For Easy Trendy Clothes get the Menswear Look


Embrace the hottest thing in trendy clothes right now… menswear. With pop artists like Lady Gaga dressing up in drag for the cover of her newest single, and designers showcasing crisp white button downs, bowties, and black slacks all over the runways, the mCino Designer Jacket enswear look is huge right now when it comes to trendy clothes.

Don’t let this trend scare you. Menswear doesn’t have to mean manly. The new trend pairs figure flattering cuts with more masculine colors and accessories like black and white, and bowties. Menswear can be very flattering on women when done right, and it can be mixed with more feminine pieces, like skirts of florals, in order to achieve a more balanced look. When incorporating menswear into their style, women should try out several different styles of menswear to see what pieces are right for them. To achieve this trendy clothes look, women should try only incorporating one piece of menswear at a time to avoid having a cluttered, disheveled look. When done really well, menswear on women can be simultaneously structured and glam.

There are a few key pieces of trendy clothes that really express the menswear trend easily and effortless. These are the items that you should stock in your store. Things like a traditional white button-downs are great to have. The classic, crisp, white shirt is a must-have for women who want to incorporate the menswear look into their personal style and increase the options they have for wearing trendy clothes. The button-down expresses a decisive tailored look with just a bit of masculine energy and is easy for any woman to wear and very versatile.

Another important piece to stock up on that offers that trendy clothes look and looks fabulous on all types of women is a great fitted blazer or a tailored jacket. These pieces are easy to pair up with more feminine items like dresses or skirts and they give the look more structure. A great jacket or blazer is a piece that will instantly express a more masculine look and it looks great on any figure. Be sure to stock up on a few of these pieces.

Finally, a great pair of trousers is a classic piece of menswear that every woman will want to have regardless of weather or not she’s interested in wearing trendy clothes or not. Make sure to keep plenty of trouser pants in stock in several different cuts. They will be sure to fly off the shelves because

Choosing Just the Right Dress


Little Black Dress

Stylish clothes are not hard to find and it seems like they’re everywhere you turn.  Whether it’s a particular women’s boutique close to you or online, they’re available for you to discover, but you have to find what is just right for you.  Many women find that they like one or two specific places, and stick with them—and then they stop looking around and don’t keep an open mind.   Why not let help you find keep your imagination and options open?

Sassy Dancing

Keeping an eye on fashion isn’t hard to do.  Pick up the most current magazines from a newsstand or a check-out lane at the grocery store.   Look at people who are similar to your build and coloring.  What are they wearing?  Is there something about their clothes that really strikes you as neat?

Many women like to look good for their partners, and that may mean wearing dresses occasionally, or quite often.  Checking out the what’s going on here at will lead you to some of the best looking outfits for you to try on and buy.

Whether those are elegant, stylish sexy dresses for a night out dancing, or work-related business suits, finding just the right type to suit your body can be done.  Picking the right color and material is important—not only to suit you, but for the occasion as well.

Discovering outfits for the slimmer woman or girl that fit into missy sizes is inherently easy, it seems.  Quite often though, what is found in retail shops is not of the highest quality, or best taste.  Making use of to find better items that are more stylish and tasteful is a great idea for any buyer, whether for missy sizes or fuller figures.  Whatever your size or tastes, the creation of your new outfit yourself is the most fun.  Shopping online to buy your items lets you look at the styles available so that you can compare, and decide without going from store to store.  What a breeze!

Fashion Secrets Worth Keeping


Wishes Junior Ruffled Dress

Wishes Junior Ruffled Dress

Fashion Dresses

Shopping for fashion dresses is something that many self-conscious women dread, so for these women, it helps to know what kinds of dresses complement the different body types. Keeping this in mind, retailers who purchase stock from wholesalers will probably want to buy a large variety of styles unless if they specialize in clothing for a specific body type, such as plus size or petites.

Eliminating problem spots

Many women have a specific “problem spot” that they feel is the least flattering part of their figure. Whether this is the waist, hips, or legs, these spots can be played down. For example, a thick waist can be hidden under an empire waist dress, and someone who feels self-conscious about her legs can cover up with a maxi dress.

Another common problem is height. Usually, short women want to look taller and vice versa, and dresses can go a long way in helping a woman create the illusion of a desired height. For example, a petite woman can look taller by buying form-fitting dresses in darker colors. This provides not only a slimming effect but an elongating effect as well. Dressing in any one color will enhance height, so tall women who don’t want to play up that feature might lean toward dresses with a variety of color.

A problem that often plagues both tall and petite women alike is an undefined waistline. For women who don’t want to draw attention to the waist, a good way to deflect attention from there is to play up a more favorable feature. For example, a slender neck can be complemented by a necklace, or long legs can be shown off in a dress that stops a few inches above the knees.

Mint Green Floral Print Maxi Dress in Pink

Mint Green Floral Print Maxi Dress in Pink

Basic Fashion Dress Types

The A-line dress is a classic style that will last in someone’s wardrobe for years to come. It is form-fitting at the top and flares out gradually going downward, so it is a good choice for defining the waistline and hiding wider hips.

Like the A-line dress, the maxi dress is tighter at the top and loose flowing at the bottom, but the difference is that it runs all the way down to the ankles. It is an informal style, so it can be worn many times instead of sitting in a closet until the next special occasion. It is feminine, flattering, and for those who feel self-conscious about their bodies, it provides great coverage.

The empire waist is also a good choice for women who want to hide a wider waistline. On this style, the waistline is set anywhere between the bust and the natural waistline. Because of this, it also helps in accentuating the bust.

The sheath dress fits tightly throughout the body, which makes it popular among women with slender figures. For women who want to accentuate curves, though, a good way to do so in a sheath dress is to play it up with accents like ruching or bold prints.

The above styles are just a few examples of the many different kinds of fashion dresses on the market. Height, weight, and overall shape need to be taken into consideration, as each cut of dress has a different effect. Many women who feel self-conscious have a difficult time determining what their strong spots are, so the key to choosing fashion dresses is knowing which ones will play up a woman’s best features. OpenStock Apparel is a wholesaler that carries fashion dresses to flatter figures of all types, from petites to plus sizes.

Ten Must Have Wardrobe Pieces

Stylish new dresses from Wishes.

Stylish new dresses from Wishes.

Let’s face it – as women, our clothing often makes a statement about us long before we speak for ourselves. Fashion trends come and go, but there are certain wardrobe pieces no women should be without. Stocking your wardrobe with these ten timeless items will mean that unheard statement is always positive.
1.  Little Black Dress: No women should be without one. Stylish enough for a cocktail party, flirty enough for a special date and appropriate for almost any social gathering, the little black dress is the backbone of every wardrobe
2. Fitted Jeans: A solid pair of fitted jeans will see you through many occasions. Dress them down or dress them up, jeans are the everyday pant. Be sure yours are properly fitted for maximum impact.
3. Tailored Slacks: A pair of tailored slacks is ideal for almost any occasion that requires business attire. By pairing them with a tailored shirt or matching jacket, your tailored pants will see you through more than just business meetings.
4. Buttoned Blouse: a classic button blouse in white can be paired with anything from fitted jeans to skirts. An easy way to dress up your look, added stylish and classic jewelry will make this piece go even further.
5. Maxi Dress: fun and flirty, the maxi dress isn’t just for formal occasions. Select a color and cut that you feel comfortable in and you will find more and more occasions suited for your maxi dress.

Wishes block style maxi dress.

Wishes block style maxi dress.

6. Trench: A classic coat is just as important. Many women turn to the tailored trench, but any lightweight coat cut in a classic line will work. Keep the coat simple by selecting a black one. Your classic black coat will work for any occasion and can be paired with any item in your wardrobe.
7. Tailored Skirt: No wardrobe is complete without at least one tailored skirt. You may decide to select several skirts in varying lengths, but if you only purchase one, be sure it is knee length and tailored.
8. Suit: Worn primarily for business, a suit is an excellent addition to any wardrobe. Keep the color simple to allow for variations. Pairing a black suit with a pink shell, baby blue blouse or a simple white button blouse will allow you to get more use out of the piece.

Nubiano Special Occasion Suit

Nubiano Special Occasion Suit

9. Every Occasion Top: Select one top that is versatile enough to be worn with a variety of bottoms. Select a neutral color that can be used under your suit or paired with fitted jeans. Ideally the piece can be dressed up or dressed down.
10. Black Pumps: No outfit is complete without a pair of black pumps. Purchase a pair of classic black pumps. Perfect with the little black dress, they can also be paired with slacks, a suit or even jeans.
Once you have your wardrobe basics down, use current fashion trends to flesh out your wardrobe. Have fun with it and you will soon see it is possible to go from day time business attire to night time fun by simply changing one part of your outfit.

Where to buy women’s wholesale clothing


If you are in the retail business, you are well aware that much of your profit is dependent on how efficient you are with your wholesale purchase budget. After all, you won’t have much of a profit margin (at least in the beginning, especially if you’re trying to avoid high markups) if you are spending large amounts of your money on simply purchasing clothing. Retail stores such as smaller boutiques know this fact all too well. Since they are usually small and can’t depend on large chains and other retail branches to carry any dead weight, choosing the right wholesale women’s clothing provider is that much more crucial to their overall business success.

Wishes Strapless Tiered Party Dress

Where you actually purchase your wholesale ladies clothing depends a lot on your business model, but no matter your end goal, there are several wholesale sellers that will be able to meet your needs. If your store sells brand name items, you might want to consider buying from vendors who carry these brands. Many times, you can get a good deal if you wait for a surplus sale. Once your business is stable you can stock up on seasonal basics (stay away from fashion trends with a quick shelf life) and save them for the next year. It is especially important to check on minimum purchase requirements in the case of buying directly from vendors, as you will inherently have to mix and match designers, and don’t want to end up spending a huge percentage of your budget on multiple minimum requirements.

Another very simple place to buy wholesale apparel is online. From women’s wholesale clothing vendors, to directories of wholesale clothing, to easily searchable closeout wholesale sales, the internet makes your job as a retail clothing purchaser much easier—so take advantage of it! Many online wholesale warehouses carry thousands of products, ranging all apparel categories including handbags. So if you’re looking to add a little something extra to your women’s clothing offerings, these online wholesale vendors can be a great place to start. They also allow you to be time efficient by allowing you to search within your site for a specific item style or seasonal products. Also, they often feature sale sections on their site so you can browse items you might want to stock up on. Shopping for wholesale women’s clothing online is also a great way to find out which sellers don’t require a minimum purchase, as their policies are very easy to find (especially if they have no minimum requirement). So get searching, there is much to be found, and much fun to be had finding it!