Wholesale Maxi Deals – Fashion Forward Juniors


It’s time to stock for the months ahead. Maxi dresses are a hot, hot, hot item this year, as can be evidenced in the gorgeous clothes and fashion styles that can be seen on the popular show, Gossip Girl. The maxi dress contradicts the recent short-lived short-skirt trend, with long shimmering, light and summery dresses that extend and flow all the way to the ankle or floor.  Nicole Richie, long a trendsetter in the world of popular fashion (and especially for junior girls), sports an array of beautiful maxi dresses wherever she goes, which are not just for junior girls, but give a light, free-spirited look to women of any size or age.

wholesale fashion juniors, juniors wholesale fashion, fashion juniors wholesalewholesale fashion juniors, juniors wholesale fashion, fashion juniors wholesaleBlake Lively (who plays the character Serena on Gossip Girl) wears a colorful tea length chiffon celebrity dress, and you can make this available to her fans as well. The Madison Paige Chiffon Tea Length Dress is a wildly colorful and lovely, light, breezy and crisp florid piece of fashion intelligence, emphasizing both free-spirited comfort and delicate beauty.  The multiple colors of its abstract pattern will attract not only the eyes of women shopping in your store, but their imagination as well. Its sleeveless design, a pullover style, v-shaped neckline, and a cinched waistline complete the look.

Women both young and old may prefer the stunning JFW Cross Your Heart Maxi in Purple. The intense purple abstract design not only draws and keeps the eye, but its plunging v-shaped neckline, sleeveless cut, and portrait-sized length is a work of art animated and accentuated by the lucky woman wearing it. As hem lines descend, celebrities flout their fashion trendsetting prowess and wear long but light dresses for every and all kinds of occasions. What’s even better to shoppers is that they are relatively inexpensive. While junior girls as well as missy sizes are keeping hem lines low, the JFW Cross Your Heart Maxi is a gorgeous contribution for the form, suitable for formal or evening wear. Lauren Conrad recently wore a satin maxi on the red carpet. Purchasers of wholesale ladies apparel will find maxi dresses easy to pair with a multitude of accessories and styles, including cardigans, sweaters and scarves.

Five Ways With This Season’s Colors – Wholesale Fashion Tips


The best wholesale ladies’ apparel buyers know how to gently educate their customers on how to incorporate seasonal colors into their style.  By purchasing dresses, tops and accessories that can easily lend themselves to mixing and matching while also reflecting current style trends, customers feel empowered to make bolder fashion choices. Here are five suggestions:

wholesale fashion juniors, juniors wholesale fashion, fashion juniors wholesale1.     The Missy Designer Jacket is a a colorful addition to more subdued clothing with its light vibrant sheen and splash of bright colors. Teamed with simple tees, jeans, wholesale fashion juniors, juniors wholesale fashion, fashion juniors wholesalepants or even a simply dress or skirt, this jacket will add seasonal color and flair to autumnal fun.

2.     The Lou Lou Junior Missy Long Length Tunic with ¾ Sleeves is a simple but sexy top that comes in several seasonal colors, and can be easily matched with leisurely leggings, pants or jeans, and accentuated with a knit top, cardigan or light jacket.

3.     Tunic tops as well as long tunics are in style and can afford light summery wear while providing a splash of floral color or introducing a solid seasonal theme. Many of our abstract prints incorporate seasonal themes in a beautiful, light and crisp way, reflecting the style and cut of current trends in popular fashion.

wholesale fashion juniors, juniors wholesale fashion, fashion juniors wholesale4.     Customers might also consider incorporating maxi floral print dresses into their wardrobes that match one’s sense of style with colors that establish fashion sense and attract the eye as well. The Magic Multi Colorful Empire Waist Maxi in Brown and Turquoise is also a great alternative that can be accessorized with jackets, cardigans, knit tops and other accessories. Maxi dresses with the lowered hemlines are all the rage this year, and it’s a fashion statement likely to last a while. Wholesale deals for maxi dresses in plus sizes should sell off the racks with a  lot of inventory movement, as it is a high demand customer item in a larger range of sizes than is typically offered. These items, as well as others we have available as plus size wholesale ladies’ apparel, offer a greater range of color in a market of more muted or otherwise boring choices.

wholesale fashion juniors, juniors wholesale fashion, fashion juniors wholesale5.     Jewelry, purses, shoes, scarves and other miscellaneous items can be matched tastefully with our dresses, tops, tunics and tees. Be suggestive and creative in your displays to show how mixing and matches or layering various items can put color and pizzazz into junior, missy and plus size wear.

Plus-Size Wholesale Fashion Vibrancy


wholesale plus size apparel, plus size apparel wholesaleOprah Winfrey looks absolutely vibrant while on her Australian tour wearing a multicolored, red and blue and yellow and green tunic. Plus size women will love the opportunity to show off some of their own flair as well. Oprah is a definite trendsetter, whether in the areas of television, bestselling book recommendations, or in the areas of fashion and style, and when she wears a colorful tunic it is guaranteed other women will happily follow in her footsteps. The Madison Paige Colorful Plus Size Tunic is just one of the many wholesale ladies’ apparel items that we have to offer, and is also a very popular choice. This colorful print has a beautiful v-neckline border, loose short sleeves and room for the plus-size woman to feel comfortable while looking extraordinarily attractive. Oprah wears her tunic with simple white pants, which is a great choice for her colorful ensemble. Your customers may feel more comfortable in simple jeans, off-color or khaki pants or shorts. The neckline is also perfect for necklaces or other jewelry that can accentuate the face, as well as match with the strong border along the collar.

Another fetching option is to allow your customers to accentuate their personal style by following the fun summer fashion trend of a beautifully rendered, autumnal sleeveless maxi print. The Meetu Magic Colorful Mixed Print Plus Size Maxi in Gold comes with an elastic back and adjustable straps which make for a perfect fit, and combines easy, carefree summer comfort with an intense, eye-pleasing use of color and cuts. Maxi dresses with the lowered hemlines are all the rage this year, and it’s a fashion statement likely to last a while. Wholesale deals for maxi dresses in plus sizes should sell off the racks with a  lot of inventory movement, as it is a high demand customer without the same range of choices women of other sizes are offered. These items, as well as others we have available as plus size wholesale ladies’ apparel, offer a greater range of color in a market of more muted or otherwise boring choices.

The plus size maxi dress and tunic are also great alternatives to other kinds of less fashionable maternity wear, and given that the tunic is adjustable can meet the changing needs of pregnancy as well. Whatever the needs, adding color to your wholesale inventory has definite advantages.

This lovely maxi from OSA, the JFW Stylish Cross Your Heart Maxi in Purple is the epitome of bold color and ease of movement that’s so hot for the season.

eCommerce: As Trendy as Wholesale Fashion


wholesale maxi fashion, maxi wholesale fashion, fashion wholesale maxiLet’s face it, most fashion experts hear the word “tool” and go running. To them a tool is used for home maintenance or auto repair; however, in the world of eCommerce tools are actually designed to make your life easier and your customers’ shopping experiences seamless. For this reason, it is critical that whether you sell wholesale junior clothing, women’s, or plus sizes, you have a complete set of robust eCommerce tools. While there are tons of tools out there, there are three that should never be left out of your package.

  1. Shopping Cart: it is exactly what it sounds like. A shopping cart allows your visitors to select the wholesale missy size clothing, women’s-wear, special occasion wear — whatever they are interested in, and place it in a cart while they continue shopping. This is beneficial to the customer because it is easier than purchasing one piece at a time. It makes your life easier because the better shopping carts will allow you to see what items were ‘put back’ and tons of other useful information that can help you make your site better.
  2. Payment Gateway: Remember that in the world of online businesses, the security you provide your customers with is critical. Don’t risk having a wholesale plus size clothing customer make a purchase only to have their identification information stolen. Be safe – use a gateway.
  3. Merchant Credit Card Account: If you want to get paid, you must accept credit cards. There are several different companies that offer merchant services depending on your needs – check out their fees, terms and conditions to pick the best one. Don’t forget to ensure it is compatible with your payment gateway.

Remember that business will grow based on more than the beautiful wholesale maxi dresses and other fashion pieces you carry. You must also use the tools available to you. Build a set of eCommerce tools today to ensure your success.

Wholesale Fashions For a Women’s Boutique


Find wholesale fashion apparel at openstockapparel.com.Looking for a way to mix your love of shopping with making money? Consider opening a women’s clothing boutique. Here your love of clothing is satisfied as you create the opportunity to own and sell designer trends.

So where do you begin in opening a women’s clothing boutique? This simple approach can help get you moving.
Make a business plan. Ask yourself crucial questions: What do you want to specialize in: Career Blouses, special occasion, vintage, party dresses? Where do you see your store located? Define your vision as specifically as you can, including everything from financial projections to what you wish to name your business. Even think about where you will purchase your wholesale apparel.

Educate yourself. Do you have the experience to start a business? Have you written a business plan? Do you have the start-up capital? Many communities have special organizations for starting businesses. Seek out mentoring at SCORE or the Small Business Administration. Learn the basic necessities of running a clothing boutique by interviewing other boutique owners and learning from their experiences.

If you build it, they will come. Once you know what you are aiming for, start slow. Remember, many small businesses started in the home. Bill Gates and Steven Jobs even started in the garage. Begin buying merchandise from wholesale women’s clothing stores online. Acquiring products can help you start small and be fun, with regular visits to thrift stores and garage sales, or learning about your options for wholesale women’s clothing to purchase your line.

Keep cost down. Begin by designing a home event and building a customer base. Invite your potential customers and have fun showing your new “lines” of clothing over wine and cheese. Network and get invited to parties, or give others a chance to hold their own clothing parties.

Start a Facebook or MySpace page for your consignment business and begin inviting everyone you know to it.

Check out local space. Many towns have community sales space, such as flea markets, that allow you to rent a corner of the area, while someone else operates the cash register and distributes the sales, less an administrative fee. This is a great and affordable way to test the water before signing a lease in a commercial space.

Smart Growth. Once you have built a network of clients, have all the financial systems in place, established a web presence, and have begun generating cash flow, now you are ready to research locations and put your business plan to work. Take into account additional costs for the store, such as employees, store fixtures, utilities, advertising, wholesale women’s clothing, and theft prevention as you find that perfect spot to open your boutique.

Open Your Store. With the merchandise in place, your website linked into your network, advertising in local papers, press releases out, colorful signs and balloon drawing attention to your store, open the doors and pay attention to your clientele, their feedback in valuable to continue to understand your market and how to expand it. Remember it’s all about learning your customer’s needs and keeping them happy.