Knits Wholesale Tops


Knit wholesale tops are a smart buy for women’s boutiques because they are worn year round. Knit tops are fabulous for every season and women are eager

Knits Wholesale Tops

to fill their wardrobes with new knits. Knits add texture to a look. In some cases, they also add a layer of warmth that helps women look trendy during the cold weather seasons. Knit tops are easy to wear with jeans and leggings during the cold weather months. Women enjoy layering up different styles of knits for additional warmth.

Draped cardigans – Draped cardigans are among the hottest sellers for women of all shapes and sizes. It is a favorite for plus size women and more mature women looking to add something stylist, but appropriate to their wardrobes. Draped cardigans in colors like chocolate, plum, black, and gray are the most versatile for every lifestyle. Draped cardigans can be belted at the waist for a more feminine shape. Draped cardigans can also be worn open for a casual look, especially when paired with a tank top and skinny jeans or leggings.

Belted cardigans – Belted cardigans are a favorite for women because they work for the office and the weekend. Belted cardigans highlight a woman’s shape. For the office, a belted cardigan worn over a tank top works with slacks or wide leg pants. For a quick change for the weekend, belted cardigans look great over a tank top with skinny jeans tucked into knee-high boots. Women favor belted cardigans in neutrals and jewel tones for day and night. Bright belted cardigans are also fit for the color blocking trend, whether it’s for the office or hanging out with friends on the weekend.

Tunics – Tunics are a must-have for women of all ages. Tunics have made a major comeback in recent seasons. Tunics in neutral shades like heather gray and cocoa look great for an office setting, but can also be dressed up for a fun night with friends. Tunics work over tights or leggings depending on their length. Tunics are a favorite for plus size women, but juniors and ladies love them too. Tunics with draped necklines are among the most flattering, but those with turtlenecks provide a smart base layer for those battling frigid temperatures.

It’s important to follow trends when buying wholesale tops. Knits are among the best sellers for online stores and boutiques due to their versatility. Wholesale tops are a great way to build a merchandise selection of key pieces that women need in their wardrobes.

Trends for Wholesale Dresses


Wholesale dresses are available in many different styles and colors. Women are looking for dresses that are versatile and easily fit into their existing wardrobes. Shake things up by offering the latest styles of dresses for women. Women crave

Trends for Wholesale Dresses

fashion that is functional but packs a style punch without the guesswork. Busy women need go-to dresses that work with pieces they already own. The hottest trends for wholesale dresses are versatile and easy to style for various events in a woman’s life.

Draped dresses – Draped dresses are a favorite of celebrities and reality TV stars, so it’s no wonder every day women want the same look. Draped dresses are comfortable for daily wear and can be dressed up or down. Draped dresses make the perfect garment for travel. Fabrics like jersey and cotton travel well and work with many pieces in a woman’s wardrobe. Draped dresses in black and bold colors like hot pink and blue are best sellers because they are suitable for day and night.

Maxi dresses – Maxi dresses are hot for all body shapes. Long maxi dresses make a style statement and are easy to style with gladiator or wedge sandals. Many women favor maxi dresses in solid colors, but bold prints are what sell best. Women love easy-to-wear maxi dresses that do all of the styling for them with vibrant colors and prints. Maxi dresses are a favorite for spring and summer dressing. Swirling prints, paisley prints and big floral prints are among the top sellers for women’s maxi dresses this season.

Sweet and short dresses – Who doesn’t love a short dress? Short dresses are quick and easy to throw on for daily errands or on the weekend. Customers love short dresses for spring and summer. Simple dresses work well for most lifestyles. A solid dress with one intricate detail such as a ruffled collar or bow at the back are favorable looks for women who want something chic and fashion forward. Feminine details like these allow women to make the look their own, whether it’s for a baby shower or cocktail party.

Wholesale dresses are available in the latest fashion trends that you see in boutiques or on the runway. Checking out the styles that celebrities are wearing gives you direction for what customers want to buy for their own wardrobes. Trendy styles like draped, maxi, and short dresses are among the hottest styles for the upcoming season.

Latest Wholesale Fashion Trends


*Wholesale Clothing Fashion Trends*

Fall is that time of year when we all want to add a little something new to our wardrobes. You may have staple pieces in your closet you turn to time and time again, but it’s important to update your wardrobe with pieces that will put your look on trend. The latest fashion trends for women work for many body types. Remember personal style is all about how you interpret a trend, so don’t worry about sticking to what you see on celebrities or in magazines. The latest wholesale apparel fashion trends are versatile enough to work for many lifestyles and can be implemented in small doses or worn full-on for the serious fashionista.

Leopard is one of the latest fashion trends to hit the runways. It’s popping up on everything from dresses to ankle boots. If you’re the more timid fashion lover, start small by working leopard into your wardrobe with a clutch handbag or shoes. For those who prefer casual dress, in all-black leopard adds a dash of drama without making you leave your comfort zone. If you’re feeling adventurous, why not go for a leopard Wrap Dress available from OpenStockApparel.comwrap dress or a fitted blazer in this fun print? Celebrities like Khloe Kardashian wear leopard ponchos, boots, and purses, so there’s no limit to how you can work this trend. Leopard is also a great way to ramp up your office wardrobe. For a closet that’s full of basic pieces for the office, leopard adds a fun trend that’s appropriate and fits most work settings, as long as it’s done in small increments, of course.

Fall also welcomes the arrival of colored pants. Colorblocking is one of the latest trends to carry over from spring 2011. If you haven’t taken the plunge on purchasing colored pants quite yet, now is the time to jump on this trend. If you’re wearing colored pants to the office, look for wide leg slacks or skinny trousers. Wear them with subdued colors, such as gray or blush to keep this look appropriate for the office. If you employ the latest fashion trends on the weekends, go for jeans. Colored jeans look great for day with a fitted V-neck T-shirt and flats, or topped with a blazer and pumps for a night on the town. The most popular colors for colored jeans are red, green, and purple. You can wear the pants with a solid color on top such as magenta, canary yellow or cobalt, or go low key by opting for heather gray.

Trendy Clothes Changes as Swiftly as the Seasons


Northstyle Fashionable Tunic with Colorful Embellishment

When it comes to trendy clothes each new trend brings something new and exciting to all the fashionistas out there. Keeping up with what’s hot in trendy clothes is important in order to keep inventory fresh, exciting, and relevant. This fall will bring back a few repeats of past trends, but they will have fresh new twists that are sure to keep things interesting and fun.

What’s new this fall fashion season in trendy clothes for women includes many new and innovative takes on classic looks. Leather skirts are sure to seen all over the place. They will be dressed down with more casual tops and sweaters. The ultra popular and summery maxi dress will now be seen in thicker fabrics and more jewel-toned hues. Mid-calf length is the hem length of choice for skirts and dresses this fall when it comes to trendy clothes. When it comes to pants, the white-hot skinny jeans may be playing second fiddle to seventies-inspired wide-legged, high-waist jeans and pants.

This fall, tops will feature soft sweaters and bohemian or tribal inspired blouses. More glamorously styled ponchos and dusters with touches of metallic and shimmer will replace the more traditional coat. Tops and sweaters will be saturates with rich, gorgeous colors that will compliment any skin tone and make it super easy for any woman to look effortlessly elegant and stylish.

The shoes for fall will remain casual and simultaneously chic. The most popular options are likely to be wedge-heeled oxfords, fur-trimmed boots, and there will be a return of the ultra pointed toe in heels and pumps. These fall looks are easy to wear and help make any woman look chic and modern.

The most popular hues for trendy clothes this fall will include silvers, jewel-tones, midnight blues, and soft earth tones. The always-classic black and white combination still remains popular in trendy clothes this fall. Trendy clothes patterns will be showcasing earth-toned plaids on everything from coats to skirts for the fall season. These trends are sure to be seen in retailers across the board this fall.

The trendy clothes that will be popular this fall are sure to make any woman look ultra chic and glamorous. When looking for what items to purchase, take cues from all of the popular models, designers, and celebrities. Highlighting your expertise as a fashion guru will attract the savviest, trend setting shoppers and increase sales across the board.

Shake up your Inventory with Some Wholesale Trendy Clothes


As we all know, the retail industry has been taking massive hits in the last couple of years, and wholesale trendy clothes are a great way to combat profit loss. Stores and boutiques that sell the latest in fashions have taken Wishes Junior Party Dress with Bubble Hem and Satin Waist Tieon the most losses, and in order to stay in the black, many stores have to seriously reassess their sources and the way they buy the clothes they put on their racks.

It used to be that a store could afford to buy from almost any supplier they wanted, and then they would pass the cost on to their customers. This worked when customers were happy to pay the price in order to look great in the latest fashions, but the economy has forced shoppers to behave differently these days. The recession has seriously affected the retail industry and the hardest his are businesses that deal in non-essentials items, such as high fashion clothes stores. Many stores were forced to close their doors forever. This forced the few stores that were left to learn how to approach the way they bought their inventory differently. Because of this more and more stores started to look towards wholesale trendy clothes.

Even though you may have a regular supplier for some of the clothing you sell, this does not mean that you cannot branch out, especially if branching out means a potential increase in profits. If you want to stay in business and turn a profit, change up your inventory and include some wholesale trendy clothes. No one can afford to stick with only stocking expensive, name brand or designer clothing that may only sells a few items each month in this economy. If you buy entire lines that are priced at wholesale prices, it allows you to pass these savings along to your customers, and give them prices that they can actually afford. This means that stocking wholesale trendy clothes will breathe new life into your customer base and people will buy more and come back to you more often.

So spice up your inventory with some wholesale trendy clothes, and give yourself more room to profit while simultaneously giving your customers great options that they can actually afford. Offering a stock of wholesale trendy clothes will allow customers to spend more money in your store and come back again and again because they will be able to rely on you for great fashions at reasonable prices.