Plus Size Fashion Trends


Plus size fashion is in fashion these days, and it’s easy to find all around the web. Today, plus size women shine in beautiful tunics, maxi dresses, and blouses designed to show off their curves at their very best, at the best possible prices, too. Designers are creating amazing styles for plus sized women that will turn heads and get people talking when you wear these fashionable dresses out on the town.

What are some of the trends in plus size fashion? Tunics are a big trend in plus sizes this year, and there are plenty of tunics available at plus size wholesale websites. Roomy tunics don’t do you any favors, so look for fitted tunics that show off your curves, in bright, bold prints that are all the rage this season. They should be fitted at the waist and have darts at the bust to be the best fit to your shape. Ruffles and embellishment are all popular styles, too.

Belts and boots are popular accessories, and can dress up a tunic or dress, and hemlines are coming down this season, which makes boots much more stylish with dresses, skirts, or jeans. Mini or regular boot lengths can go with a variety of dresses, or short or long skirts, which you can find at wholesale plus size fashion websites.

Color, texture, and patterns are all big in plus size fashion trends this season, too. Colors are bolder and brighter, and patterns are bolder, too. Rich is another word you can say when you think of plus size fashions, too, with deep, rich fall colors dominating throughout the fall and winter seasons.

You can pair these bold, rich colors with darker jeans or skirts below to tone down the look and size for a leaner look. Emphasize the waist, especially if you’re wearing the popular skinny jeans or leggings, which highlight the hips, thighs, and butt, areas that most plus size ladies would like to avoid.

Other plus size fashion trends for the season include glamorous bling accessorizing like rhinestones and sequins on just about anything, from your bag to your t-shirts, so glam it up whenever the mood strikes you. A girl can never have too much bling, now, can she?

Plus size fashion trends have never been easier to find, especially with so many plus size wholesale websites catering to fashion savvy plus size shoppers on the web.




Adapting Trendy Plus Size Clothing to Any Shaped Figure


Trendy plus size clothing is a growing market and now there are a ton of stores that offer trendy plus size clothing for the full-figured fashionista. Now women of all sizes and shapes can wear the latest styles. However, some of the current looks are challenging to adapt for any figure, let alone a curvy one. So when looking for what trendy plus size clothing to purchase, take heed of this advice.

Skinny Jeans and Leggings are and important item for anyone who wants to carry trendy plus size clothing, but they can be can be tricky for the curvy woman. The boot cut is still the most universally flattering style, the skinny jean is just too hot right now to ignore. The best be is a denim legging, also known as a jegging, which marries two great trPlus Size Blouse with Satin and Gemstone Necklineends, and it looks ultra modern and trendy. The jegging is also much more forgiving than tight skinny jeans, and the thicker fabric better hides flaws that a regular legging can often reveal.

Tunics are another hot item in trendy plus size clothing right now, but can be unflattering if not done correctly. Be careful with the cut because if the top is too big in the wrong places, it could look like a tent. Tunics should narrow slightly at the waist and have darts at the bust in order to offer the best fit.

Belts are a great way to create or emphasize and hourglass figure by cinching at the smallest part of the body. Plus they are a huge trend right now. Chain belts are good because they don’t hug too tight. Wide belts are also great for breaking up the upper body. Most women are smallest under their bustline, so that’s where the belt should be placed for the greatest slimming effect.

Boots of all styles are also super hot right now and they are super easy to pair with any look in trendy plus size clothes. Tucking pants into knee or calf height boots has been a very popular look for a while now. This trend can prove to be difficult for bigger girls to find boots they can do this with, because they also have bigger calves. Thankfully now many retailer offer extended-calf boots. Booties are also a hot trend this year, and they fit everyone.

Bold, large prints are super trendy right now, especially those that are animal-inspired. Large prints are great because they can help draw the eye away from problem areas, so make sure the placement of the print is chosen wisely. A bold top with a dark bottom will help draw attention away from larger legs and bottoms. The same also works in reverse. Just remember prints must be in proportion with the woman’s frame. This means a larger woman looks better in larger prints. So keep all these things in mind when it comes to purchasing trendy plus size clothes because they are great guidelines for adapting trends to suit any full-figured woman.

Common Mistakes Women Want to Avoid in Wholesale Plus Clothing


 Move your mouse over image or click to enlarge      Kaelyn Max Plus Size Ruffle Front Blouse with Flair Sleeves  Kaelyn Max Plus Size Ruffle Front Blouse with Flair SleevesToday the wholesale plus clothing industry offers a huge variety of great clothes. The problem is that many full-figured women don’t always know what flatters their bodies and what doesn’t. Another problem is that what flatters one woman may not flatter another, and some women just don’t know where here to find clothes that will look good on them. Because of this plus size women often make their fashion decisions based on magazines, celebrities, other’s opinions, or negative feelings about themselves and their figures. Here are some of the most common fashion mistakes that full figured women make, and what types of wholesale plus clothing you need to purchase to help them avoid making those mistakes.

Many women try to hide their bodies. Extra weight makes some women feel self-conscious, so they wear clothes that are boring or ill fitting in order to hide themselves.
When purchasing wholesale plus clothing, purchase pieces that will skim the body and emphasize shape. This helps full figured women emphasize their shape and not their size.

Full figured women also sometimes ignore their body shape. Not all plus size bodies are shaped and proportioned the same way. What works for one woman doesn’t always work for another. When choosing what wholesale plus clothing to purchase, make sure you offer a wide variety and selection. This will give your pus size customers many options so that they can find what works for them.

Plus size women can also become overly focused on trends. Trends have their place, but they should not govern every piece purchased or worn. Having every trendy item on the market does not make great or complete wardrobe, and certain trends can be unflattering of a fuller figure. As a wholesale plus clothing buyer, you have to provide women with choices. You need to encourage women to not only pay attention to trends, but also to invest in quality, classic pieces that are timeless.

Finally, many full figured women tend to shy away from color because it is well-known that the black has a slimming effect. Many plus-size women become dependent on the color and their wardrobes become drab and boring. When purchasing wholesale plus clothing make sure to use color to your advantage. Choose figure-flattering, structured pieces in colors as well as neutrals. This will allow your plus size customers to realize that more than just black clothes look good on them.

What to Look for When Choosing Wholesale Plus Size Clothes


When choosing what wholesale plus size clothes to stock your inventory with there are numerous things you should be aware of as far as the style and fit of the clothes you are purchasing. Good wholesale plus size clothes should be made and cut to fit a plus size figure. They should not just be a larger version of an average size piece. This is important because the cut and style of clothing that flatters a full-figured woman is often different that clothes that flatter an average size woman. It is important to flatter the plus size woman’s figure because plus size women want to be able to wear stylish clothes that look good on them, not just clothes that come in their size. By choosing wholesale plus size clothes that are cut properly and modern you will ensure that your stock appeals to the plus size buyer, and will therefore sell.Women's Plus Size Belted Top With Paisley Print

First, when you choose what to purchase in regards to wholesale plus size clothes, it is important to be sure to include pieces that are cut to have a defined waist. This is a feature that many plus size women look for when choosing a top, jacket, or dress because it helps to define their waist, which better flatters their figures.

Second, with regard to cut, wholesale plus size clothes should be larger in more than just the waist in order to properly fit a full figured woman. Plus size clothes often times need to be larger in the thighs, arms and bust because different women carry their weight differently. What fits and looks good on one plus size woman, may not look good on another because

Finally, when it comes to the style of wholesale plus size clothes you purchase for your store, you need to make sure they are stylish and attractive. Wholesale plus size clothes have come a long way from what they used to be. Now it’s not difficult to fin things that will fit a full figured woman and flatter her figure. More and more clothing manufactures and designers are realizing that the plus size market can no longer be ignored, and this means much more up-to-date, modern, flattering clothes are available for plus size women to wear. Use this to your advantage and purchase beautiful, stylish clothes to sell in your store because these are the types of clothes that plus size women want to wear. Supplying them will ensure that you sell your stock and don’t have to worry about items that won’t sell.

Buy Plus Size Clothing Wholesale and Increase Profits


Kaelyn Max Plus Size Scoop Neck Silver Sequined Blouse with Bell SleevesThe sale of plus size clothes is currently a fast growing industry, and it is one that promises to bring increasing sales and more profits to enterprising company owners. The larger the demographic you can appeal to, the more chances you have to make money and the plus size clothing wholesale market cannot be ignored these days. Plus size women want all the same choices in fashion as everyone else and by supplying them with the same choices as everyone else, you are opening up a whole new market for your brick and mortar store, or your web store.

Clothes for plus size women have come a long way, and more and more designers are making clothing for plus size women, and now the trendiest designs are available in plus sizes. There is chic, trendy, plus size clothing wholesale available for you to purchase, and there are plenty of customers who want stylish, quality plus size clothing, so all you have to do is supply the merchandise to meet these needs.  By providing apparel for this demographic you are likely to increase your business and ultimately, your profits.

In buying high quality, stylish plus size clothing wholesale, you are expanding your borders, your site or store, and your appeal. There is a large market for this demographic, but not enough sites and stores offer plus sizes, so you are likely to have more than your share of the market by meeting this need. There is more demand than there is supply for plus size clothing wholesale, and that means there is money to be made by aiming for this demographic.

There are plenty of plus size clothing wholesale distributors who can supply your store with goods that are not only of the highest quality, but are also stylish, trendy, and flattering for plus size women. Simply do some research online to find a wholesale distributor that meets your needs, is reputable, and continuously has new inventory for you to choose from. Once you find a distributor you feel comfortable dealing with, the rest is no different from selling any other type of clothing and apparel. So make sure you break into this market because for a very little investment of time and money, you can easily increase your profits.