Maxi Wholesale Dresses Are Perfect for Summer

Summer Wholesale Dresses

Maxi wholesale dresses make a great addition to a summer wardrobe.

As the weather gets warmer and spring and summer arrive, women often look for clothing that is light and airy. For instance, a dress made from lighter material, such as the Maxi dresses, will allow women to stay cool in the summer, all while remaining fashionable. These dresses are currently in fashion and are hot items in many clothing stores, selling well as the weather heats up for the summer. Buying wholesale dresses in this style will provide you with a great selection for your customers.


While Maxi dresses are a style themselves, there are actually many different styles that fall under this category of wholesale dresses. The dresses come in a variety of lengths, from just below the knees to down to the ankles with various lengths in between. The skirts for the Maxi dresses are often loose and flowing to provide greater comfort in the heat of the summer. The style at for the top half of the dresses vary widely from strapless to over-the-shoulder straps to around-the-neck straps so women can choose the look that they prefer. The Maxi dresses are available in a variety of sizes from juniors to misses to plus sizes.


Because the Maxi wholesale dresses are intended to be worn during the warmer spring and summer months, their colors are often bright and cheery. Ranging from white to black with just about every bright color in between, women can choose the colors they prefer and a design that will turn heads when she is out and about. Floral prints, solid colors and other patterns are common among these dresses, showing off the most current styles.


Maxi dresses make an excellent addition to any woman’s wardrobe, which makes them a great investment for clothing retailers. From special occasions to casual every day wear, these dresses will provide a cool outfit that will help combat the heat of the summer or the warmth of spring, all while outfitting women in the latest fashions. So whether a woman is going to a summer wedding or just wants something cool to wear while running errands around town, the Maxi dresses provide everything she needs.

Maxi wholesale dresses are one of the top selling dresses for the spring and summer. Their lightweight, airy styles allow women to wear these dresses comfortably when the weather is warmer. These dresses are available in such a wide range of styles, colors, designs and sizes that every woman can find the one that works best for her figure and tastes.

Spring Trends for Tops Wholesale


When selling tops wholesale, you must stay on top of the trends. Spring has

Spring Trends for Tops Wholesale

almost sprung and with that, many women are headed to stores and perusing online boutiques to get an idea of what’s hot for the new season. Many trends trickle down from celebrities. When it comes to tops, customers are eager to buy because a top can be worn in many different ways.

Loose tops – Loose tops with a bohemian vibe are hot for spring and summer 2012. This trend is seen on many celebrities. Loose tops look great with skinny jeans and slim leg pants, both which are popular silhouettes for pants. Loose tops in feminine fabrics like chiffon or silk (or synthetic versions of these materials) create a soft, romantic look that’s popular for the new season. Loose tops with elasticized necklines and cuffs or waistlines are easy for most shapes to wear. Loose tops are also popular because they mask a tummy and work for day and night events. Look for bright colors and swirling prints for loose tops.

Nautical trends – Nautical trends like stripes, epaulettes and buttons make a major statement for spring. These tops look sharp and crisp on a warm day. Women wear nautical tops with jeans, slacks and skirts. Nautical tops are great for vacation, but they also provide a playful look for college students or stay-at-home moms. Nautical trends have been going strong for awhile now, but the tops have stuck around and look to be a favorite for spring 2012. There were many runway shows with nautical tops and celebrities continue to wear them with everything from shorts to short, voluminous skirts.

Wrap tops – Like loose tops, wrap tops are easy to wear regardless of a woman’s shape. Wrap tops or faux wrap tops create a feminine shape. For plus size women, this highlights the waist and for thin women, this shows off curves. It’s an easy shape that works for the office or on the weekend. Wrap tops in jersey and cotton fabrics are the most versatile.  You want to offer clients fabrics that have versatility and allow them to wear the item for many occasions. Wrap tops with slight draping at the neckline or roomy arms are also popular.

Spring trends for tops wholesale are a prime area for retailers to make money. Most customers want pieces that can work with basics they already own. Tops tend to be an area where women of all ages will try trends versus pants where most women stick to the same silhouette and colors.


Buying Plus Size Wholesale Fashions


Buying plus size wholesale fashions is a job that’s ever-changing thanks to the

Buying Plus Size Wholesale Fashions

fast-paced world of fashion. Customers want to look and feel fabulous when they’re perusing a website or in a boutique. Plus size fashions have come a long way since the demographic first hit retailers about 20 years ago.

Fashionable plus size jackets – Jackets pull a look together in seconds. It can be a stylish jacket that tops a blouse and slacks for the office or a trendy fitted jacket that works with skinny jeans on the weekend. Jackets are a hot seller because they work year round for many climates. They are also ideal for transition weather, when the temperature calls for some coverage without the bulk of a heavy coat. Plus size jackets are available in trendy utilitarian styles, shrunken blazers and longer lengths for evening.

Stylish plus size cardigans – Cardigans can be layered and worn during every season. Cardigans are a growing market for plus size customers because of their versatility. Cardigans are available in different textures, materials and weights. Drape cardigans are a strong trend for plus size women because they are easy to wear and look great day or night. Cardigans are purchased year round and are ideal for travel.

Versatile plus size dresses – Plus size dresses are versatile and can be worn for many occasions. A plus size customer can go dressy by adding a fitted blazer over a dress along with tights and chic platform boots. To tone the same dress down, a plus size customer can add a denim jacket and wedge sandals. Versatile plus size dresses are great for traveling. Jersey blends suit plus size shapes because they flatter without tugging or pulling in the wrong places. Jersey, Viscose and Modal blends are perfect for plus size figures. Versatile colors for work and play are red, shades of gray, navy and black. Trendy colors for the season are grass green, coral and hot pink.

Plus size wholesale fashions are growing with a variety of styles for women. Plus size customers were once stuck wearing unfashionable pieces that would make any woman cringe, but that’s no longer the case. Now we see stylish, fashion-forward pieces that stand up to the trendy garments found in teen and junior stores. Women crave fashion that is functional and stylish for every day. Whether it’s work wear or weekend garments, offering customers the best trends that are out there is what it’s all about.

Wholesale Plus Size Clothing has Come a Long Way


No longer are curvy, plus size women relegated to wearing shapeless moos-moos, clothes with elastic waistbands, or out of date styles because wholesale plus size clothing has so many great options to offer these days. The wholesale plus size clothing industry hKaelyn Max Plus Size 2-Piece Patterned Tunic in Teal and Brownas come a long way in recent years. The fashion industry is finally starting to realize that plus size women want to look fashionable and they have money to spend on clothing too!

It used to be that wholesale plus size clothing left full-figured women wanting for more. Plus size women used to be forced to wear whatever they could find that came in their size, The clothes were offered in the wholesale plus size clothing market were often shapeless, ill fitting, and far from trendy or stylish. The type of clothes that were available did nothing to flatter the curvy woman’s figure. In fact, they often made women look bigger and much more shapeless than they actually were. No woman wants to look like a shapeless blob; they want to look their best!

Thankfully all that has changed. Now the fashion industry actually recognizes that the plus size market is profitable and not to be ignored. This means that there is a huge number of wholesale plus size clothing available today that curvy women actually want to wear. Now that plus size women actually have options an choices, fashion is becoming more and more important to them. The full figured woman wants choices and they want to look good. Now wholesale plus size clothing has that to offer. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the need is met, and wholesale plus size fashions that are trendy and stylish are available in your store.

Meeting this market need not only because it is an underserved market. Take advantage of this underserved market by offering curvy women good-looking, trendy, stylish wholesale plus size fashions. If you meet the need, the customers are sure to come. This will increase your share of the market and make you more money in doing so. The improvement is a fashion available to full-figured women means that more and more plus size women are paying attention to what’s in style. So, be sure to pay attention to the trends and what is in style when choosing what wholesale plus size clothing to purchase, because the plus size customers sure will be!

Boho is a Great Look for Trendy Plus Size Clothing


Meetu Magic Colorful Mixed Print Plus Size Maxi in GoldBoho is an easy to achieve look for those who want to wear trendy plus size clothing, so as a wholesale plus size fashion buyer, it is one you need to be aware of. The boho look is not exactly a new trend, but it is experiencing a renaissance in popularity right now, especially with the help of some of some of the biggest celebrities and trendsetters (Drew Barrymore, Nicole Ritchie, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen). The best thing about the boho look is that you don’t have to be a size 2 to pull it off.  It’s hard to find trendy plus size clothing, but the boho vibe makes being a plus size trendsetter effortless!

Sometimes the boho trend can be a tricky style to achieve because it combines a messy, somewhat sloppy look with the earthy and bohemian, but the key is moderation.  There’s no need to overdo it and wear boho from head to toe. A few key pieces and accessories will enable express the look effortlessly. A couple easy ways to add a little boho to your everyday look are with a big, slouchy hobo bags, bangled and natural bracelets, and slouchy boots or ankle boots. However the two easiest things to wear that express that boho vibe are maxi dresses and sweaters that you can layer. A maxi dress paired with some bangles perfectly expresses the boho look, and an oversized sweater layered over a simple tunic and paired with a well-worn pair of jeans also acutely expresses the boho feeling. So be sure to stock your inventory up with maxi dresses in the spring and summer, and easy to layer sweaters in the fall and winter. Keeping these items in stock will be sure to attract plenty of full-figure fashionistas who are looking for trendy plus size clothing.

Wearing trendy plus size clothing is something that is important to many plus size women. Full figured women want to look just as put together and stylish as everyone else, and the plus size clothing market is one that is continually growing, so it is important to make sure you have a supply of trendy plus size clothing in order to meet the demand.  Since the boho trend just seems to continuously keep cropping back up, it can’t be ignored. Having the boho style available in trendy plus size clothing is imperative to bringing in new plus size clientele as well as maintaining any current plus size clientele you may have.