The Benefit of Wholesale Dresses


As you attempt to expand your options for your apparel store, you need to tread carefully. Buying up a lot of inventory can be risky, especially before you determine what your target audience is really looking for. The worst thing you can do is fill up  your store only to find out the items you are offering aren’t popular enough to actually sell well. Then you are stuck with these items instead.

Lower Inventory

When you buy wholesale dresses, you are able to purchase a lower number of dresses than if you were to buy from the manufacturer instead. If you want to test out a particular dress that you think looks nice,  you can buy a couple of them and put them out on the rack. If they sell quickly, you can buy more inventory from your wholesaler. This creates less risk for you so you aren’t stuck with something you can’t sell. Wholesalers have many retailers they can sell to so you can let them worry about an item that doesn’t sell well for you.

Low Prices

Consumers are always looking for the best deal so they can save money wherever they can. If someone needs to buy a dress they will only wear once or twice, she won’t want to spend a lot of money. Wholesale dresses allow you to sell them for less, while still making a profit on the item. Being able to sell for less without compromising your profit is one of the best things you can do. If you need to put the dresses on sale, you can do so without worrying about potentially losing money in the process.


Perhaps one of the greatest advantages of buying wholesale dresses to sell in your store is the variety you can stock. Some stores only purchase a couple of different dresses because they don’t want to risk having too much inventory left over. However, if you are buying wholesale, you can purchase a greater variety in smaller numbers so you can offer your customers more options. Customers prefer to shop where they have a greater selection from which to choose.

Offering wholesale dresses in your own store will provide you with many benefits. Because you will spend less on these dresses, you will be able to offer them to your customers for less, helping them save money without hurting your profit. In addition, you can test out items before you carry a larger inventory so you don’t need to worry about getting stuck with too many of one dress. You can even use wholesale to provide a greater selection of choices in juniors dresses, women’s dresses and plus size dresses.

Wholesale Dresses Maxi Print Trends


Wholesale dresses are great buys for boutiques and stores. Women love to take a dress and make it their own with accessories, such as a scarf or gladiator

Wholesale Dresses Maxi Print Trends

sandals. One of the hottest trends in the world of wholesale are maxi print dresses. Maxi print dresses are back for spring and summer 2012. There’s no reason to stock the same basic dresses when there are so many fantastic print trends to choose from.

Tribal prints – Tribal prints are among the most popular prints for maxi dresses. Everyone from moms to college girls love tribal prints because they’re bold and make a style statement with minimal effort. Tribal prints in earth tones and bright colors are the most popular for spring and summer 2012. Tribal prints work well with wooden jewelry and other accessories with an organic element. Raffia sandals or wooden details on shoes elevate the look of a tribal print maxi dress. Tribal print maxi dresses are great for travel and can be toned down with a simple jacket.

Swirling prints – Swirling prints were seen on the runways for spring 2012. Designers favored swirling prints for a flirtatious, festive feel that works with warm weather. Bright tones work best with swirling prints. Shades of blue, purple and green within one swirling print maxi dress work for many women. It’s all about playing with color. A swirling print is easy for many women to wear because you need little else to make the outfit complete. Espadrilles or wedge sandals work beautifully with a maxi dress with a swirling print.

Floral prints – When spring and summer come around, floral prints are where it’s at. Spring 2012 has seen a return to feminine, ladylike prints and silhouettes. A maxi dress in a floral print is a chic look for day and night. Floral print maxi dresses look great on women of all ages. When the weather warms up, stocking bold colors is always a smart move for boutiques and stores. The trend for 2012 is larger floral prints versus small to mid-size prints.


Wholesale dresses in a selection of prints are a smart pick for shop owners this season. Tribal, swirling and floral prints are among the latest trends in women’s fashion. These strong prints are great for revving up a wardrobe for the new season. Many women are taking risks with color, putting these bright tones at the top of shopping lists for spring and summer 2012.

Trends for Wholesale Dresses


Wholesale dresses are available in many different styles and colors. Women are looking for dresses that are versatile and easily fit into their existing wardrobes. Shake things up by offering the latest styles of dresses for women. Women crave

Trends for Wholesale Dresses

fashion that is functional but packs a style punch without the guesswork. Busy women need go-to dresses that work with pieces they already own. The hottest trends for wholesale dresses are versatile and easy to style for various events in a woman’s life.

Draped dresses – Draped dresses are a favorite of celebrities and reality TV stars, so it’s no wonder every day women want the same look. Draped dresses are comfortable for daily wear and can be dressed up or down. Draped dresses make the perfect garment for travel. Fabrics like jersey and cotton travel well and work with many pieces in a woman’s wardrobe. Draped dresses in black and bold colors like hot pink and blue are best sellers because they are suitable for day and night.

Maxi dresses – Maxi dresses are hot for all body shapes. Long maxi dresses make a style statement and are easy to style with gladiator or wedge sandals. Many women favor maxi dresses in solid colors, but bold prints are what sell best. Women love easy-to-wear maxi dresses that do all of the styling for them with vibrant colors and prints. Maxi dresses are a favorite for spring and summer dressing. Swirling prints, paisley prints and big floral prints are among the top sellers for women’s maxi dresses this season.

Sweet and short dresses – Who doesn’t love a short dress? Short dresses are quick and easy to throw on for daily errands or on the weekend. Customers love short dresses for spring and summer. Simple dresses work well for most lifestyles. A solid dress with one intricate detail such as a ruffled collar or bow at the back are favorable looks for women who want something chic and fashion forward. Feminine details like these allow women to make the look their own, whether it’s for a baby shower or cocktail party.

Wholesale dresses are available in the latest fashion trends that you see in boutiques or on the runway. Checking out the styles that celebrities are wearing gives you direction for what customers want to buy for their own wardrobes. Trendy styles like draped, maxi, and short dresses are among the hottest styles for the upcoming season.

Wholesale Clothing To Dye For


In fashion, what goes around comes around. Tie-dye is back in new formats that pair with existing garments in your customers’ wardrobes to create an entirely new generation of tie-dye style. OpenStockApparel brings bohemian chic of tie-dye to fun and stylish wholesale clothing. Choosing celebrity-inspired wholesale clothing options can bring this trendy fashion to your customer’s closets without going to extremes. A little dose of tie-dye can go a long way when you offer our wholesale clothing options in on-trend tie-dye fabrics.

While Fergie’s tie-dye leggings bring the tie-dye trend to the streets, they may be a little too much for the normal consumer. Consider OpenStockApparel’s RQT Plus Size Designer Tie-Dye Skirt Wholesale clothingwith Crochet Trim or RQT Designer Tie-Dye Skirt as a great way for customers to insert some tie-dye style into their wardrobe. These flowing skirts from our wholesale clothing line offer comfort and style with the fun bohemian detailing in the tie-dye fabric and crochet trim. Suggest pairing with t-shirts and ballet flats for an easy mom-on-the-go look and these tie-dye skirts can quickly become a go-to staple from our wholesale clothing options.

wholesale clothing at openstockapparel.comKate Bosworth’s tie-dye romper illustrates a simple use of tie-dye. Shoppers that might not wear a romper will love the ease of our Madison Paige Chiffon Babydoll dress wholesale clothing choice. A subtle ombre tie-dye print combines with fun sequin detailing and side-bow. Flattering on many body, this dress is on-trend and retro-inspired without being a one-season only option. Fun for a night out, this wholesale clothing dress is youthful and would pair well with a strappy sandal.

Proving that a little tie-dye goes a long way, Miley Cyrus sports a fun Proenza Schouler black and white tie-dye tank but pairs with more tame black pants. To bring your wholesale clothing customers a signature piece that is tie-dye trendy, try our modern interpretation of tie-dye in our Lindi Missy Designer Jacket in Purple, White and Navy.Wholesale clothing at This wholesale clothing jacket choice brings fun colors and pattern to a versatile jacket that can be paired with workout attire, jeans or dressier options. Inserting just a little bit of this pattern turns it into a signature piece for consumers and helps the trend stand-out without overpowering them.

Choosing tie-dye for your customers from our wholesale clothing line-up of toppers, skirts and dresses helps your storefront to stay en-pointe with current celebrity trends without dating your inventory stock.

Juniors – Special Events Wholesale Fashions


Wholesale wear for junior girls this season, especially for those young women who want to enliven their special occasion clothing options, includes the Wishes Junior Party Dress with Bubble Hem and Satin Waist Tie. This sleeveless, light, white dress is a great alternative for junior wear this summer for those outdoor parties, or more formal gatherings. The black waist tie contrasts well with the white material, skirt and bubble hem, a cute cut that will please teens as well as younger women. Accessorizing with a light matching jacket or jewelry can make this dress a huge hit at any gathering.

Hem lines are still ankle-length this season, and the maxi dress for junior girls will likely continue to be a very popular trend this year. Junior girls will want to keep the hem lines low when wearing dresses into the cooler autumn months while still sporting a very popular style. As hem lines descend, celebrities flout their fashion trendsetting prowess and wear long but light dresses for every and all kinds of occasions. What’s even better to shoppers is that they are relatively inexpensive.  Scarlett Johansen, who is a big trendsetter with young women, was seen out at movie premieres  looking both sexy and elegant  in a lace maxi dress, and the Wishes Junior Dress with Macrame Back Design will likely moved very quickly through your summer inventory. This sleeveless dress with a plunging lace neckline and the lovely intricacy in the macrame back of this dress is sure to attract attention at any special occasion or gathering.  It looks great matched with high heels for evening wear, while still maintaining a lovely styles of lightness and simplicity. Not so extravagant as to be considered flashy, this little dress still combines high fashion sense with clean and crisp summer comfort, while its appealing back makes a gorgeous fashion statement.

Junior maxi dresses are a great choice for young women looking to make a statement about simplicity and freedom while attending special events – weddings, parties, dances, dates or even just a night out on the town. Purchasers of wholesale ladies apparel will find maxi dresses easy to pair with a multitude of accessories and styles, including heavier wear, such as wholesale cardigans, sweaters or light jackets for when the weather begins to turn.