Knits Wholesale Tops


Knit wholesale tops are a smart buy for women’s boutiques because they are worn year round. Knit tops are fabulous for every season and women are eager

Knits Wholesale Tops

to fill their wardrobes with new knits. Knits add texture to a look. In some cases, they also add a layer of warmth that helps women look trendy during the cold weather seasons. Knit tops are easy to wear with jeans and leggings during the cold weather months. Women enjoy layering up different styles of knits for additional warmth.

Draped cardigans – Draped cardigans are among the hottest sellers for women of all shapes and sizes. It is a favorite for plus size women and more mature women looking to add something stylist, but appropriate to their wardrobes. Draped cardigans in colors like chocolate, plum, black, and gray are the most versatile for every lifestyle. Draped cardigans can be belted at the waist for a more feminine shape. Draped cardigans can also be worn open for a casual look, especially when paired with a tank top and skinny jeans or leggings.

Belted cardigans – Belted cardigans are a favorite for women because they work for the office and the weekend. Belted cardigans highlight a woman’s shape. For the office, a belted cardigan worn over a tank top works with slacks or wide leg pants. For a quick change for the weekend, belted cardigans look great over a tank top with skinny jeans tucked into knee-high boots. Women favor belted cardigans in neutrals and jewel tones for day and night. Bright belted cardigans are also fit for the color blocking trend, whether it’s for the office or hanging out with friends on the weekend.

Tunics – Tunics are a must-have for women of all ages. Tunics have made a major comeback in recent seasons. Tunics in neutral shades like heather gray and cocoa look great for an office setting, but can also be dressed up for a fun night with friends. Tunics work over tights or leggings depending on their length. Tunics are a favorite for plus size women, but juniors and ladies love them too. Tunics with draped necklines are among the most flattering, but those with turtlenecks provide a smart base layer for those battling frigid temperatures.

It’s important to follow trends when buying wholesale tops. Knits are among the best sellers for online stores and boutiques due to their versatility. Wholesale tops are a great way to build a merchandise selection of key pieces that women need in their wardrobes.

Summer to Fall Transition: Purchase Wholesale Tops that can be Layered


Lou Lou Junior Stylish Crop CardiganThere are a lot of things to consider when purchasing wholesale tops for your online or brick and mortar store. One of the main things you must keep in mind when purchasing clothes, especially wholesale tops, is the time of year. Season determines what is available for you to purchase as well as what you should be stocking in your store. So as the person responsible for buying wholesale tops, you have to be aware of more than just trends. You must keep the season in mind, and how you will transition between different seasons in mind as well!

Although there are still a few weeks left of summer, but retailers have already begun transitioning stock from lightweight, casual summer clothes to more sophisticated, dressy, professional styles that come with the fall season. This means that as a wholesale fashion buyer you have to start concentrating on finding wholesale tops that are lightweight and easy to layer. This way women will be able to come to your store to find pieces that they don’t have to wait until fall to wear because they are too heavy, hot, and off-season. Being ahead of the game and planning what you purchase and how your store will transition means that you will be a leader in style and customers will continually look to your store for their needs. This will build you new business and keep people coming back to your store again and again.

Sometimes it can be difficult to infuse the thrill of a new season into stores and still give shoppers pieces that they want to purchase and wear immediately. This is made hard because wearing traditional wholesale tops for fall can be a problem when the weather is still warm. What do you thing of when you think of fall clothing? Usually it’s heavy materials, long sleeves, long sweaters, and heavy jackets. These types of items are not exactly suited to the hot, long days of August. So it is important to pay attention to what wholesale tops you are purchasing right now. Look for pieces that are lighter weight, and can be layered with tanks, and lightweight tees. Also stock wholesale tops that can be useful for air conditioned offices and can be layered over another piece that can be worn after work. Also, Keeping the wholesale tops you purchase in a traditional autumn color palette will allow you to transition what you buy not into the full-fledged fall season.

Take Wholesale Plus Size to the Next Level


Celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow have been seen this season sporting an attractive ruffled front blouse and your junior, missy and plus-size women will love the inventory, including plus size wholesale tops, that we have to offer. The Kaelyn Max Plus Size Ruffle Front Blouse with Flair Sleeves will move things along very quickly. A full length ruffle with flaired ruffle sleeves, this beautiful top offer a generous fit yet will still cling to all the right curves. Lightweight and true to size, the sheer feminine blouse can be teamed with a cami, and coupled with jeans or dress slacks for a more formal look, or it can be worn on summer evening outings as a complement to shorts or a light flowing skirt. Plus size women are sure to receive compliments wearing this gorgeous blouse, and it comes in a variety of colors.

For a more colorful wholesale alternative, another plus size blouse to move quickly through your inventory are the offerings this season from Madison Paige, including the Madison Paige Colorful Plus Size Tunic. Hem lines this season have been introduced to the ankle, and tops like crop cardigans and loose sleeve  wholesale plus size apparel, plus size apparel wholesaletunics are popular additions to the plus size wardrobe. Comfortable to wear casually or even in more formal circumstances, Jennifer Lopez recently stepped out in Paris wearing a sequined sleeveless, v-neck tunic supported by a belt and followed with matching pants.

The opportunity to be creative in mixing and matching tunic wear for women of all shapes and sizes is great opportunity for promoting sales. Plus size wholesale clothing deals include the colorful Kaelyn Max Plus Size 2-Piece Patterned Tunic in Teal and Brown, a light and breezy affair that can be worn with jeans or pants, belted or unbelted, or accessorized in a variety of other ways as well,  coupled with jeans, simple pants or pleated shorts. Current trends are to mix and match with a clean sense of diversity and fashion – long and gorgeous plus size maxis worn as formal evening wear are as right as teaming a pair of simple pants with a more striking or sensational print tunic top. These tunics are sharp and fresh, and as the days continue to extend, they provide just the right equilibrium of exciting patterns and cuts that appeal to your customer’s plus size needs for both style and comfort.

eCommerce: As Trendy as Wholesale Fashion


wholesale maxi fashion, maxi wholesale fashion, fashion wholesale maxiLet’s face it, most fashion experts hear the word “tool” and go running. To them a tool is used for home maintenance or auto repair; however, in the world of eCommerce tools are actually designed to make your life easier and your customers’ shopping experiences seamless. For this reason, it is critical that whether you sell wholesale junior clothing, women’s, or plus sizes, you have a complete set of robust eCommerce tools. While there are tons of tools out there, there are three that should never be left out of your package.

  1. Shopping Cart: it is exactly what it sounds like. A shopping cart allows your visitors to select the wholesale missy size clothing, women’s-wear, special occasion wear — whatever they are interested in, and place it in a cart while they continue shopping. This is beneficial to the customer because it is easier than purchasing one piece at a time. It makes your life easier because the better shopping carts will allow you to see what items were ‘put back’ and tons of other useful information that can help you make your site better.
  2. Payment Gateway: Remember that in the world of online businesses, the security you provide your customers with is critical. Don’t risk having a wholesale plus size clothing customer make a purchase only to have their identification information stolen. Be safe – use a gateway.
  3. Merchant Credit Card Account: If you want to get paid, you must accept credit cards. There are several different companies that offer merchant services depending on your needs – check out their fees, terms and conditions to pick the best one. Don’t forget to ensure it is compatible with your payment gateway.

Remember that business will grow based on more than the beautiful wholesale maxi dresses and other fashion pieces you carry. You must also use the tools available to you. Build a set of eCommerce tools today to ensure your success.

Wholesale Clothing to Make a Boutique Work


wholesale fashion dealsWhen creating a business plan for opening a women’s clothing boutique, one of the most important aspects to develop is where and how you will acquire the merchandise. Having a strong and varied supply of wholesale apparel is a major part of creating a successful boutique.

As a rule, women shop for any number of reasons. Sometimes we just need a new outfit for an event, or to replace certain elements of our wardrobe. Other times we shop for sport, just enjoying perusing the new fashions, trying on and dreaming. Other times we shop for emotional reasons. Whatever our reasons for heading to the store, going shopping does not always mean spending money in that moment. But if you are building customer loyalty, having unique, quality and ever-changing merchandise is the number one draw that will keep customers coming back.

As a boutique owner, you can never forget the power of new merchandise. Large stores are subject to go with the trends and change with the seasonal styles as the corporate headquarters determine. As a small boutique you can make up your own rules, bring in new styles at anytime, and feature a larger variety of clothes than the larger stores can provide.

Offering new merchandise doesn’t mean having to go outside your market. Instead, constantly turning over your stock gives you the reputation of freshness and brings clients back on a more regular basis. Online wholesale apparel stores are a great place to find new merchandise.

This constant change offers your customers more reasons to return. When they know you have new lines in frequently, they also know you will have more sales. Moving merchandise out the door is what you want to achieve. Any revenue lost in the sale price is gained in long-term loyalty to the sales, as well as the new delights that replace the old.

So changing the racks on a regular basis provides more than just new clothes. Bringing in fresh styles creates a reason to have another event such as a sale, fashion show or tea party. It also inspires new windows and displays, which keeps your sales floor a surprise. Customers begin to know you as a shop that is always offering a new find.

So when you are looking for ways to build brand loyalty and gain a reputation for being fresh, new and fun, think about how often you change the racks. You don’t have to do an overhaul, but going out of your way to always be looking for and bringing in new styles of wholesale apparel will be the change you need to have them coming back on a regular basis.