Now's the time to start setting up a Valentine's Day event for your clothing store!


Wishes Square Neck Party Dress

Over the past few years, Valentine’s day has become an important occasion for women to purchase outfits for. Many couples celebrate Anniversaries around this holiday, and new couples are busy celebrating their relationship by going out to eat, or attending an activity together. This has driven up demand for Valentine’s dresses among women. Store owners can capitalize on this by holding a Valentine’s day event in their boutiques.

Why an event?

Events are a great opportunity to get your name out. A store event can be spread on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, which can generate a lot of one-day store purchases. They also go a long way toward building brand name and customer loyalty. By having an in-store event, you are able to connect with your community on a personal level. This may be the deciding factor that brings them to you, rather than to a big department store.

Your in-store event is a terrific place to get customer information, too. You can have a raffle, or sample auction. To sign up, you will need customer names, addresses, or email addresses. if you get a great list of email addresses, guess what – you’ve just built yourself a great marketing base!

What to do at an event?

Any event will need more than an occasion to draw people to it. You’ll need some kind of incentive, like door prizes, or free gifts with purchase. Maybe offer chocolates with the purchase of a Valentine’s dress. or coupons to local restaurants (this is a great way for you to partner with other local businesses).

As a clothing boutique, a fashion show can also be an amazing draw. Recruit your best customers as models, and allow them a discount on their outfits as compensation. Invite local press for some publicity on your event.

Set goals

Decide what you want your event to do for you, and then make all preparations what those goals in mind. If you want to establish yourself as a sophisticated shop with exclusive garments, consider having the even catered with light fare, or having a local violinist or cellist play for clients. If you want to be the hip store in town, have a local band play, or get a DJ. Let your clients mingle, and give them plenty of opportunities to see your garments in action.

If your goal is to gather information, do that by finding ways to have your clients willingly share their information. Announce a newsletter and have them sign up, or offer e-mail only coupons. Get your client base connected to you. Make sure everyone knows you have an account on Twitter if you do, and ask them to follow you.

Whatever you do for your Valentine’s clothing event, make sure everyone has a good time, and leaves with a great impression of your store!

Wholesale Women’s Suits: Enhance Your Career


As a retailer, finding the appropriate wholesale women’s apparel for your storefront is an easy task when you know what you are looking for and which designers can offer you your exact needs. For instance, wholesale women’s suits are a hot commodity these days with more and more women juggling a professional career and a family life.

This is great news for you though! You will find that there are a multitude of designers, options, and prices that will fit perfectly into your necessities. Of course, this starts with knowing what your consumer base is looking for not in an overall picture mind you, but specifically for you, your consumers, and your local area.

Another great thing about wholesale women’s apparel or wholesale women’s suits today is that you will find the cheap wholesale prices you are looking for easily, quickly, and fashionably.

Natural Plus Size Suit Dress with Jacket / Black Plus Size Suit Dress with Jacket

AKC has never been so popular. With the rise in obesity becoming a way of life in our country, plus size apparel is quickly gaining in popularity. The plus size suits are, of course, naturally an evolutionary step for those full figured business women needing to look their best in the workplace.

These plus size suit dresses with jackets come in a variety of popular colors such as black or natural. Additionally, they are plus sized which is perfect for attracting the full figured woman to your storefront. Yes, AKC is definitely becoming a popular name for the full figured business woman.

Amelia Key Sophisticated Skirt Suits and Career Suits

Amelia Key has gained quite the reputation for offering cheap wholesale prices on trendy wholesale women’s suits. You can get trendy, stream-lined perfection for your storefront and your consumer base. These are perfect for the woman in her 30s to her 90s. Definitely a favorite of not only retailers but a wide variety of consumers as well.

One of the most attractive features offered by Amelia Key is how the jacket goes over the skirt or pant bottoms. The jackets are designed to allow maximum flexibility while giving a slimming look that is hard to beat for any woman.

Grace Embellished Wholesale Women’s Suits

Another popular and trendy wholesale women’s apparel designer if Grace. When you want the most feminine, delicate, comfortable, and reliable skirt suits for your career or for a church gathering, you will find Grace offers you, well, grace. Available in a wide array of colors, prints, solids, and embellishments, Grace offers the consumer the opportunity to look great no matter the occasion.

These are attractive designs perfect for women of any age. While some designs may be perfect for a woman in her 20s, some other designs will be perfectly suited for a woman in her 70s.

When it comes to finding cheap wholesale prices and wholesale women’s apparel, you will find that sometimes you have to discover the beauty of new fashion designers. Whether you are looking for cheap wholesale prices or the trendiest wholesale women’s suits on the market today, you will find what you need when you trust a wholesaler with a reputation for offering more.

Organizing the Storefront has Never Been so Easy


boutiqueWhen it comes to order and fashion, many people find the two terms completely alien and not in their vocabulary. I just happen to be one of those people. When it comes to organizing, I leave that particular part of the business to the experts. Those experts just happen to cost a lot of mullah. Who knew helping other people get organized could be so expensive?

There are many aspect of retail apparel I enjoy ranging from discussing hot new fashion trends to watching for cheap prices when it comes to wholesale women’s clothing. If you happen to be a retailer with your own storefront – either brick-and-mortar or web-based – chances are good you have your favorite activities as well. Luck would have it that staying organized is not something automatically in my tactical array of skills as a preset talent.

Staying organized, once I did some research and listened to people who get paid to keep us organized, is not too difficult. Organizing the storefront with all that retail apparel has become a fun task although a bit time consuming. Fashion trends often dictate where retail apparel will be placed in your storefront, and sometimes, you may discover that you simply get to choose what works for you and your consumers.

Know What Your Strengths Are

When it comes to retail apparel, knowing what your strengths are is vital. If you purchase wholesale women’s clothing, do you purchase one size more than the other? Do you have a specialty? Maybe you are the only company in the entire country selling those new and trendy plus size moon suits in a variety of stripes, polka-dots, and stars. Albeit a little far fetched, you get the idea.

While it may be tempting to place all of your strengths in the front of your storefront to attract the consumer, remember, you want them to explore your store – not just the first rack.

Consider having your specialty, or strength, displayed in the window so people passing by can see what you have, but then have the actual display rack more in the back of the storefront. Then you can get the rest of that wholesale women’s clothing you purchased and put that between the door and where your consumer wants to go.

Decorate the Storefront

Everyone loves a lively storefront I do not care if it is a brick-and-mortar storefront or a web-based storefront. You have got to decorate according to the seasons and holidays. That means spending extra time to insure your mannequins, your windows, your posters, and your accessories are going to be a mix of seasonal items and regular, everyday items.

Fashion trends tend to alternate between the seasons as well with a few styles and designs being popular year round. You should take this as an example of how to decorate your actual storefront.

Consider placing Santa hats and gloves on your mannequins during the winter holiday months; consider stars and stripes during the summer holidays. You get the idea!

When it comes to purchasing wholesale women’s clothing and displaying your new fashion trends, you have the power to insure you get more out of your storefront. Decorate and know your strengths – you will find the world opens up for you.

Valentine’s day! Clothing as a Valentine’s gift for Women


A rising trend in recent years centers around Valentine’s day – buying clothing as a gift for women, in lieu of chocolates, roses, or stuffed bears. As Valentine’s day becomes more and more of an event holiday, and less of a private exchange of sweets, certain clothing styles have become associated with it.

Red Party dresses have become a popular look. Red cocktail dresses make a great gift, too. Some men ply their romantic skills by planning a fun event for Valentines day, and then presenting their girlfriends with a matching party dress to attend the event. Many girls choose short, fun red dresses for Valentine’s day for themselves.

However, it’s unwise to overlook other popular colors for Valentine’s day. Cute white dresses are also popular, usually paired with bright red accessories, like designer handbags. White fur coats are also very popular.

Because February is still a winter season, Black party dresses, and black cocktail dresses are still a hot item. Many girls will be choosing outfits to attend dress parties, club events, or fancy dinners or dates. Black cocktail length dresses are very popular. Wishes and JFW dresses offer a great combination of style and value.