Trends for Wholesale Womens Tops


Wholesale womens tops are a prime place to invest. Many women look for tops, blouses, and shirts to update their wardrobes. Many tops and blouses can be styles different ways, giving a woman more bang for her buck. You want to find

Trends for Wholesale Womens Tops

versatile tops that work on many shapes and for many lifestyles. Casual tops are the most frequently purchased styles of tops for women since they can be worn to some work places, as well as n the weekend. Check out the top trends for wholesale womens tops.

Draped tops – Tops with draped detailing are popular for every age group of women. Cowl necklines are flattering for most women and work well with plus size figures. Many plus size women have trouble finding tops that are flattering and have a sexy edge to wear out at night. Draped tops hide trouble spots like the arms or tummy area, but have a feminine appeal. Draped tops in bright or dark colors are the most popular because they can easily be dressed up for evening. A woman can add a statement necklace to a draped top and jeans for a look that’s sassy for Saturday nights.

Utilitarian details – Details like epaulettes, intricate buttons, antiqued metal, or belting make a top more interesting. Utilitarian details like these are very popular for transition season and can be worn year round too. Epaulettes are a major trend for jackets and have now come over to shirts. A woman can take a shirt with utilitarian details and wear it tucked in to a pencil skirt at the office. She can then take that same shirt and pair it with skinny jeans and flats for running errands on the weekends.

Feminine fabrics – Fabrics like silk, satin, chiffon, or synthetic versions of these materials are very popular for spring 2012. We’re seeing a return to glamour and softer colors and fabrics that embrace femininity. Silk, satin, and chiffon create a feminine look whether worn with a skirt or contrasted with a pair of wide leg pants. Women like these fabrics because they are an easy way to implement texture without much guesswork. Shades like champagne, silver, and pewter show off the dimension of these fabrics best.

Draped tops, utilitarian details, and feminine fabrics are all major trends for wholesale womens tops this season. Keep an eye on what your individual customer is regularly buying to gauge trends at your store. This lets you know if you’re buying for the office or more casual gear each buying season.

For Easy Trendy Clothes get the Menswear Look


Embrace the hottest thing in trendy clothes right now… menswear. With pop artists like Lady Gaga dressing up in drag for the cover of her newest single, and designers showcasing crisp white button downs, bowties, and black slacks all over the runways, the mCino Designer Jacket enswear look is huge right now when it comes to trendy clothes.

Don’t let this trend scare you. Menswear doesn’t have to mean manly. The new trend pairs figure flattering cuts with more masculine colors and accessories like black and white, and bowties. Menswear can be very flattering on women when done right, and it can be mixed with more feminine pieces, like skirts of florals, in order to achieve a more balanced look. When incorporating menswear into their style, women should try out several different styles of menswear to see what pieces are right for them. To achieve this trendy clothes look, women should try only incorporating one piece of menswear at a time to avoid having a cluttered, disheveled look. When done really well, menswear on women can be simultaneously structured and glam.

There are a few key pieces of trendy clothes that really express the menswear trend easily and effortless. These are the items that you should stock in your store. Things like a traditional white button-downs are great to have. The classic, crisp, white shirt is a must-have for women who want to incorporate the menswear look into their personal style and increase the options they have for wearing trendy clothes. The button-down expresses a decisive tailored look with just a bit of masculine energy and is easy for any woman to wear and very versatile.

Another important piece to stock up on that offers that trendy clothes look and looks fabulous on all types of women is a great fitted blazer or a tailored jacket. These pieces are easy to pair up with more feminine items like dresses or skirts and they give the look more structure. A great jacket or blazer is a piece that will instantly express a more masculine look and it looks great on any figure. Be sure to stock up on a few of these pieces.

Finally, a great pair of trousers is a classic piece of menswear that every woman will want to have regardless of weather or not she’s interested in wearing trendy clothes or not. Make sure to keep plenty of trouser pants in stock in several different cuts. They will be sure to fly off the shelves because

Boho is a Great Look for Trendy Plus Size Clothing


Meetu Magic Colorful Mixed Print Plus Size Maxi in GoldBoho is an easy to achieve look for those who want to wear trendy plus size clothing, so as a wholesale plus size fashion buyer, it is one you need to be aware of. The boho look is not exactly a new trend, but it is experiencing a renaissance in popularity right now, especially with the help of some of some of the biggest celebrities and trendsetters (Drew Barrymore, Nicole Ritchie, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen). The best thing about the boho look is that you don’t have to be a size 2 to pull it off.  It’s hard to find trendy plus size clothing, but the boho vibe makes being a plus size trendsetter effortless!

Sometimes the boho trend can be a tricky style to achieve because it combines a messy, somewhat sloppy look with the earthy and bohemian, but the key is moderation.  There’s no need to overdo it and wear boho from head to toe. A few key pieces and accessories will enable express the look effortlessly. A couple easy ways to add a little boho to your everyday look are with a big, slouchy hobo bags, bangled and natural bracelets, and slouchy boots or ankle boots. However the two easiest things to wear that express that boho vibe are maxi dresses and sweaters that you can layer. A maxi dress paired with some bangles perfectly expresses the boho look, and an oversized sweater layered over a simple tunic and paired with a well-worn pair of jeans also acutely expresses the boho feeling. So be sure to stock your inventory up with maxi dresses in the spring and summer, and easy to layer sweaters in the fall and winter. Keeping these items in stock will be sure to attract plenty of full-figure fashionistas who are looking for trendy plus size clothing.

Wearing trendy plus size clothing is something that is important to many plus size women. Full figured women want to look just as put together and stylish as everyone else, and the plus size clothing market is one that is continually growing, so it is important to make sure you have a supply of trendy plus size clothing in order to meet the demand.  Since the boho trend just seems to continuously keep cropping back up, it can’t be ignored. Having the boho style available in trendy plus size clothing is imperative to bringing in new plus size clientele as well as maintaining any current plus size clientele you may have.

Ladies' Fashion – Wholesale Deals for Fall Fashion


This summer is a great year to take advantage of wholesale deals on dresses, blouses and other clothing accessories. Hem lines have descended and tops like tie-neck blouses, crop cardigans and sleeveless tunics are all the rage, no matter what your age or size. Heather Graham recently was seen around town sporting a sexy camisole matched with a light jacket. The opportunity to be creative in mixing and matching wholesale wear for women of all shapes and sizes is great, including the Kaelyn Max Missy 2 Piece Top with Satin Trim & Front Tie. This light, breezy and daring, attractive ensemble can we worn casually with jeans or simple pants, depending on the occasion, but is a great choice for evening wear or a night out on the town. It comes in a variety of colors and its sheer, see-through quality is sure to attract the right kind of attention wherever you go. Customers will be moving these through inventory quickly in the dog days of summer.

Maxi dresses also continue to be a hot item this season, a trend that is likely to continue into the fall as well, and stocking your inventory with plenty of light, attractive ankle-length dress choices is a must. Jessica Simpson recently wore a bold orange maxi dress to show off her summer tan, and this trend isn’t going away soon. Women both young and old will be drawn to wholesale ladies’ apparel like the Mlle Gabrielle Black and White All Occasion Maxi. The intense black and white jazzy line design not only draws and keeps the eye, but its v-shaped neckline, sleeveless cut, and flattering zig zag patterns is a beautiful choice for any and all occasions. While junior girls as well as missy sizes are keeping hem lines low, the Mlle Gabrielle Black and White All Occasion Maxi is a striking alternative for any woman’s wardrobe, suitable for formal or evening wear. Purchasers of wholesale ladies apparel will find maxi dresses easy to pair with a multitude of accessories and styles, including cardigans, sweaters and scarves. This attractive geometric print is also a great choice for junior girls, and can be easily accessorized with a cardigan or light jacket.

White Is In – In Wholesale Apparel and SEO


We live in a world were instant gratification is demanded. From just-in-time shipping to the express lane at the grocery store, we want it now. One area where the ‘need it now’ addiction should be fought is developing an SEO (search engine optimization) program for your wholesale fashion website. In fact, in the world of online marketing, slow and steady growth of page rankings is actually preferable to the instant gratification kind. When optimizing your website for improved rankings, your best bet is to ignore those methods that promise quick results and instead, always wear the white SEO hat.

Faster Has To Be Better – Right?

Wrong! The reality is using those fast techniques, called ‘black hat’ to market your site is actually a recipe for disaster. For example, hiding keywords such as wholesale junior clothing and wholesale plus size apparel on your website may temporarily boast your rankings. Eventually, the search engines figure out you are cheating…and they can ban your site from their index. In other words, it doesn’t pay to take short cuts.

Speeding Things Up – The White Way

Still, there are things you can do to help improve your page rankings without resorting to unethical methods. For example, there is some indication that search engines like fresh content, so one way to market wholesale plus size apparel or other fashion items it to post a blog several times a week. Taking the time to review your keywords and their performance and changing them as needed can also help improve your rankings. Building an organic list of links, maintaining your site map and removing any objects that search engines don’t like, such as flash animation, are helpful as well.

No one likes to wait – for anything. In the world of marketing a wholesale fashion website waiting is actually the only choice. Be sure to optimize your site while wearing a white hat. It may take a bit more time, but your results will be long lasting and effective.