Wholesale Jackets are Fashionable


No matter where you set up shop, people will need to wear jackets at some points during the year, such as at night or in the winter months. If your customers are into fashion, they won’t want to cover up their fashionable clothing with just any plain jacket. Instead, they want jackets that are just as fashionable as their clothes. Stocking your store with wholesale jackets that are just as fashionable as the clothes you carry will please your customers.


The wholesale jackets you carry should be in the latest fashions. Check out the various wholesalers for which you have access and see which ones offer the styles that best match the clothing you carry. Your customers will want to stick with something that is close to their style in clothing. If you can provide them with many fashionable options, they are more likely to buy their jacket from you instead of looking somewhere else.


The function of the jacket is another consideration your customers will make. No one wants to buy a jacket that isn’t going to keep them warm, even if it is a fashionable jacket. Women want their jacket to be in the latest fashion, but they also want it to be able to keep them warm. Otherwise, there is no point in wearing a jacket at all to cover up the apparel worn underneath. Therefore, make sure you purchase wholesale jackets that are functional, as well as fashionable.


Some women use their jackets as an accessory to their outfits. When you can provide your customers with a variety of wholesale jackets from which to choose, they will be able to choose the one that best works for their needs and style. If they want to treat the jacket as an accessory, it needs to be one that will go with the outfits they already have.

Wholesale jackets can serve many purposes. They should be fashionable so they can serve as the perfect complement to the wearer’s outfit. In addition, they should still be functional so they can keep the wearer warm. There is no point in wearing a jacket unless it is going to keep you warm. Whether your customers will use these jackets to keep them warm in the evening or on cooler days or they use them as an accessory to their outfit, giving them several options will allow them to pick the one that best fits their style.

Wholesale Women Sportswear for the Active Woman


Women don’t always want to dress up. In fact, there are many occasions for which they want to dress more casual without having to worry about a dress getting in the way. For these women, providing wholesale women sportswear can be important. Many retailers in the apparel industry want to cater to their customers for every occasion. When customers can find everything they need for their wardrobe, they are far more likely to come to you more often.

Sportswear Doesn’t Have to Mean Sports

When you hear the term sportswear, you may think of the clothing that athletes wear when they practice or compete. However, this isn’t always the case. If you want to purchase wholesale women sportswear, you can carry a wide range of items, including casual shirts, such as t-shirts, shorts and casual pants. These types of apparel can help round out your store so you can truly offer something for everyone.

Sportswear Equals Comfort

Even those women who don’t wear sportswear to participate in sports may buy some wholesale women sportswear pieces to wear in their daily lives. This type of clothing is considered comfortable for many women so they enjoy wearing it on a lazy weekend, when they go to the gym or in the evenings when they are relaxing after work. Wearing comfortable clothing allows a woman to relax.

Sportswear is Fashion Too

Some people don’t think of fashion when they think of sportswear. However, wholesale women sportswear is fashion too. In fact, it was originally created as something for women in the 1920s to wear when she would attend sporting events. While this type of clothing has evolved like many others over the years, sportswear still remains fashionable, as well as comfortable. Women who are looking for casual clothing to wear for various occasions can find just what they are looking for in this type of apparel.

The misconceptions of what wholesale women sportswear is can cause some retailers to avoid stocking it. However, when you can provide your customers with a wider range of clothing items, such as sportswear, you will find they will purchase more and allow you to enjoy the benefits of repeat customers. Women want to buy many kinds of clothing for their wardrobe so they have an option for everything. Carrying sportswear can help round off that wardrobe.

Wholesale Womens Tops


Wholesale womens tops can range in anything from romantic to boyish, and you can find them all online on the web. Whether you’re looking for a basic top, to an embellished top with rhinestones and bling, chances are you can find it online at a wholesale price.

What kinds of tops wholesale are trending now? Tunics are especially popular, and that’s good news for women who like comfort in the clothes they wear. Tunics are stylish, but they’re comfortable, too. Tunics can hide a multitude of flaws, so they can be a favorite of just about everyone, from petites to plus sizes, and they make great fashion gifts, too.

Romantic, ruffled, and embellished wholesale womens tops are trending now, as well. These lovely tops pair well with jeans and leggings, and they are charming with skirts, too. They come in a variety of colors and styles, and fit in just about any wardrobe. They can be sheer or satin, with many different trims, and your wardrobe isn’t complete without at least one of these romantic tops.

Floral prints are also hot right now, and that blends right in with the romantic style of wholesale womens tops. If you combine a floral motif with a romantic top, you’ll have the best of both worlds, and many floral, romantic tops are available online at wholesale sites.

Another trend in tops and wholesale dresses is animal prints, which seem to come and go in style. Right now, they’re in, especially in tops and dresses. You can find them in all sorts of shapes and styles, from zebra to snakeskin, tiger, leopard, and beyond. If a top or dress isn’t your style, look for belts or bags to accessorize in animal prints to stay in style.

If you want to be right in style, look for maxi dresses. They are trending right now, and for the best looks at the right price, look for maxi dresses at wholesale dresses sites. They carry stylish maxi dresses at a price that won’t break your budget, so you can afford to buy more than one. They also carry the chic looks that are popular now, like animal and floral prints.

Wholesale womens tops and wholesale dresses are available online 24 hours a day to make shopping convenient and affordable. Shop ’til you drop from the comfort of your own home, and always be fashion forward.







Tips for Buying Wholesale Clothing


Buying wholesale clothing is a tough job for business owners starting out in the

Tips for Buying Wholesale Clothing

retail clothing business. It is full of trends and constantly changes from one season to the next. These are tried and true tips for buying wholesale clothing for women, juniors and plus sizes.

Know what your client wants. – Depending on where you’re located or what the demographic is for your store, you may sell more of one thing than another. This is common for every clothing store, but most common for women’s stores. Knowing what your client wants allows you to become comfortable with what you need to stock regularly. If you’re an online boutique, you can do an email blast surveying what clients look for most from an online store. You can also keep track of similarities of styles and shapes that are selling regularly, season after season. Knowing what your client wants also helps you gauge new trends. Once you know what sells well to your customers you’ll be able to look through trends and immediately know which are the styles your client is likely to latch on to.


Always stock the basics. – Nearly every store does well when it comes to selling basics. This is especially true for sites and stores that cater to working women. Working women are always looking for simple pieces that can be implement into weekend and work week wardrobes. Solid neutral colors and classic styles are popular because they flatter many women, no matter what their shape, size or skin tone. Classic styles to keep in stock are trench coats, tailored jackets, button-up shirts, feminine blouses and simple dresses. Denim and tailored slacks are also big sellers.

Choose statement pieces. – Statement pieces like a jacket with an oversized collar or jeans with embellishment are best sellers because they are one garment that update an entire look. This is what many women look for when shopping. This allows a woman to buy one piece that updates many of the basic items in her wardrobe. Most women invest in basic pieces and buy a couple of trendier pieces each season. For the woman who isn’t spending a lot, offering these trendy garments allows her to buy one or two things for a new look without breaking the bank.

It is important to watch trends within your store and on the runways when buying wholesale clothing. You want merchandise that’s going to move quickly and grabs clients’ attention when they see it.


Trends for Juniors Wholesale Clothing


Trends for juniors wholesale clothing are always changing. Spring is just around

Trends for Juniors Wholesale Clothing

the corner and that means stores and online boutiques are stocking up on the latest spring trends. Customers are always eager to try something new in their wardrobes, but there’s something about spring that gets people to get out there and shop. Spring means new beginnings and the idea of warm weather is enough to make anyone want to “spring” for a few new wardrobe pieces. The latest spring trends are ideal for shop owners to explore to give customers the looks they’ll crave this season.

Maxi dresses – Maxi dresses are a major trend for spring and summer 2012. There’s nothing like a flowing, long dress to make a woman feel feminine. Maxi dresses are favored by women of all shapes and sizes because they’re comfortable to wear and easy to throw on. There’s no fussing with proportions or trying to figure out what to wear a maxi dress with. The maxi dress does the work and all the woman has to do is add a few accessories. Maxi dress is bright colors and strong prints dominated the runways in New York and Milan. Some of the best colors for the season are orange, green and yellow. Customers will make use of these dresses during transition season by adding a jacket and can continue to wear them throughout the warm weather months on their own.

Slim pants – We aren’t talking about skinny jeans or pants, but just a slim silhouette. Forget the slouchy bunching at the ankles that many of the mega trendy skinny jeans have. Slim pants are a trim, straight leg silhouette that cuts off just at the ankle. These aren’t capri pants, which hit under the knee, but ankle skimming pants with a slim leg opening. Slim pants are ideal for showing off wedges or other playful shoes during the warm weather months. Slim pants in bright colors are popular and white is always a winning shade for spring and summer. The details on slim pants should be fairly discreet with flat pockets on the front of back of pants. Many women avoid pants with slanted pockets because they can wing out or bulge if the fit is not perfect.

Maxi dresses and slim pants are strong trends for juniors wholesale clothing this season. Get to know your clients to see what they are looking for each season and gauge what sells best at the store. Sticking with basics along with a healthy mix of trendy pieces that update a client’s wardrobe is the best way to move product.