Wholesale Missy Size Clothing: Shoes, Shoes, and More Shoes


If there is one fetish many women share, it is the love of shoes. After scanning through a few recent fashion magazines, I realized the shoe is the icing on the cake when it comes to accessorizing an ensemble. Wholesale missy size clothing may be the main course, but the shoe is dessert.

There are so many types and styles of shoes; a woman wanting to match a pair of shoes to her ensemble will find a profuse number of options available to her matching her tastes and preferences. When browsing through the selection of wholesale missy size clothing available at a wholesaler, a retailer cannot ignore the importance of the shoes that will complete the ensemble.

Women’s shoes should compliment the women’s apparel. However, there are many methods women will utilize to decide whether the women’s shoes are complimentary. Are the shoes the right color, the right make, or the right style?

Wholesale missy size clothing is all about looking good while at the same time being empowered.

The designer Sandy Starkman has a beautifully elegant, feminine, and playful full skirt available offered at Julie Ann. This cream and white colored skirt is embellished with beads and lace creating that perfectly wonderful feeling of personal empowerment.

Shown to the right, the Sandy Starkman skirt is fully lined and has the wonderful vintage look and feel offering for the latest in fashions trends in women’s apparel. While this is a marvelous example of women’s apparel in need of an elegant pair of shoes, there are a few considerations the retailer must keep in mind.

  • What type of women’s shoes will be used to add that icing on the cake?
  • Will everyday tennis shoes be appropriate? Mary Janes? Flats? High-heels?
  • What color will those shoes need to be?
  • Will the woman purchasing this exquisite skirt have the appropriate colored shoes in her wardrobe already, or will she need to make a separate purchase to find matching shoes?

Wholesale missy size clothing, such as the Sandy Starkman skirt, is a wonderful addition to any storefront and/or wardrobe. However, keeping in mind what types of shoes will need to be purchased to complete the ensemble will prove advantageous for the retailer purchasing from a wholesaler.

Are you a one stop shopping experience for your consumer? Offering appropriate and convenient accessories and necessities to complete an ensemble will make a purchase from a wholesaler a more fulfilling experience in both quantity and quality.