Trends for Juniors Wholesale Clothing


Trends for juniors wholesale clothing are always changing. Spring is just around

Trends for Juniors Wholesale Clothing

the corner and that means stores and online boutiques are stocking up on the latest spring trends. Customers are always eager to try something new in their wardrobes, but there’s something about spring that gets people to get out there and shop. Spring means new beginnings and the idea of warm weather is enough to make anyone want to “spring” for a few new wardrobe pieces. The latest spring trends are ideal for shop owners to explore to give customers the looks they’ll crave this season.

Maxi dresses – Maxi dresses are a major trend for spring and summer 2012. There’s nothing like a flowing, long dress to make a woman feel feminine. Maxi dresses are favored by women of all shapes and sizes because they’re comfortable to wear and easy to throw on. There’s no fussing with proportions or trying to figure out what to wear a maxi dress with. The maxi dress does the work and all the woman has to do is add a few accessories. Maxi dress is bright colors and strong prints dominated the runways in New York and Milan. Some of the best colors for the season are orange, green and yellow. Customers will make use of these dresses during transition season by adding a jacket and can continue to wear them throughout the warm weather months on their own.

Slim pants – We aren’t talking about skinny jeans or pants, but just a slim silhouette. Forget the slouchy bunching at the ankles that many of the mega trendy skinny jeans have. Slim pants are a trim, straight leg silhouette that cuts off just at the ankle. These aren’t capri pants, which hit under the knee, but ankle skimming pants with a slim leg opening. Slim pants are ideal for showing off wedges or other playful shoes during the warm weather months. Slim pants in bright colors are popular and white is always a winning shade for spring and summer. The details on slim pants should be fairly discreet with flat pockets on the front of back of pants. Many women avoid pants with slanted pockets because they can wing out or bulge if the fit is not perfect.

Maxi dresses and slim pants are strong trends for juniors wholesale clothing this season. Get to know your clients to see what they are looking for each season and gauge what sells best at the store. Sticking with basics along with a healthy mix of trendy pieces that update a client’s wardrobe is the best way to move product.


Wholesale Juniors Dresses Trends


Wholesale juniors dresses are a way to show your customer how to play with fashion in an accessible way. Customers are looking for dresses that are versatile and trendy. Trendy pieces at affordable prices are among the top selling items

Wholesale Juniors Dresses Trends

for most stores, both online and in person. Teenage girls look to celebrities for trends, so keep an eye on magazines, and fashion blogs to get an idea of what’s hot for wholesale juniors dresses.

Feminine details – spring has seen a return to girlie details. Bows, ribbons, ruffles, and lace are all major attractions for juniors dresses this season. Colors that are in tune with this trend are also hot. Pink, lavender shades of gray and soft yellow make the cut for popular teen trend colors. Feminine details on dresses means a teen can dress the garment up for a special occasion such as a dance or school party. A dress with feminine details can be played down with a shrunken blazer or enhanced with strappy sandals and a clutch handbag.

Animal prints – Thanks to celebrities, animal prints are everywhere. Leopard, cheetah, and zebra are among the hottest animal prints for teenage girls. Snake prints and faux embossing are also popular. Look for traditional silhouettes when buying animal print garments for juniors. Classic looks like a strapless or halter dress with a modest hemline are more appropriate for teenage girls. These looks are fashion forward without being over the top for a girl that’s still in high school.

Body conscious styles – Body conscious dresses are all of the rage. This usually means a bandage-style dress that a teen can wear to an event like homecoming or prom. Bandage-style dresses are ideal for those who want a fitted look with some support. Body conscious dresses in classic shades like red, black and blue are winning looks for juniors. The neckline can vary from a halter-style to multiple straps at the shoulders or back. Body conscious dresses became popular a few seasons ago and are a favorite of teen and tween stars on the red carpet.

These are only a few of the wholesale juniors dresses trends we’re seeing for the new season. This gives you a nice variety of dresses to offer customers for spring and summer events. Remember that most customers shop for special occasions early, so it’s never too early to have more cocktail-appropriate pieces in stock for those early bird shoppers.

Ladies' Fashion – Wholesale Deals for Fall Fashion


This summer is a great year to take advantage of wholesale deals on dresses, blouses and other clothing accessories. Hem lines have descended and tops like tie-neck blouses, crop cardigans and sleeveless tunics are all the rage, no matter what your age or size. Heather Graham recently was seen around town sporting a sexy camisole matched with a light jacket. The opportunity to be creative in mixing and matching wholesale wear for women of all shapes and sizes is great, including the Kaelyn Max Missy 2 Piece Top with Satin Trim & Front Tie. This light, breezy and daring, attractive ensemble can we worn casually with jeans or simple pants, depending on the occasion, but is a great choice for evening wear or a night out on the town. It comes in a variety of colors and its sheer, see-through quality is sure to attract the right kind of attention wherever you go. Customers will be moving these through inventory quickly in the dog days of summer.

Maxi dresses also continue to be a hot item this season, a trend that is likely to continue into the fall as well, and stocking your inventory with plenty of light, attractive ankle-length dress choices is a must. Jessica Simpson recently wore a bold orange maxi dress to show off her summer tan, and this trend isn’t going away soon. Women both young and old will be drawn to wholesale ladies’ apparel like the Mlle Gabrielle Black and White All Occasion Maxi. The intense black and white jazzy line design not only draws and keeps the eye, but its v-shaped neckline, sleeveless cut, and flattering zig zag patterns is a beautiful choice for any and all occasions. While junior girls as well as missy sizes are keeping hem lines low, the Mlle Gabrielle Black and White All Occasion Maxi is a striking alternative for any woman’s wardrobe, suitable for formal or evening wear. Purchasers of wholesale ladies apparel will find maxi dresses easy to pair with a multitude of accessories and styles, including cardigans, sweaters and scarves. This attractive geometric print is also a great choice for junior girls, and can be easily accessorized with a cardigan or light jacket.

Bringing Style to Juniors


When purchasing wholesale junior’s clothing, it’s important to be stylish and current with the trends. Junior wholesale clothing is made in many sizes and it’s meant to fit girls in the 10 to 18 age range. Juniors fall in an age group where they are constantly being pressured to fit in, have lots of friends, and have people like them. Often times the easiest way for them to fit in is through dressing like their peers. Because of the constant pressure to fit in, they constantly pay attention to what’s in, hot, and current so they will rarely wear anything that is out of fashion because they are so style conscious.

Pay attention to what’s in the magazines and on the runways, because junior girls will be sure to watch the trends too. Make sure the items are cute and age appropriate, like this lovely pink tunic top, which could be paired with low-rise skinny jeans, a pair of leggings, or as a dress like Britney Spears did here. Tunic tops and cardigan sweaters, like versatile cropped cardigans, are staple items in any juniors’ wardrobe because they can be paired with so many different things, like jeans, jeggings, skirts, and dresses. So be sure, as a wholesale junior’s clothing buyer, so include these items when making a purchase.

Party dresses are also another very trendy item in junior’s clothing right now. Whether for prom, a school dance, or a night out, cute, stylish dresses are something every girl between 10 and 18 will need in her closet. This satin dress is perfect for all three of the aforementioned occasions, and it follows a huge trend seen on the runways this year; bold, vibrant colors paired with dark colors. Dresses patterned with polka dots or florals are another huge trends seen on the runways this year, so if you want to bring style to the junior set through wholesale clothing, these are another must-have item. Dresses like these are great because they are versatile, easy to wear, and they will make every young girl feel chic, modern, up to date with her style, and the envy of all her friends, which is an instant confidence boost.

Staying current on the trends and paying attention to the runway shows are two imperative aspects to purchasing wholesale juniors clothing. Juniors are a very style-conscious set, and they tend to follow the trends, not set them. So be sure to stay up to date on what’s stylish, and you’ll be able to bring style to any junior’s wardrobe.

Wholesale Fashion Marketing: Driving Traffic To Your Retail Store With PPC


Get on the PPC (Pay Per Click) super highway to market your most recent wholesale clothing order and drive higher retail sales. Putting yourself in the driver’s seat can be as simple as tapping into digital marketing tactics that target your specific audience. With the one-to-one approach of PPC, your message is specifically targeted at each individual shopper. Marketing a recent delivery of junior tops from your wholesale fashion distributor through PPC means targeting juniors specifically on sites they are likely to use. With this form of search marketing, advertisements that appear to viewers are based on their search engine keywords and available profile information.

To start the process of adding PPC to your website, you first need to determine which keywords and types of ads will bring prequalified traffic to your retail site. Your ads will change whether you are targeting shoppers looking for plus size blouses or juniors clothing. Once you choose the ad type and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) keywords for the campaign, you can then find a PPC provider like Google AdSense. Work with your provider to draw in your target customer by providing them with demographic information. For example, if your recently worked with your wholesale distributor to purchase a line of women’s summer dresses, you will want to target professional females, between the ages of 25 and 45. This will drive prequalified traffic to your retail site.

By combining your PPC campaign keywords with your blog and website copy you can effectively increase the number of bring online customers who visit your retail website. Try to target your ideal audience based on their shopping preferences, age group, gender and geography. For example, a PPC advertisement for an assisted living center should not bring in customers from the juniors demographic.

Using PPC for added traffic can bring you online customers that will be looking for your type of apparel or who are members of your targeted group of shoppers. Taking the simple test drive of researching keywords and potential PPC ad providers can elevate your site sales and traffic. Whenever you are getting ready to make a large wholesale fashion apparel order for your retail store, be sure to carefully plan a PPC campaign. By choosing your SEO content and PPC advertisement carefully, you can drive on the right targeted side of online shopping with sales to match.