The Importance of Wholesale Junior Dresses


Teenagers are among the top spenders when it comes to the fashion industry. Teenagers, especially girls, are always trying to stay on top of the latest trends. In addition, they also often want to buy that special new dress every time an event comes up. This is where you can make a lot of money with your clothing shop. When you purchase wholesale junior dresses to sell in your shop, you can practically count on that money.

Special Occasions

One of the top reasons teenage girls go shopping for new clothes is to get a new dress for a special occasion. For some teenagers, a graduation or sweet 16 birthday party is the perfect excuse to splurge on a new dress. If she has a hot date to the school dance, she will want to find the perfect dress for the occasion. When you buy wholesale junior dresses to offer to your customers, you can offer a greater selection and make more teenagers happy when they find the perfect dress.


Buying wholesale junior dresses allows you to stay on top of all the latest fashion trends. Teenagers want what is hot right now. This is another reason they spend so much time and money buying new clothes. If you can offer them the best selection of those latest styles, they will know they can count on you to supply the dresses they need, no matter what the occasion. Even if they just want something to wear to school or out and about during the summer, you can make sure you carry something for any reason.

Low Prices

If you are in the retail business, you know the best way to attract customers is to keep your prices low. This is even truer when you are dealing with teenagers who often have limited funds. Keeping your prices as low as possible while still making a profit will attract more customers. Buying wholesale junior dresses is the best way for you to keep making a profit and to keep your prices low at the same time.

Catering to the teenage set is critical if you hope to make your apparel retailer a success. When it comes to wholesale junior dresses, you will be able to keep your prices low, while maintaining an inventory of in-style dresses that will work for many occasions. Teenagers are always on the lookout for the latest and greatest in fashion. Be the one they turn to for their fashion needs.

Wholesale Dresses with ITY Fabric


When you are looking at dresses, there are many materials from which these dresses can be made. Choosing the right fabric can have an impact on the success of the dress. This is because different fabrics can play a role in the comfort of the dress, as well as in the overall look of the dress. When it comes to wholesale dresses with ITY fabric, you will provide your customers with a variety of dresses that offer a great fit in many styles.


Wholesale dresses with ITY fabric come in many different materials. Many of these materials are actually woven combinations of several materials, such as polyester and spandex. The type of materials used will have a direct impact on the look of the dresses, as well as the way they fit and other features of the dresses.

What Does ITY Mean?

If you are looking at wholesale dresses with ITY fabric, you may want to know exactly what ITY means. The initials ITY stand for interlock twist yarn. While most of these dresses aren’t made from yarn, the term is still fitting. The various materials are woven together in an interlocking fashion with a twist. This provides several unique features to the dresses, making them a great fit.

Features of ITY Dresses

Knowing the features of the wholesale dresses in ITY fabric will show you exactly what kind of benefit your customers will attain. For instance, the ITY fabric provides greater elasticity without having to add elastic. This makes the dresses fit much better than other types of dresses without worrying about stretching out the fabric permanently. In addition, the fabric doesn’t pull, cling or wrinkle easily. Dresses made from this fabric are often well made because the fabric is easy to work with.

If you are looking for some unique dresses to add to your shop, finding wholesale dresses in ITY fabric can be a great addition to your dress line. Women are always looking for a great fit that is comfortable to wear and easy to care for. When you purchase dresses for your store that are made from ITY fabric, you are taking advantage of all of these features. The women who find the dresses available in your shop will appreciate them and are likely to come back for more when they need another dress.

Maxi Wholesale Dresses Are Perfect for Summer

Summer Wholesale Dresses

Maxi wholesale dresses make a great addition to a summer wardrobe.

As the weather gets warmer and spring and summer arrive, women often look for clothing that is light and airy. For instance, a dress made from lighter material, such as the Maxi dresses, will allow women to stay cool in the summer, all while remaining fashionable. These dresses are currently in fashion and are hot items in many clothing stores, selling well as the weather heats up for the summer. Buying wholesale dresses in this style will provide you with a great selection for your customers.


While Maxi dresses are a style themselves, there are actually many different styles that fall under this category of wholesale dresses. The dresses come in a variety of lengths, from just below the knees to down to the ankles with various lengths in between. The skirts for the Maxi dresses are often loose and flowing to provide greater comfort in the heat of the summer. The style at for the top half of the dresses vary widely from strapless to over-the-shoulder straps to around-the-neck straps so women can choose the look that they prefer. The Maxi dresses are available in a variety of sizes from juniors to misses to plus sizes.


Because the Maxi wholesale dresses are intended to be worn during the warmer spring and summer months, their colors are often bright and cheery. Ranging from white to black with just about every bright color in between, women can choose the colors they prefer and a design that will turn heads when she is out and about. Floral prints, solid colors and other patterns are common among these dresses, showing off the most current styles.


Maxi dresses make an excellent addition to any woman’s wardrobe, which makes them a great investment for clothing retailers. From special occasions to casual every day wear, these dresses will provide a cool outfit that will help combat the heat of the summer or the warmth of spring, all while outfitting women in the latest fashions. So whether a woman is going to a summer wedding or just wants something cool to wear while running errands around town, the Maxi dresses provide everything she needs.

Maxi wholesale dresses are one of the top selling dresses for the spring and summer. Their lightweight, airy styles allow women to wear these dresses comfortably when the weather is warmer. These dresses are available in such a wide range of styles, colors, designs and sizes that every woman can find the one that works best for her figure and tastes.

Wholesale Junior Dresses for Spring and Summer


Get stocked up now on wholesale junior dresses for the spring and summer season. Dresses are a hot trend now for casual wear. Young ladies are also beginning to shop for junior dresses for proms, Valentine’s Day dances, graduation and other events. Making sure you have a variety of colors, styles and sizes in order to appeal to fashion savvy young ladies will create an increase in sales for your 2012 sales year.

Wholesale junior dresses for spring and summer this year are a variety of fashion trends including whimsical print dresses, floral summer dresses and casual dresses that include crocheted cut outs including back, neckline and straps. While bright colors are coming in big this year, black and white is a tried and true classic. Creamy neutrals are also showing up as a hot pick for juniors. A surprising new trend is a 70s style vibe. Choose an assortment of dresses that include sequins and sparkles.

When you are shopping to stock your wholesale junior dresses for spring and summer, you will want to include an assortment of formal dresses. Full length prom gowns for juniors and seniors are one of the most important dresses of the year for young ladies going to prom. While stocking your formal line of wholesale junior dresses, add a variety of white graduation dresses. Eyelet white dresses and above-the-knee white dresses are still the fashion.

Choosing a variety of wholesale junior dresses for parties is fun this year. With all the sparkles, sequins and whimsical prints, you can choose a collection of dresses that are perfect for fashion savvy young ladies. Stocking a large variety of styles is important. The worst thing ever is to show up to a party wearing the same dress that another girl is wearing. With this in mind, make choices with different colors, patterns, lengths and styles to choose from.

Wholesale junior dresses casual wear this year is going to be more feminine and glamorous than we have seen in a few years. A particularly popular trend for this year is ethnic inspired print dresses in flowing fabrics. Think princess chic, with floral and lace accents for your customers to choose from. Sheer fabrics and scarf-inspired dresses will also sell well.

Choosing the right mix of formal, casual and party wholesale junior dresses for spring and summer will be easy with so many choices available. The more sizes you offer the more young ladies will be able to shop for the perfect dress for their warm weather events. When young ladies find the perfect dress at your retail center, they will come back year after year for their dress shopping needs.

Trends for Juniors Wholesale Clothing


Trends for juniors wholesale clothing are always changing. Spring is just around

Trends for Juniors Wholesale Clothing

the corner and that means stores and online boutiques are stocking up on the latest spring trends. Customers are always eager to try something new in their wardrobes, but there’s something about spring that gets people to get out there and shop. Spring means new beginnings and the idea of warm weather is enough to make anyone want to “spring” for a few new wardrobe pieces. The latest spring trends are ideal for shop owners to explore to give customers the looks they’ll crave this season.

Maxi dresses – Maxi dresses are a major trend for spring and summer 2012. There’s nothing like a flowing, long dress to make a woman feel feminine. Maxi dresses are favored by women of all shapes and sizes because they’re comfortable to wear and easy to throw on. There’s no fussing with proportions or trying to figure out what to wear a maxi dress with. The maxi dress does the work and all the woman has to do is add a few accessories. Maxi dress is bright colors and strong prints dominated the runways in New York and Milan. Some of the best colors for the season are orange, green and yellow. Customers will make use of these dresses during transition season by adding a jacket and can continue to wear them throughout the warm weather months on their own.

Slim pants – We aren’t talking about skinny jeans or pants, but just a slim silhouette. Forget the slouchy bunching at the ankles that many of the mega trendy skinny jeans have. Slim pants are a trim, straight leg silhouette that cuts off just at the ankle. These aren’t capri pants, which hit under the knee, but ankle skimming pants with a slim leg opening. Slim pants are ideal for showing off wedges or other playful shoes during the warm weather months. Slim pants in bright colors are popular and white is always a winning shade for spring and summer. The details on slim pants should be fairly discreet with flat pockets on the front of back of pants. Many women avoid pants with slanted pockets because they can wing out or bulge if the fit is not perfect.

Maxi dresses and slim pants are strong trends for juniors wholesale clothing this season. Get to know your clients to see what they are looking for each season and gauge what sells best at the store. Sticking with basics along with a healthy mix of trendy pieces that update a client’s wardrobe is the best way to move product.