Wholesale Fashion Marketing: Driving Traffic To Your Retail Store With PPC


Get on the PPC (Pay Per Click) super highway to market your most recent wholesale clothing order and drive higher retail sales. Putting yourself in the driver’s seat can be as simple as tapping into digital marketing tactics that target your specific audience. With the one-to-one approach of PPC, your message is specifically targeted at each individual shopper. Marketing a recent delivery of junior tops from your wholesale fashion distributor through PPC means targeting juniors specifically on sites they are likely to use. With this form of search marketing, advertisements that appear to viewers are based on their search engine keywords and available profile information.

To start the process of adding PPC to your website, you first need to determine which keywords and types of ads will bring prequalified traffic to your retail site. Your ads will change whether you are targeting shoppers looking for plus size blouses or juniors clothing. Once you choose the ad type and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) keywords for the campaign, you can then find a PPC provider like Google AdSense. Work with your provider to draw in your target customer by providing them with demographic information. For example, if your recently worked with your wholesale distributor to purchase a line of women’s summer dresses, you will want to target professional females, between the ages of 25 and 45. This will drive prequalified traffic to your retail site.

By combining your PPC campaign keywords with your blog and website copy you can effectively increase the number of bring online customers who visit your retail website. Try to target your ideal audience based on their shopping preferences, age group, gender and geography. For example, a PPC advertisement for an assisted living center should not bring in customers from the juniors demographic.

Using PPC for added traffic can bring you online customers that will be looking for your type of apparel or who are members of your targeted group of shoppers. Taking the simple test drive of researching keywords and potential PPC ad providers can elevate your site sales and traffic. Whenever you are getting ready to make a large wholesale fashion apparel order for your retail store, be sure to carefully plan a PPC campaign. By choosing your SEO content and PPC advertisement carefully, you can drive on the right targeted side of online shopping with sales to match.

Writing Effective Blogs to Market Wholesale Apparel In Your Retail Store


Consumers are bombarded by media information about fashion online, in print, and on television. As you begin to market your wholesale clothing purchases for your online retail store, you need to offer compelling copy about each item to draw in shoppers. Beyond individual item copy, you can enhance the shopping experience by adding a fashion related blog to your retail site. By adding blog posts, you can focus on specific items of wholesale ladies apparel for sale in your retail store by offering information about new fashion trends or celebrity fashions.

Writing a blog that draws in readers can be as simple as focusing on a specific type of clothing. For example, you may want to write a catchy piece on juniors dresses if you have a large order of wholesale special occasion apparel coming in. Writing a blog that focuses on different styles of junior clothing with matching accessories and shoes can be tied to current celebrity fashions.

Make your blog entries engaging by highlighting the features of your clothing and wardrobe additions that would make them a full outfit. Weekly or monthly blog entries can ensure that your content remains current and keeps the interest of your readers. Linking your blog to Facebook can also net you subscribers to a content newsletter to deliver your blog entries and create Facebook posts.

Within the blog, SEO content writing is also key. Determine which key words or phrases are the search words that your target audience are searching for. Include those words or phrases at a 1-2% density per one hundred words to elevate your placement in search engines.

By taking the simple step of creating a blog with SEO content you can help new consumers find your website. This will, in turn, create a larger shopping public. Once the shoppers find your site, you can keep them shopping by writing interesting content that fits with their lifestyles and retail spending.

Sell Your Wholesale Women's Apparel Using Social Media


Social media is more than networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Social Media is any website, platform or program that allows people to discover content, access information and/or interact with others. Following this definition, virtually any website, micro-site or online community may be considered a part of social media.

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In reality, social media sites include blog forums, social networking sites, bookmarking sites, news sharing sites and photo or video sharing sites. All of these different social media outlets have content that is primarily user-generated and can be easily shared. They also promote interaction between users. There are different ways that you can utilize the nature of social media to sell your products – especially wholesale fashion apparel pieces for your retail customers.

The Internet Fashion Goddesses

There are a handful of internationally popular fashion bloggers. These bloggers have earned respect because of the authenticity of their posts. They publish posts about their personal fashion preferences, their experiences, and their opinions. Their credibility is so strong that even the likes of Louis Vuitton started sending them items to review with a clear understanding that it is their complete prerogative whether or not they will feature the product, what they will say about the product, and when to publish the post. Try sending these bloggers several different pieces from a recent wholesale clothing order. If they decide to feature your product, you may see your hits increase dramatically. Some of these bloggers are BrianBoy and Tavi Gavinson.

The Forums

There are many fashion forums and blog sites where you can cross-post your site. However, forums masters are extremely cautious. If they get any hint that you are there only to promote your site,

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they will kick you out faster than you can say Louis Vuitton. The key is establishing you reputation as an interested and participating member of the community. This means you will have to start posting, and remain active, for a time before you even begin posting links to your retail site. Consider participating in forums that specialize in wholesale clothing for women or juniors to increase your traffic.

Remember that the power of social media is its authenticity. Be real, be honest, and enjoy social media. Do that and you will be able to utilize its power to sell your any wholesale fashion apparel pieces you have in stock.

Taking Wholesale Women's Fashion To the Internet


Did you know that today 90% of all buying decisions begin online? If you don’t have a visible online presence for your wholesale ladies apparel, only 10% of consumers will be aware of you. Before the Internet and social media really took off in the 21st century, if you wanted to look for ‘women top’s’ or a ‘knit dress’, you would have to  walk through stores – a very time-consuming process. Today, if we want something, we simply Google it. Fashion is one of the areas that benefited from the Internet in general and social media in particular.

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Faster feedback

Instead of physically asking friends and family for information about a particular store or fashion piece, today’s savvy consumers utilize their social media ‘friends’ to get recommendations about a store or a particular knit blouse they like. Buyers can also use the Internet to read comments of buyers who have made purchases at a particular online store. They can even read reviews of specific items, so once you have received a new order of fashionable wholesale clothing, you must hit the social media streets to increase your visibility.

Rise of eclectic fashion

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In the closing decade of  the last millennium, fashion was sleek, chic, refined and clean. Another Internet forum, blogging, gave eclectic fashion a cool new voice. Suddenly putting a million colors in one ensemble is no longer “weird,” it’s eclectic. Huge hats are high-class fashion, not just a blast from the past. The Internet and blogging paved the way for new kinds of style and breathed new life into old ones. Consider creating several blog entries about each new wholesale ladies apparel order you receive to generate traffic and increase sales.

Wholesale women’s fashion has certainly found a friend on the Internet. Online clothing outlets gained popularity in the past ten years. Today, many of today’s ‘fashionistas’ are turning to the Internet for all of their fashion needs. Developing an online presence for your clothing store just makes sense.

White Is In – In Wholesale Apparel and SEO


We live in a world were instant gratification is demanded. From just-in-time shipping to the express lane at the grocery store, we want it now. One area where the ‘need it now’ addiction should be fought is developing an SEO (search engine optimization) program for your wholesale fashion website. In fact, in the world of online marketing, slow and steady growth of page rankings is actually preferable to the instant gratification kind. When optimizing your website for improved rankings, your best bet is to ignore those methods that promise quick results and instead, always wear the white SEO hat.

Faster Has To Be Better – Right?

Wrong! The reality is using those fast techniques, called ‘black hat’ to market your site is actually a recipe for disaster. For example, hiding keywords such as wholesale junior clothing and wholesale plus size apparel on your website may temporarily boast your rankings. Eventually, the search engines figure out you are cheating…and they can ban your site from their index. In other words, it doesn’t pay to take short cuts.

Speeding Things Up – The White Way

Still, there are things you can do to help improve your page rankings without resorting to unethical methods. For example, there is some indication that search engines like fresh content, so one way to market wholesale plus size apparel or other fashion items it to post a blog several times a week. Taking the time to review your keywords and their performance and changing them as needed can also help improve your rankings. Building an organic list of links, maintaining your site map and removing any objects that search engines don’t like, such as flash animation, are helpful as well.

No one likes to wait – for anything. In the world of marketing a wholesale fashion website waiting is actually the only choice. Be sure to optimize your site while wearing a white hat. It may take a bit more time, but your results will be long lasting and effective.