have for women who want to incorporate the menswear look into their personal style and increase the options they have for wearing trendy clothes. The button-down expresses a decisive tailored look with just a bit of masculine energy and is easy for any woman to wear and very versatile.

Another important piece to stock up on that offers that trendy clothes look and looks fabulous on all types of women is a great fitted blazer or a tailored jacket. These pieces are easy to pair up with more feminine items like dresses or skirts and they give the look more structure. A great jacket or blazer is a piece that will instantly express a more masculine look and it looks great on any figure. Be sure to stock up on a few of these pieces.

Finally, a great pair of trousers is a classic piece of menswear that every woman will want to have regardless of weather or not she’s interested in wearing trendy clothes or not. Make sure to keep plenty of trouser pants in stock in several different cuts. They will be sure to fly off the shelves because

Ladies' Fashion – Wholesale Deals for Fall Fashion


This summer is a great year to take advantage of wholesale deals on dresses, blouses and other clothing accessories. Hem lines have descended and tops like tie-neck blouses, crop cardigans and sleeveless tunics are all the rage, no matter what your age or size. Heather Graham recently was seen around town sporting a sexy camisole matched with a light jacket. The opportunity to be creative in mixing and matching wholesale wear for women of all shapes and sizes is great, including the Kaelyn Max Missy 2 Piece Top with Satin Trim & Front Tie. This light, breezy and daring, attractive ensemble can we worn casually with jeans or simple pants, depending on the occasion, but is a great choice for evening wear or a night out on the town. It comes in a variety of colors and its sheer, see-through quality is sure to attract the right kind of attention wherever you go. Customers will be moving these through inventory quickly in the dog days of summer.

Maxi dresses also continue to be a hot item this season, a trend that is likely to continue into the fall as well, and stocking your inventory with plenty of light, attractive ankle-length dress choices is a must. Jessica Simpson recently wore a bold orange maxi dress to show off her summer tan, and this trend isn’t going away soon. Women both young and old will be drawn to wholesale ladies’ apparel like the Mlle Gabrielle Black and White All Occasion Maxi. The intense black and white jazzy line design not only draws and keeps the eye, but its v-shaped neckline, sleeveless cut, and flattering zig zag patterns is a beautiful choice for any and all occasions. While junior girls as well as missy sizes are keeping hem lines low, the Mlle Gabrielle Black and White All Occasion Maxi is a striking alternative for any woman’s wardrobe, suitable for formal or evening wear. Purchasers of wholesale ladies apparel will find maxi dresses easy to pair with a multitude of accessories and styles, including cardigans, sweaters and scarves. This attractive geometric print is also a great choice for junior girls, and can be easily accessorized with a cardigan or light jacket.

Maxi Dresses and Current Star Trends


The maxi dress is a long, ankle to floor length dress, and can come in many different styles and patterns. They are comfortable, stylish, flirty and fun. It’s a perfect piece to take from day to night because it’s flowing, long, and easy to glam up with accessories. Wholesale clothing purchasers need to pay attention to this trend!

Maxi dresses are hot! hot! hot! right now, and they are perfect for summer. This light, airy look is perfect for any age and flattering to any figure. So, if you’re purchasing wholesale junior’s clothing or wholesale missy clothing, make sure to stock up on plenty of these super trendy dresses. The maxi has been spotted on just about every celebrity this summer; they are going to continue to be a huge trend this year. Not only is it hugely popular right now, they are also just about the most comfortable thing to wear, especially in the hot summer months. Airy and flowing, it’s no wonder the maxi is so popular among the stars right now. It’s a super easy look to obtain, just choose a pattern and color you love, like this adorable maxi (the JFW Cross-Your-Heart Maxi in Purple), and sport it alone, paired with a cute cardigan, or with some chunky jewelry to glam it up a bit. Anything goes with the maxi, because it basically creates a whole look on it’s own, and it can be paired with so many different accessories to create any look.

Nicole Ritchie is constantly sporting a Maxi dress these days here. Her style is perfectly geared for wholesale juniors clothing; it’s effortless, modern, and she has always been a fashion trendsetter. Just take a pretty floral maxi like Mlle Gabrielle Missy Maxi in Purple and Fuschia, and instantly imitate her favorite look. Lauren Conrad is also another celebrity who is a huge fan of the maxi, and is also someone anyone who is purchasing wholesale missy clothing should look to for style cues. Conrad has even been spotted wearing a beautiful satin maxi on the red carpet. This look is dressier because of the neckline and the sheen of the dress, and would be perfect for any even where the attire is formal or dressy, especially when pared with a cute clutch bag, an messy up-do, and a sparkly pair of earring.

This look is super easy to mimic with the Magic Poly-Satin Pleated Scarf Dress when buying juniors wholesale clothing. The maxi dress is a force to be reckoned with in celebrity fashion trends right now, and anyone purchasing wholesale women’s clothing will want to be sure to stock up on this hot summer trend.

Bringing Style to Juniors


When purchasing wholesale junior’s clothing, it’s important to be stylish and current with the trends. Junior wholesale clothing is made in many sizes and it’s meant to fit girls in the 10 to 18 age range. Juniors fall in an age group where they are constantly being pressured to fit in, have lots of friends, and have people like them. Often times the easiest way for them to fit in is through dressing like their peers. Because of the constant pressure to fit in, they constantly pay attention to what’s in, hot, and current so they will rarely wear anything that is out of fashion because they are so style conscious.

Pay attention to what’s in the magazines and on the runways, because junior girls will be sure to watch the trends too. Make sure the items are cute and age appropriate, like this lovely pink tunic top, which could be paired with low-rise skinny jeans, a pair of leggings, or as a dress like Britney Spears did here. Tunic tops and cardigan sweaters, like versatile cropped cardigans, are staple items in any juniors’ wardrobe because they can be paired with so many different things, like jeans, jeggings, skirts, and dresses. So be sure, as a wholesale junior’s clothing buyer, so include these items when making a purchase.

Party dresses are also another very trendy item in junior’s clothing right now. Whether for prom, a school dance, or a night out, cute, stylish dresses are something every girl between 10 and 18 will need in her closet. This satin dress is perfect for all three of the aforementioned occasions, and it follows a huge trend seen on the runways this year; bold, vibrant colors paired with dark colors. Dresses patterned with polka dots or florals are another huge trends seen on the runways this year, so if you want to bring style to the junior set through wholesale clothing, these are another must-have item. Dresses like these are great because they are versatile, easy to wear, and they will make every young girl feel chic, modern, up to date with her style, and the envy of all her friends, which is an instant confidence boost.

Staying current on the trends and paying attention to the runway shows are two imperative aspects to purchasing wholesale juniors clothing. Juniors are a very style-conscious set, and they tend to follow the trends, not set them. So be sure to stay up to date on what’s stylish, and you’ll be able to bring style to any junior’s wardrobe.

Women's Fashion Trends-Wholesale Prices


The tunic style top is in right now and it’s a perfect piece to accomplish the oh-so-popular boho chic look that all the celebs are sporting lately. The asymmetrical lines of OpenstockApparel’s tunic top paired with a pair of well-worn jeans or a pair of leggings and a lightweight knit sweater is an easy way to mimic this popular style with affordable wholesale women’s clothing prices. The best things about this trend is it is so easy for anyone to accomplish, it’s a great way to look super chic and still be comfortable, and once someone has a few basic pieces it’s so easy to mix and match them because there are no strict rules to accomplishing this look! Another popular piece that is a great basic for the boho chic look is a great knit cardigan like OpenStockApparel’s Madison Paige Colorful Sleeveless Tunic. Make sure it’s little too large, because that’s the style with this look. Just look at how Mary-Kate Olsen pulls off this look. A slightly larger cardigan also allows for layering your look, which is perfect for warmer or cooler weather and layering is a big part of the boho chic style. Another great thing about this style cardigan is that it can be a staple piece in any wardrobe and incorporated into many different styles and looks, instantly expanding any wardrobe.

Another big trend in women’s fashion that flatters every woman, instantly makes her look chic and up to date, and can be accomplished with purchasing wholesale clothing is the mixing and matching pretty, flirty patterns, as showcased on the runway this year by designer Chris Benz. The key is to use different patterns that are in the same color family, to avoid a look that’s too crazy or mismatched. Take a great floral patterned dress like OpenStockApparel’s Junior Floral Print Dress and pair it with a polka dotted jacket or sweater in the same color family, and hit on two popular trends in one outfit; mixing patterns and asymmetrical lines. This fashion trend requires pieces that are similar colors, and purchasing wholesale clothing is a smart way to get as many pieces as possible.

Wholesale women’s clothing and apparel offers a great affordable way to accomplish all the popular celebrity looks, from everything boho to all the latest runway trends. Just because it’s wholesale fashion doesn’t mean it’s not completely up to date and fashionable. Every look that has been covered here is completely accomplishable at wholesale prices, can be easily done by anyone, and is on the cutting edge of the most modern trends in women’s fashion.