Wholesale Dresses with ITY Fabric


When you are looking at dresses, there are many materials from which these dresses can be made. Choosing the right fabric can have an impact on the success of the dress. This is because different fabrics can play a role in the comfort of the dress, as well as in the overall look of the dress. When it comes to wholesale dresses with ITY fabric, you will provide your customers with a variety of dresses that offer a great fit in many styles.


Wholesale dresses with ITY fabric come in many different materials. Many of these materials are actually woven combinations of several materials, such as polyester and spandex. The type of materials used will have a direct impact on the look of the dresses, as well as the way they fit and other features of the dresses.

What Does ITY Mean?

If you are looking at wholesale dresses with ITY fabric, you may want to know exactly what ITY means. The initials ITY stand for interlock twist yarn. While most of these dresses aren’t made from yarn, the term is still fitting. The various materials are woven together in an interlocking fashion with a twist. This provides several unique features to the dresses, making them a great fit.

Features of ITY Dresses

Knowing the features of the wholesale dresses in ITY fabric will show you exactly what kind of benefit your customers will attain. For instance, the ITY fabric provides greater elasticity without having to add elastic. This makes the dresses fit much better than other types of dresses without worrying about stretching out the fabric permanently. In addition, the fabric doesn’t pull, cling or wrinkle easily. Dresses made from this fabric are often well made because the fabric is easy to work with.

If you are looking for some unique dresses to add to your shop, finding wholesale dresses in ITY fabric can be a great addition to your dress line. Women are always looking for a great fit that is comfortable to wear and easy to care for. When you purchase dresses for your store that are made from ITY fabric, you are taking advantage of all of these features. The women who find the dresses available in your shop will appreciate them and are likely to come back for more when they need another dress.

ITY Dresses at Wholesale Make a Great Summer Dress Option


Summer dresses are something every retailer needs to offer as the weather begins to heat up. If you are looking for a great option for your summer line of dresses, the ITY dresses wholesale will provide your customers with the options they desire, bringing them back to your store when they want more. Your customers are sure to find the maxi-style dresses that best fit their style.

Plus Size Halter Dresses

The plus size line of ITY dresses wholesale come in a range of halter dresses with a beaded halter neckline. Available in black with just a hint of red or a purple animal print, you will be sure to please your customers who are looking for an airy, free-flowing dress for the summer season. These dresses provide breathability to help keep you cooler as you enjoy the beautiful summer weather. The long flowing skirt gives you freedom of motion as well.

Shorter ITY Maxi Dresses

ITY Dresses Wholesale

ITY dresses wholesale allow you to provide your customers with a great variety.

If a shorter dress is something you think your customers will prefer, the ITY dresses wholesale will provide you with various options for your customers. Though the ITY dresses offer a range of colors and patterns so your customers can find the one that best matches their style, skin tone and hair color, most of the shorter maxi dresses provide silver embellishments to provide the wearer with a little sparkle with the dress. Whether you choose a floral print, feather print, peacock print or paisley print, you can give your customers as many options as you choose.

ITY Dresses Wholesale

When you buy ITY dresses wholesale, you will be able to offer your customers a lower price so they are more likely to be able to purchase at least one, if not more, of these beautiful dresses. Whether they need something for a summer wedding or just a flowing summer dress to wear out and about, an ITY dress can be just the thing. Offering a large selection of these dresses is made possible when you can buy them at wholesale prices.

ITY dresses available at wholesale prices will allow you to offer your customers both plus size ITY dresses and shorter ITY dresses in other sizes. These dresses come in a variety of patterns, in either a tank-style top or a halter top to allow everyone to find the one that best fits their style. The variety of dresses will help keep your customers coming back to you for their summer dresses.