Junior's Fashion-Back to School with Wholesale Deals


For junior girls planning a return to school this Fall, continue the hot Summer trend by stocking the colorful but muted autumnal colors of the Antoinette C. Short Sleeve HandkerchiefHem Dress. Perfect for both spring and fall before the weather moves to its extremes, this is one of our Junior wholesale dresses that accommodates a day out shopping, an evening dress or back-to-school wear for that important first impression. The scarf dress is a pullover that is easy to wear, sunny and carefree, and can be worn to both highlight assets as well as hide perceived imperfections.

Along with the scarf dress, hem lines have consistently been going down, and the maxi has been a very popular trend this year. Junior girls will want to keep the hem lines low when wearing dresses into the cooler autumn months while still sporting a very popular style. Celebrities such as Lauren Conrad have even worn a satin maxi on the red carpet, and a maxi dress such as the Magic Multi Colorful Empire Waist Maxi in Brown & Turquiose can be jazzed up with some bling to fit nearly every occasion, from casual wear to more formal functions. Purchasers of wholesale ladies apparel will find maxi dresses easy to pair with a multitude of accessories and styles, including heavier wear, such as cardigans, sweaters or light jackets for when the weather begins to turn.

Scarf dresses have not only been a hot item for the fashion conscious, but also a more inexpensive high fashion alternative. Ever since Angelina Jolie wore a simple scarf dress some time ago when she stepped out at Cannes, all the celebrities have been wearing scarf dresses, from Kate Hudson to Nicole Richie.  The Meetu Magic Challis Dressis a beautiful example of our maxi’s, another fashion trend where hemlines are going down, and will likely stay that way for a while. Trendsetter Nicole Richie can usually always be found wearing a maxi, which are not just for junior girls, but give a light, free-spirited look to women of any size or age. Like a maxi this scarf dress can be accessorized easily, coupled with a long coat, a cute jacket or cardigan.

Clothing Sales Skyrocket With Marketing and Wholesale Vendors


Everyone wears clothes so it’s no wonder that the wholesale clothing market is so huge. As a matter of fact, it may be one of the biggest of all wholesale markets across the board. It is a highly divisional market that can be cut up into several categories such as gender, size and age categories.

The junior clothing market is undoubtedly one of the most profitable because juniors not only tend to outgrow their clothing, their personal style is still developing. Working with a junior wholesale provider can help you build a collection that will please even the most picky of junior shoppers. Building a base wholesale juniors collection of tops and dresses will quickly impact your conversion rate.

Never forget your women’s market. They love to shop and have a highly developed sense of style. Focusing your efforts on creating a marketing campaign designed to attract women makes sense, and by working with a wholesale provider of women’s fashions, you can increase your profit margin. Your collection should focus on seasonal pieces as well as special occasion dresses, women’s and casual dresses. A well rounded collection will appeal to a larger base clientele.

Remember that the wholesale fashion industry is expanding at a phenomenal rate – giving you access to more choices for your clients. You can get in on this business boom by either creating an online marketing campaign or for your business, or moving your physical store into online marketing and sales.

One of the biggest advantages to online marketing of your wholesale clothing business is that it has the potential to bring you several million potential customers. Building the best collection by working with reputable wholesale fashion providers and developing a solid marketing plan can help you take your business to the next level.

What to buy this summer


This year’s summer fashions will definitely keep you on your toes when you are purchasing merchandise for your boutique or women’s clothing store.

A big trend next season for women’s apparel clothing is in textures: either patterns woven directly into the fabrics, or textures created by draping or folding. This look is good with not just the fabrics, but in the designs of the dresses, shirts and pants. Find styles that utilize these textures to help your clients bring balance to their figures. Ruching on shirts and tanks can create hourglass figures for those who need help on top, and draping can cover hips in flattering ways.

JFW Tangerine Embroider Dress

JFW Tangerine Embroider Dress

In style this year will be beads, studs and bright colored sequins. Pastels and bright colors will all be in vogue. Coral is emerging as one of the most popular colors. It looks great on most women, and compliments this seasons colors as well as the very popular black and white.

Dresses will once again be big this year, so keep a variety in stock that include maxi dresses in solids, florals and patterns, . The classic shift is back as well as styles that lean towards the 50s. These styles can be both office oriented and used in casual settings and situations. The summer shifts will allow for catering to all body shapes and sizes. While minis will never go out of style for those with the legs to wear them, this year’s hemlines are holding just above the knee.

Don’t forget that “little black dress” which is always in style. Look for styles that suit your figure. If you want to show off you shoulders, strapless styles look the best. If you like a looser, more comfortable look, go for a dress with an empire waist, and last but not least, if you want to conceal your hips, look for a dress that has a cinched waistband or has a sash at the waist.

Use colorful accessories, to create your own clothing style as well as changing up an outfit so you can wear any dress for many different occasions. Wide studded belts, scarfs, and patterned tights are very popular.

Pencil skirts will be all the rage, especially for those who are looking for work attire. But to transition to a more casual look, keep a stock of A-lines on hand as well, which can work well for both work and casual.

Major themes in styles include a variety of bohemian and bold prints to create a goddess look with less structure. The feminine theme speaks of elegance, in both casual and evening attire. Chanel-like suits, elegant ruffles and vibrant colors make up this theme, in dresses, skirts, tops and jackets. Less is more in the modern styles that also include bold neutrals of grays, blacks, and various shades of white.

When considering shirts, include a variety of styles in crisp white. This classic look will allow customers to easily mix and match outfits so don’t be afraid to go all out in stocking many designs of this fashion favorite. If white is not your color, bold solid color or fun geometrical patterns also dress up business and casual attire.

This year, with many shoppers will be recycling older fashions, so make sure to carry a unique and intriguing collection from your wholesale women’s clothing vendor, using a variety of colors, texture, styles and trends to keep your customers coming back for more.

Great Looks for New Year's Eve Parties!


There are some occasions when just any old thing can be pulled out of the closet and made into an acceptable outfit for going out, and then there are those rare occasions when an outfit needs to make a real statement. Such is the case with New Years Eve. This is the time to show off during the celebration of the year coming to a close and the anticipation of the next twelve months – all in your outfit, and it must be fabulous. Needless to say, choosing a flattering New Years Eve outfit needs a little thought, but it doesn’t have to be a chore.

End the year with a big bang by looking your best! Your New Years Eve outfit should be a direct representation of the night’s events, so make your plans before making purchases. Whether you are attending a formal party or spending a night on the town, you can never go wrong with a party dress and a stunning pair of heels.

Consider what’s in style this season. Sequins, studding, and metallic hues are all current trends and extremely festive for a night of celebrating, especially on New Year’s Eve, which is THE opportune time to sport a little glittery sparkle. Dresses can be found in all lengths and styles at the moment, and if you aren’t really feeling the sequin look, keep in mind that you can never go wrong with a little black dress. This fashion lifesaver can be found in all styles, not to mention, become a staple in your wardrobe.

Keep in mind the glamour aspect, but wear something comfortable and weather-appropriate, especially if you are spending time outdoors. If you choose a bold colored or metallic mini or body contouring dress, keep yourself warm by layering it with a cropped leather motorcycle jacket and a pair of colored or black opaque leggings. Faux fur is also an excellent choice this season and is certain to keep you warm and toasty.

Accessories are a major part of any outfit and should be carefully considered if your clothing is bold and already making a statement. When shopping for heels, choose a stylish but practical pair so that walking and dancing doesn’t become a burden. If your dress is a solid color, jazz it up with a pair of exotic patterned heels or studded strappy platforms.  If you choose to wear something patterned, colorful, or all of the above, consider a pair of solid color heels or shoe boots, which are at the height of current fashion. Make sure that your jewelry doesn’t become an overstatement. Keep it simple, classy, and trendy. Finally, remember that toting a large handbag might not be preferable for New Years Eve and a cute clutch is a much easier way to keep track of your necessary items.

Once you have selected your perfect New Years Eve outfit, go ahead and open that first bottle of champagne early and give yourself a toast. You’ll be decked to the nines and ready to celebrate in no time!

Different styles for different occasions


In every women’s life, there comes a special moment when she wants to look awesome and be a center of everyone’s attention. To fulfill her desire, clothing plays a major role. Attractive clothing is a reason behind women to look beautiful and gorgeous. The striking apparel appeals not only to woman herself but also to everyone around her. To meet the desire of each woman to look stylish and voguish on her special occasion, the fashion market offers a variety of special occasion apparels and accessories.

These attires are made for numerous occasions, whether you have a wedding or prom night, birthday, business meetings, family gatherings, church events, private parties, ring ceremony and cocktail. There is a vast and exclusive collection of special occasion apparels being offered by the fashion industry. It ranges from wedding gowns, skirts, business suits,

Moreover, the wholesale market has made easy for a woman to buy their favorite designer wears. This is because the wholesale clothing is available at very competent prices. Also, these attires are made out of best fabric, so ladies don’t have to worry about the quality issue.

So, you just have to decide what the occasion is and what you would like to wear and the fashion market is full of your choices.