Flirty Wholesale Dresses Styles


Finding the right wholesale dresses for your customers isn’t difficult when you’re

Flirty Wholesale Dresses Styles

watching ahead for the trends. This spring and summer, expect to see many ladylike and girlie fashions, whether it’s with soft pastel hues or girlish details. Flirty wholesale dresses are a must-buy for womens and juniors wholesale retailers this season.

Bows and ruffles for spring and summer. –  These are major trends for spring and summer 2012. Many dress styles are incorporating these girlie details on the shoulders, bust area or waistline. The way this is done on a dress depends on your client.  If you’re catering to juniors sizes and age groups, look for bows large and small. Major ruffles are a great thing for a girl in her teens, as most love wearing textured pieces. If your clientele is in their 20s and up, these trends should be done in a refined manner on the dresses you sell. Not every woman loves ruffles and professional women are less likely to play with trends or invest in pieces that are of-the-moment.  You don’t want to buy tons of dresses with overly sweet details that can look juvenile in the eyes of many women. Stick to ruffles down the center of a dress or trimming an asymmetrical neckline. These types of feminine details work, even on women over a certain age.


Full skirts. – Full skirts evoke that flirty feel of spring and summer. This season full skirts are expected to be a major trend, whether in solids or a bright print. Full skirts are a fairly simple shape that most body shapes can wear easily. A dress with a full skirt is a great silhouette for the lazy warm days of spring and summer. The shape is feminine without being over-the-top or difficult to pull off. Women can wear a dress with a full skirt with flats just as they can with a pair of pumps. This gives the dress versatility and for the bulk of consumers, that’s what’s wanted when shopping for new clothes. Look for basic colors like navy and khaki for full skirt dresses, but never underestimate shades like hot pink or red. The shape of a full skirt dress is flattering for nearly everyone and shoppers will love slipping into a frock that fits like a glove.

Flirty wholesale dresses are the way to go for spring and summer. You’ll find shoppers love these girlish touches and shapes for dresses that can update a wardrobe.

Junior's Fashion-Back to School with Wholesale Deals


For junior girls planning a return to school this Fall, continue the hot Summer trend by stocking the colorful but muted autumnal colors of the Antoinette C. Short Sleeve HandkerchiefHem Dress. Perfect for both spring and fall before the weather moves to its extremes, this is one of our Junior wholesale dresses that accommodates a day out shopping, an evening dress or back-to-school wear for that important first impression. The scarf dress is a pullover that is easy to wear, sunny and carefree, and can be worn to both highlight assets as well as hide perceived imperfections.

Along with the scarf dress, hem lines have consistently been going down, and the maxi has been a very popular trend this year. Junior girls will want to keep the hem lines low when wearing dresses into the cooler autumn months while still sporting a very popular style. Celebrities such as Lauren Conrad have even worn a satin maxi on the red carpet, and a maxi dress such as the Magic Multi Colorful Empire Waist Maxi in Brown & Turquiose can be jazzed up with some bling to fit nearly every occasion, from casual wear to more formal functions. Purchasers of wholesale ladies apparel will find maxi dresses easy to pair with a multitude of accessories and styles, including heavier wear, such as cardigans, sweaters or light jackets for when the weather begins to turn.

Scarf dresses have not only been a hot item for the fashion conscious, but also a more inexpensive high fashion alternative. Ever since Angelina Jolie wore a simple scarf dress some time ago when she stepped out at Cannes, all the celebrities have been wearing scarf dresses, from Kate Hudson to Nicole Richie.  The Meetu Magic Challis Dressis a beautiful example of our maxi’s, another fashion trend where hemlines are going down, and will likely stay that way for a while. Trendsetter Nicole Richie can usually always be found wearing a maxi, which are not just for junior girls, but give a light, free-spirited look to women of any size or age. Like a maxi this scarf dress can be accessorized easily, coupled with a long coat, a cute jacket or cardigan.

Women's Fashion Trends-Wholesale Prices


The tunic style top is in right now and it’s a perfect piece to accomplish the oh-so-popular boho chic look that all the celebs are sporting lately. The asymmetrical lines of OpenstockApparel’s tunic top paired with a pair of well-worn jeans or a pair of leggings and a lightweight knit sweater is an easy way to mimic this popular style with affordable wholesale women’s clothing prices. The best things about this trend is it is so easy for anyone to accomplish, it’s a great way to look super chic and still be comfortable, and once someone has a few basic pieces it’s so easy to mix and match them because there are no strict rules to accomplishing this look! Another popular piece that is a great basic for the boho chic look is a great knit cardigan like OpenStockApparel’s Madison Paige Colorful Sleeveless Tunic. Make sure it’s little too large, because that’s the style with this look. Just look at how Mary-Kate Olsen pulls off this look. A slightly larger cardigan also allows for layering your look, which is perfect for warmer or cooler weather and layering is a big part of the boho chic style. Another great thing about this style cardigan is that it can be a staple piece in any wardrobe and incorporated into many different styles and looks, instantly expanding any wardrobe.

Another big trend in women’s fashion that flatters every woman, instantly makes her look chic and up to date, and can be accomplished with purchasing wholesale clothing is the mixing and matching pretty, flirty patterns, as showcased on the runway this year by designer Chris Benz. The key is to use different patterns that are in the same color family, to avoid a look that’s too crazy or mismatched. Take a great floral patterned dress like OpenStockApparel’s Junior Floral Print Dress and pair it with a polka dotted jacket or sweater in the same color family, and hit on two popular trends in one outfit; mixing patterns and asymmetrical lines. This fashion trend requires pieces that are similar colors, and purchasing wholesale clothing is a smart way to get as many pieces as possible.

Wholesale women’s clothing and apparel offers a great affordable way to accomplish all the popular celebrity looks, from everything boho to all the latest runway trends. Just because it’s wholesale fashion doesn’t mean it’s not completely up to date and fashionable. Every look that has been covered here is completely accomplishable at wholesale prices, can be easily done by anyone, and is on the cutting edge of the most modern trends in women’s fashion.

Sell Your Wholesale Women's Apparel Using Social Media


Social media is more than networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Social Media is any website, platform or program that allows people to discover content, access information and/or interact with others. Following this definition, virtually any website, micro-site or online community may be considered a part of social media.

Meetu Magic Maxi Rayon Challis Dress with ...

In reality, social media sites include blog forums, social networking sites, bookmarking sites, news sharing sites and photo or video sharing sites. All of these different social media outlets have content that is primarily user-generated and can be easily shared. They also promote interaction between users. There are different ways that you can utilize the nature of social media to sell your products – especially wholesale fashion apparel pieces for your retail customers.

The Internet Fashion Goddesses

There are a handful of internationally popular fashion bloggers. These bloggers have earned respect because of the authenticity of their posts. They publish posts about their personal fashion preferences, their experiences, and their opinions. Their credibility is so strong that even the likes of Louis Vuitton started sending them items to review with a clear understanding that it is their complete prerogative whether or not they will feature the product, what they will say about the product, and when to publish the post. Try sending these bloggers several different pieces from a recent wholesale clothing order. If they decide to feature your product, you may see your hits increase dramatically. Some of these bloggers are BrianBoy and Tavi Gavinson.

The Forums

There are many fashion forums and blog sites where you can cross-post your site. However, forums masters are extremely cautious. If they get any hint that you are there only to promote your site,

Madison Paige Chiffon Tea Length Dress

they will kick you out faster than you can say Louis Vuitton. The key is establishing you reputation as an interested and participating member of the community. This means you will have to start posting, and remain active, for a time before you even begin posting links to your retail site. Consider participating in forums that specialize in wholesale clothing for women or juniors to increase your traffic.

Remember that the power of social media is its authenticity. Be real, be honest, and enjoy social media. Do that and you will be able to utilize its power to sell your any wholesale fashion apparel pieces you have in stock.

Fashion Secrets Worth Keeping


Wishes Junior Ruffled Dress

Wishes Junior Ruffled Dress

Fashion Dresses

Shopping for fashion dresses is something that many self-conscious women dread, so for these women, it helps to know what kinds of dresses complement the different body types. Keeping this in mind, retailers who purchase stock from wholesalers will probably want to buy a large variety of styles unless if they specialize in clothing for a specific body type, such as plus size or petites.

Eliminating problem spots

Many women have a specific “problem spot” that they feel is the least flattering part of their figure. Whether this is the waist, hips, or legs, these spots can be played down. For example, a thick waist can be hidden under an empire waist dress, and someone who feels self-conscious about her legs can cover up with a maxi dress.

Another common problem is height. Usually, short women want to look taller and vice versa, and dresses can go a long way in helping a woman create the illusion of a desired height. For example, a petite woman can look taller by buying form-fitting dresses in darker colors. This provides not only a slimming effect but an elongating effect as well. Dressing in any one color will enhance height, so tall women who don’t want to play up that feature might lean toward dresses with a variety of color.

A problem that often plagues both tall and petite women alike is an undefined waistline. For women who don’t want to draw attention to the waist, a good way to deflect attention from there is to play up a more favorable feature. For example, a slender neck can be complemented by a necklace, or long legs can be shown off in a dress that stops a few inches above the knees.

Mint Green Floral Print Maxi Dress in Pink

Mint Green Floral Print Maxi Dress in Pink

Basic Fashion Dress Types

The A-line dress is a classic style that will last in someone’s wardrobe for years to come. It is form-fitting at the top and flares out gradually going downward, so it is a good choice for defining the waistline and hiding wider hips.

Like the A-line dress, the maxi dress is tighter at the top and loose flowing at the bottom, but the difference is that it runs all the way down to the ankles. It is an informal style, so it can be worn many times instead of sitting in a closet until the next special occasion. It is feminine, flattering, and for those who feel self-conscious about their bodies, it provides great coverage.

The empire waist is also a good choice for women who want to hide a wider waistline. On this style, the waistline is set anywhere between the bust and the natural waistline. Because of this, it also helps in accentuating the bust.

The sheath dress fits tightly throughout the body, which makes it popular among women with slender figures. For women who want to accentuate curves, though, a good way to do so in a sheath dress is to play it up with accents like ruching or bold prints.

The above styles are just a few examples of the many different kinds of fashion dresses on the market. Height, weight, and overall shape need to be taken into consideration, as each cut of dress has a different effect. Many women who feel self-conscious have a difficult time determining what their strong spots are, so the key to choosing fashion dresses is knowing which ones will play up a woman’s best features. OpenStock Apparel is a wholesaler that carries fashion dresses to flatter figures of all types, from petites to plus sizes.