Ordering Womens Wholesale Clothing Online: 4 Fall Trends


womens wholesale clothing, wholesale womens clothing, clothing wholesale womensDesigners are realizing that women don’t want to look like Lady Gaga, they want clothes they can actually wear and use to express themselves. The fall runways were full of looks that any woman could wear pretty much straight off the runway. It used to be that the couture designs were the bread and butter of most designers, but now ready to wear fashion seems to be taking over, which is great because it makes ordering fashionable womens wholesale clothing that much easier to order.

Chic, Feminine, and wearable is in. Pretty pale pinks, blues, creams, and beiges were seen all over the fall runways and all in very wearable fabrics like silt and satin. Ruffles, lace, and bold florals were also another very feminine detail spotted on the catwalks of many different designers. These pretty, stylish trends are suitable for all women and they are easy to translate into they types of items you need to purchase when ordering womens wholesale clothing.

Retro is now. There were 1950’s, 60’s 70’s and 80’s inspired pieces in so many collections this fall, but they were all done with a modern, chic twist. The classic, feminine cuts and colors from the 50’s were seen in coats, skirts, and dress during fashion week. The graphic Stripes, geometric prints, and mod A-line cuts of the 60’s were also a huge theme in many collections this fall. The 70’s were showcased with lots of wide leg trousers and sexy halter-tops. And finally, bright, bold colored pants in almost every cut from straight-let to flared brought a sense of the 1980’s to many designer collections.

Black and white outfits were seen all over the place in collections this fall. This trend is super easy for anyone to do, and will make any outfit stand out and look chic. And with it’s crisp look, and eternal style this look is sure to stand the test of time and can become a store staple for you when purchasing womens wholesale clothing.

Minimal is where you need to go. Neutral and whitewashed color pallets were all the rage during fashion week this fall. Simple color palates like those seen this fall are super easy to wear and make it easy to look very stylish. Not only is minimalism easy to wear, but also the utilitarian details of this style makes it fun, expressive and leads to durable pieces that will surely become a closet staple this fall.

All of these trends are big ones this fall that anyone who is ordering womens wholesale clothing should take note of. Making sure you are up to date on the latest styles and trends is the best way to ensure that the clothing you carry is what people want. Not every woman may want to look like she just stepped off the runway, but they do all want to look stylish, chic and put together, and that’s what these trends are all about.

Embellished Tops – Hot Summer Wholesale


Hot sales can be yours if you add our fun embellished tops to your wholesale ladies’ apparel options. Adding sparkling embellished blouses as topper options for your shoppers gives them a way to personalize a simple pair of summer shorts or capris. The basic white tee has been replaced in our line-up of wholesale embellished blouses that will heat up summer with fun styling in lots of sizes and levels of embellishment.  With summer sparkling fireworks lighting up the sky, customers are looking for their own sparkling version of the embellished t-shirt in a size that flatters their shape. Finding embellished tops from our line-up of wholesale options brings that sparkle of the night sky to your store.

Our Plus Size Blouse with Lattice and Gemstone Necklace combines the best of a casual t-shirt blouse option with a beautiful and feminine neckline embellishment. Not your basic tee, this shirt is equally comfortable at work with black pants or with shorts over the summer.  Junior size shoppers can sport our beautifully embellished Metric Designer Top with Gold Embellishment while Misses size customers have the option of adding our Northstyle Fashionable Tunic with Embellishments to their wardrobe.   Embellished tops can range from sparkly sequins or beads at the neckline to embroidery or fancy trims at the sleeves. Showing off the fun details of your plus size wholesale embellished tops as well as junior and women’s sizes can help to sell more t-shirts as well as pant or skirt options.

Celebrities love the embellished t-shirt to express themselves and add some fun to an everyday outfit. wholesale fashion juniors, juniors wholesale fashion, fashion juniors wholesaleAshley Tisdale adds sparkly beads to make her white topper more fun when she poses on the red carpet.  A more simple celebrity t-shirt adds some embellished sparkle only to the sleeves to keep things interesting.  Bringing that celebrity fashion to everyday customers through our wholesale choices can be done with corresponding embellishments. The trip from the runway and the red carpet can be an easy wholesale fashion juniors, juniors wholesale fashion, fashion juniors wholesaletransition if you choose our embellished t-shirts that are practical and beautiful. Help your shoppers feel like they are celebrities on the red carpet with the simple addition of an embellished t-shirt to their summer wardrobe from our wholesale ladies apparel choices. When the weather is hot and the fireworks are hotter, your customers can enjoy some of that sparkle in their wardrobe which can translate into extra sparkle in your sales numbers as well.

Five Ways With This Season’s Colors – Wholesale Fashion Tips


The best wholesale ladies’ apparel buyers know how to gently educate their customers on how to incorporate seasonal colors into their style.  By purchasing dresses, tops and accessories that can easily lend themselves to mixing and matching while also reflecting current style trends, customers feel empowered to make bolder fashion choices. Here are five suggestions:

wholesale fashion juniors, juniors wholesale fashion, fashion juniors wholesale1.     The Missy Designer Jacket is a a colorful addition to more subdued clothing with its light vibrant sheen and splash of bright colors. Teamed with simple tees, jeans, wholesale fashion juniors, juniors wholesale fashion, fashion juniors wholesalepants or even a simply dress or skirt, this jacket will add seasonal color and flair to autumnal fun.

2.     The Lou Lou Junior Missy Long Length Tunic with ¾ Sleeves is a simple but sexy top that comes in several seasonal colors, and can be easily matched with leisurely leggings, pants or jeans, and accentuated with a knit top, cardigan or light jacket.

3.     Tunic tops as well as long tunics are in style and can afford light summery wear while providing a splash of floral color or introducing a solid seasonal theme. Many of our abstract prints incorporate seasonal themes in a beautiful, light and crisp way, reflecting the style and cut of current trends in popular fashion.

wholesale fashion juniors, juniors wholesale fashion, fashion juniors wholesale4.     Customers might also consider incorporating maxi floral print dresses into their wardrobes that match one’s sense of style with colors that establish fashion sense and attract the eye as well. The Magic Multi Colorful Empire Waist Maxi in Brown and Turquoise is also a great alternative that can be accessorized with jackets, cardigans, knit tops and other accessories. Maxi dresses with the lowered hemlines are all the rage this year, and it’s a fashion statement likely to last a while. Wholesale deals for maxi dresses in plus sizes should sell off the racks with a  lot of inventory movement, as it is a high demand customer item in a larger range of sizes than is typically offered. These items, as well as others we have available as plus size wholesale ladies’ apparel, offer a greater range of color in a market of more muted or otherwise boring choices.

wholesale fashion juniors, juniors wholesale fashion, fashion juniors wholesale5.     Jewelry, purses, shoes, scarves and other miscellaneous items can be matched tastefully with our dresses, tops, tunics and tees. Be suggestive and creative in your displays to show how mixing and matches or layering various items can put color and pizzazz into junior, missy and plus size wear.

Find Hot Summer Wholesale Deals


Adding summer’s trendy wholesale women’s fashion to your store is as easy as exploring our product offerings. From tank tops to summery dresses, we offer a wide range of summer wardrobe options wholesale fashion juniors, juniors wholesale fashion, fashion juniors wholesalefrom our wholesale ladies apparel line-up. Finding hot summer deals for your customers can be even easier right now if you explore our Opening Deals page with quantity limited options that range from complete outfits to beautiful dresses.

While the mercury is rising, our Opening Deals prices have been lowered by 50% off of our already low prices. Bringing great prices to your consumers helps improve your profit margin. By running special deals as hot summer bargains, you can also draw online shoppers into your other wholesale clothing options.  If you are looking for wholesale junior clothing, check out our Kaelyn Max Junior Sheer Blouse with Sweetheart Neckline. Combining the wholesale women’s fashion trends of ruffles and sheer fabrics, this button-down blouse works in the office with dressy pants but is also equally comfortable with a weekend pair of jeans.

Hot deals in wholesale missy size clothing include a fun silky blouse option with this Wishes Missy Sleeveless Zebra Print Dress.  This summer hit balances well with thewholesale fashion juniors, juniors wholesale fashion, fashion juniors wholesale figure-flattering fit and summer sleeveless dress styling that can easily go from the office with a cardigan to the dance floor with bare arms.  The Felicity Missy Sleeveless wholesale fashion juniors, juniors wholesale fashion, fashion juniors wholesaleDraped Neck Knit Top In Jewel Tones from our Opening Deals page is a great option to feature as a versatile four season dress. A simple copy write-up explaining that this dress works well in the summer on its own and in cooler months with leggings and a cardigan can sell it to a wide range of shoppers.
By taking advantage of our everyday low, low, low prices and specials, you can stock your online store with the latest in wholesale ladies clothing for less. By carefully choosing garments to sell to your online consumers, you can have summer website sales that as are as hot as these trends.

eCommerce: As Trendy as Wholesale Fashion


wholesale maxi fashion, maxi wholesale fashion, fashion wholesale maxiLet’s face it, most fashion experts hear the word “tool” and go running. To them a tool is used for home maintenance or auto repair; however, in the world of eCommerce tools are actually designed to make your life easier and your customers’ shopping experiences seamless. For this reason, it is critical that whether you sell wholesale junior clothing, women’s, or plus sizes, you have a complete set of robust eCommerce tools. While there are tons of tools out there, there are three that should never be left out of your package.

  1. Shopping Cart: it is exactly what it sounds like. A shopping cart allows your visitors to select the wholesale missy size clothing, women’s-wear, special occasion wear — whatever they are interested in, and place it in a cart while they continue shopping. This is beneficial to the customer because it is easier than purchasing one piece at a time. It makes your life easier because the better shopping carts will allow you to see what items were ‘put back’ and tons of other useful information that can help you make your site better.
  2. Payment Gateway: Remember that in the world of online businesses, the security you provide your customers with is critical. Don’t risk having a wholesale plus size clothing customer make a purchase only to have their identification information stolen. Be safe – use a gateway.
  3. Merchant Credit Card Account: If you want to get paid, you must accept credit cards. There are several different companies that offer merchant services depending on your needs – check out their fees, terms and conditions to pick the best one. Don’t forget to ensure it is compatible with your payment gateway.

Remember that business will grow based on more than the beautiful wholesale maxi dresses and other fashion pieces you carry. You must also use the tools available to you. Build a set of eCommerce tools today to ensure your success.