Wholesale Apparel: Trendy White Toppers


Wholesale apparel from openstockapparel.comA classic white blouse is a must-have in every woman’s closet.  From a menswear-inspired button-down to a versatile white tunic, celebrities insert the white shirt as a wardrobe staple. Adding white tunics or shirts to your wholesale apparel line-up is a great way to bring this basic to your shopper’s fall wardrobe.

Celebrities like Kristin Cavallari and Rachel Bilson show that they can rock the white blouse in a casual way that updates the classic with trendy details like bell sleeves. A new casual addition to the OpenStockApparel wholesale apparel options with fun detailing is our Northgate ¾ Sleeve Embellished Tie Neck Tunic. This trendy topper features a Wholesale apparel at openstockapparel.combohemian tie neck with embroidery detailing at the neck and sleeves. Adding this wholesale apparel option to your catalog gives shoppers a casual, yet stylish white blouse alternative that can pair with jeans, black pants or a flowing skirt.

Choose our Cino Designer Sheer Ruffle Tunic as an addition to your wholesale apparel line-up to echo the easy-breezy styling of Jennifer Garner on the beach. She tops off her swimsuit with a light-weight tunic that compliments a summer tan. The white tunic from OpenStockApparel’s wholesale apparel grouping is a versatile choice that can easily top off leggings or skinny jeans or a swimsuit as well. Showing shoppers easy accessory pairings including a dark stretch belt can elevate sales of Wholesale apparel from Openstockapparel.comthis updated classic white tunic that is at home in the office or on the beach.

For a work-appropriate white shirt, try our Missy Festive Mandarin Collar Blouse that brings East-West styling to a wholesale apparel option that won’t break the bank. With a hint of tuxedo styling this white blouse is a great jean topper that is equally well-matched to a black pencil skirt. Demi Lovato sports a short-sleeve casual version of the white mandarin collar shirt showing the versatility of this favorite style that extends to young Hollywood.

Every woman looks to find that perfect white blouse that will move from casual to work-friendly. While the white blouse maybe a closet standard, suggest a pop of color in a red shoe or fun accessory to further elevate shoppers’ white blouse purchases from your wholesale apparel displays. Offering them a range of white blouses that can take them from the office to the beach or the grocery store from our wholesale apparel options also gives you the opportunity to pair the white blouse with other options.

Wholesale Clothing To Dye For


In fashion, what goes around comes around. Tie-dye is back in new formats that pair with existing garments in your customers’ wardrobes to create an entirely new generation of tie-dye style. OpenStockApparel brings bohemian chic of tie-dye to fun and stylish wholesale clothing. Choosing celebrity-inspired wholesale clothing options can bring this trendy fashion to your customer’s closets without going to extremes. A little dose of tie-dye can go a long way when you offer our wholesale clothing options in on-trend tie-dye fabrics.

While Fergie’s tie-dye leggings bring the tie-dye trend to the streets, they may be a little too much for the normal consumer. Consider OpenStockApparel’s RQT Plus Size Designer Tie-Dye Skirt Wholesale clothingwith Crochet Trim or RQT Designer Tie-Dye Skirt as a great way for customers to insert some tie-dye style into their wardrobe. These flowing skirts from our wholesale clothing line offer comfort and style with the fun bohemian detailing in the tie-dye fabric and crochet trim. Suggest pairing with t-shirts and ballet flats for an easy mom-on-the-go look and these tie-dye skirts can quickly become a go-to staple from our wholesale clothing options.

wholesale clothing at openstockapparel.comKate Bosworth’s tie-dye romper illustrates a simple use of tie-dye. Shoppers that might not wear a romper will love the ease of our Madison Paige Chiffon Babydoll dress wholesale clothing choice. A subtle ombre tie-dye print combines with fun sequin detailing and side-bow. Flattering on many body, this dress is on-trend and retro-inspired without being a one-season only option. Fun for a night out, this wholesale clothing dress is youthful and would pair well with a strappy sandal.

Proving that a little tie-dye goes a long way, Miley Cyrus sports a fun Proenza Schouler black and white tie-dye tank but pairs with more tame black pants. To bring your wholesale clothing customers a signature piece that is tie-dye trendy, try our modern interpretation of tie-dye in our Lindi Missy Designer Jacket in Purple, White and Navy.Wholesale clothing at openstockapparel.com This wholesale clothing jacket choice brings fun colors and pattern to a versatile jacket that can be paired with workout attire, jeans or dressier options. Inserting just a little bit of this pattern turns it into a signature piece for consumers and helps the trend stand-out without overpowering them.

Choosing tie-dye for your customers from our wholesale clothing line-up of toppers, skirts and dresses helps your storefront to stay en-pointe with current celebrity trends without dating your inventory stock.

Trendy Clothes Changes as Swiftly as the Seasons


Northstyle Fashionable Tunic with Colorful Embellishment

When it comes to trendy clothes each new trend brings something new and exciting to all the fashionistas out there. Keeping up with what’s hot in trendy clothes is important in order to keep inventory fresh, exciting, and relevant. This fall will bring back a few repeats of past trends, but they will have fresh new twists that are sure to keep things interesting and fun.

What’s new this fall fashion season in trendy clothes for women includes many new and innovative takes on classic looks. Leather skirts are sure to seen all over the place. They will be dressed down with more casual tops and sweaters. The ultra popular and summery maxi dress will now be seen in thicker fabrics and more jewel-toned hues. Mid-calf length is the hem length of choice for skirts and dresses this fall when it comes to trendy clothes. When it comes to pants, the white-hot skinny jeans may be playing second fiddle to seventies-inspired wide-legged, high-waist jeans and pants.

This fall, tops will feature soft sweaters and bohemian or tribal inspired blouses. More glamorously styled ponchos and dusters with touches of metallic and shimmer will replace the more traditional coat. Tops and sweaters will be saturates with rich, gorgeous colors that will compliment any skin tone and make it super easy for any woman to look effortlessly elegant and stylish.

The shoes for fall will remain casual and simultaneously chic. The most popular options are likely to be wedge-heeled oxfords, fur-trimmed boots, and there will be a return of the ultra pointed toe in heels and pumps. These fall looks are easy to wear and help make any woman look chic and modern.

The most popular hues for trendy clothes this fall will include silvers, jewel-tones, midnight blues, and soft earth tones. The always-classic black and white combination still remains popular in trendy clothes this fall. Trendy clothes patterns will be showcasing earth-toned plaids on everything from coats to skirts for the fall season. These trends are sure to be seen in retailers across the board this fall.

The trendy clothes that will be popular this fall are sure to make any woman look ultra chic and glamorous. When looking for what items to purchase, take cues from all of the popular models, designers, and celebrities. Highlighting your expertise as a fashion guru will attract the savviest, trend setting shoppers and increase sales across the board.

Adapting Trendy Plus Size Clothing to Any Shaped Figure


Trendy plus size clothing is a growing market and now there are a ton of stores that offer trendy plus size clothing for the full-figured fashionista. Now women of all sizes and shapes can wear the latest styles. However, some of the current looks are challenging to adapt for any figure, let alone a curvy one. So when looking for what trendy plus size clothing to purchase, take heed of this advice.

Skinny Jeans and Leggings are and important item for anyone who wants to carry trendy plus size clothing, but they can be can be tricky for the curvy woman. The boot cut is still the most universally flattering style, the skinny jean is just too hot right now to ignore. The best be is a denim legging, also known as a jegging, which marries two great trPlus Size Blouse with Satin and Gemstone Necklineends, and it looks ultra modern and trendy. The jegging is also much more forgiving than tight skinny jeans, and the thicker fabric better hides flaws that a regular legging can often reveal.

Tunics are another hot item in trendy plus size clothing right now, but can be unflattering if not done correctly. Be careful with the cut because if the top is too big in the wrong places, it could look like a tent. Tunics should narrow slightly at the waist and have darts at the bust in order to offer the best fit.

Belts are a great way to create or emphasize and hourglass figure by cinching at the smallest part of the body. Plus they are a huge trend right now. Chain belts are good because they don’t hug too tight. Wide belts are also great for breaking up the upper body. Most women are smallest under their bustline, so that’s where the belt should be placed for the greatest slimming effect.

Boots of all styles are also super hot right now and they are super easy to pair with any look in trendy plus size clothes. Tucking pants into knee or calf height boots has been a very popular look for a while now. This trend can prove to be difficult for bigger girls to find boots they can do this with, because they also have bigger calves. Thankfully now many retailer offer extended-calf boots. Booties are also a hot trend this year, and they fit everyone.

Bold, large prints are super trendy right now, especially those that are animal-inspired. Large prints are great because they can help draw the eye away from problem areas, so make sure the placement of the print is chosen wisely. A bold top with a dark bottom will help draw attention away from larger legs and bottoms. The same also works in reverse. Just remember prints must be in proportion with the woman’s frame. This means a larger woman looks better in larger prints. So keep all these things in mind when it comes to purchasing trendy plus size clothes because they are great guidelines for adapting trends to suit any full-figured woman.

Shake up your Inventory with Some Wholesale Trendy Clothes


As we all know, the retail industry has been taking massive hits in the last couple of years, and wholesale trendy clothes are a great way to combat profit loss. Stores and boutiques that sell the latest in fashions have taken Wishes Junior Party Dress with Bubble Hem and Satin Waist Tieon the most losses, and in order to stay in the black, many stores have to seriously reassess their sources and the way they buy the clothes they put on their racks.

It used to be that a store could afford to buy from almost any supplier they wanted, and then they would pass the cost on to their customers. This worked when customers were happy to pay the price in order to look great in the latest fashions, but the economy has forced shoppers to behave differently these days. The recession has seriously affected the retail industry and the hardest his are businesses that deal in non-essentials items, such as high fashion clothes stores. Many stores were forced to close their doors forever. This forced the few stores that were left to learn how to approach the way they bought their inventory differently. Because of this more and more stores started to look towards wholesale trendy clothes.

Even though you may have a regular supplier for some of the clothing you sell, this does not mean that you cannot branch out, especially if branching out means a potential increase in profits. If you want to stay in business and turn a profit, change up your inventory and include some wholesale trendy clothes. No one can afford to stick with only stocking expensive, name brand or designer clothing that may only sells a few items each month in this economy. If you buy entire lines that are priced at wholesale prices, it allows you to pass these savings along to your customers, and give them prices that they can actually afford. This means that stocking wholesale trendy clothes will breathe new life into your customer base and people will buy more and come back to you more often.

So spice up your inventory with some wholesale trendy clothes, and give yourself more room to profit while simultaneously giving your customers great options that they can actually afford. Offering a stock of wholesale trendy clothes will allow customers to spend more money in your store and come back again and again because they will be able to rely on you for great fashions at reasonable prices.