Junior's Fashion-Back to School with Wholesale Deals


For junior girls planning a return to school this Fall, continue the hot Summer trend by stocking the colorful but muted autumnal colors of the Antoinette C. Short Sleeve HandkerchiefHem Dress. Perfect for both spring and fall before the weather moves to its extremes, this is one of our Junior wholesale dresses that accommodates a day out shopping, an evening dress or back-to-school wear for that important first impression. The scarf dress is a pullover that is easy to wear, sunny and carefree, and can be worn to both highlight assets as well as hide perceived imperfections.

Along with the scarf dress, hem lines have consistently been going down, and the maxi has been a very popular trend this year. Junior girls will want to keep the hem lines low when wearing dresses into the cooler autumn months while still sporting a very popular style. Celebrities such as Lauren Conrad have even worn a satin maxi on the red carpet, and a maxi dress such as the Magic Multi Colorful Empire Waist Maxi in Brown & Turquiose can be jazzed up with some bling to fit nearly every occasion, from casual wear to more formal functions. Purchasers of wholesale ladies apparel will find maxi dresses easy to pair with a multitude of accessories and styles, including heavier wear, such as cardigans, sweaters or light jackets for when the weather begins to turn.

Scarf dresses have not only been a hot item for the fashion conscious, but also a more inexpensive high fashion alternative. Ever since Angelina Jolie wore a simple scarf dress some time ago when she stepped out at Cannes, all the celebrities have been wearing scarf dresses, from Kate Hudson to Nicole Richie.  The Meetu Magic Challis Dressis a beautiful example of our maxi’s, another fashion trend where hemlines are going down, and will likely stay that way for a while. Trendsetter Nicole Richie can usually always be found wearing a maxi, which are not just for junior girls, but give a light, free-spirited look to women of any size or age. Like a maxi this scarf dress can be accessorized easily, coupled with a long coat, a cute jacket or cardigan.

Sell Your Wholesale Women's Apparel Using Social Media


Social media is more than networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Social Media is any website, platform or program that allows people to discover content, access information and/or interact with others. Following this definition, virtually any website, micro-site or online community may be considered a part of social media.

Meetu Magic Maxi Rayon Challis Dress with ...

In reality, social media sites include blog forums, social networking sites, bookmarking sites, news sharing sites and photo or video sharing sites. All of these different social media outlets have content that is primarily user-generated and can be easily shared. They also promote interaction between users. There are different ways that you can utilize the nature of social media to sell your products – especially wholesale fashion apparel pieces for your retail customers.

The Internet Fashion Goddesses

There are a handful of internationally popular fashion bloggers. These bloggers have earned respect because of the authenticity of their posts. They publish posts about their personal fashion preferences, their experiences, and their opinions. Their credibility is so strong that even the likes of Louis Vuitton started sending them items to review with a clear understanding that it is their complete prerogative whether or not they will feature the product, what they will say about the product, and when to publish the post. Try sending these bloggers several different pieces from a recent wholesale clothing order. If they decide to feature your product, you may see your hits increase dramatically. Some of these bloggers are BrianBoy and Tavi Gavinson.

The Forums

There are many fashion forums and blog sites where you can cross-post your site. However, forums masters are extremely cautious. If they get any hint that you are there only to promote your site,

Madison Paige Chiffon Tea Length Dress

they will kick you out faster than you can say Louis Vuitton. The key is establishing you reputation as an interested and participating member of the community. This means you will have to start posting, and remain active, for a time before you even begin posting links to your retail site. Consider participating in forums that specialize in wholesale clothing for women or juniors to increase your traffic.

Remember that the power of social media is its authenticity. Be real, be honest, and enjoy social media. Do that and you will be able to utilize its power to sell your any wholesale fashion apparel pieces you have in stock.

Clothing Sales Skyrocket With Marketing and Wholesale Vendors


Everyone wears clothes so it’s no wonder that the wholesale clothing market is so huge. As a matter of fact, it may be one of the biggest of all wholesale markets across the board. It is a highly divisional market that can be cut up into several categories such as gender, size and age categories.

The junior clothing market is undoubtedly one of the most profitable because juniors not only tend to outgrow their clothing, their personal style is still developing. Working with a junior wholesale provider can help you build a collection that will please even the most picky of junior shoppers. Building a base wholesale juniors collection of tops and dresses will quickly impact your conversion rate.

Never forget your women’s market. They love to shop and have a highly developed sense of style. Focusing your efforts on creating a marketing campaign designed to attract women makes sense, and by working with a wholesale provider of women’s fashions, you can increase your profit margin. Your collection should focus on seasonal pieces as well as special occasion dresses, women’s and casual dresses. A well rounded collection will appeal to a larger base clientele.

Remember that the wholesale fashion industry is expanding at a phenomenal rate – giving you access to more choices for your clients. You can get in on this business boom by either creating an online marketing campaign or for your business, or moving your physical store into online marketing and sales.

One of the biggest advantages to online marketing of your wholesale clothing business is that it has the potential to bring you several million potential customers. Building the best collection by working with reputable wholesale fashion providers and developing a solid marketing plan can help you take your business to the next level.

White Is In – In Wholesale Apparel and SEO


We live in a world were instant gratification is demanded. From just-in-time shipping to the express lane at the grocery store, we want it now. One area where the ‘need it now’ addiction should be fought is developing an SEO (search engine optimization) program for your wholesale fashion website. In fact, in the world of online marketing, slow and steady growth of page rankings is actually preferable to the instant gratification kind. When optimizing your website for improved rankings, your best bet is to ignore those methods that promise quick results and instead, always wear the white SEO hat.

Faster Has To Be Better – Right?

Wrong! The reality is using those fast techniques, called ‘black hat’ to market your site is actually a recipe for disaster. For example, hiding keywords such as wholesale junior clothing and wholesale plus size apparel on your website may temporarily boast your rankings. Eventually, the search engines figure out you are cheating…and they can ban your site from their index. In other words, it doesn’t pay to take short cuts.

Speeding Things Up – The White Way

Still, there are things you can do to help improve your page rankings without resorting to unethical methods. For example, there is some indication that search engines like fresh content, so one way to market wholesale plus size apparel or other fashion items it to post a blog several times a week. Taking the time to review your keywords and their performance and changing them as needed can also help improve your rankings. Building an organic list of links, maintaining your site map and removing any objects that search engines don’t like, such as flash animation, are helpful as well.

No one likes to wait – for anything. In the world of marketing a wholesale fashion website waiting is actually the only choice. Be sure to optimize your site while wearing a white hat. It may take a bit more time, but your results will be long lasting and effective.

SEO and Window Dressing


Taking the Mystery Out Of SEO

Okay – it’s time to let the secret out of the bag…not even professionals know exactly how the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing rank sites.  They have a pretty good idea of what the formula contains but, much like trying to determine exactly what dress a teenage girl will think is a smoking hot must-have, there is a good deal of ‘mystery’ surrounding the formula used by the search engines.  Taking a few minutes to understand just what SEO and what components we know about can help anyone with issues such as marketing wholesale ladies apparel online.

The Mystery That Is SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is nothing more than a way to make your Internet site more attractive to search engines.  Think of it as the window dressing of a brick and mortar business – you create innovative displays with the latest fashions trends to attract customers.  With SEO, you integrate a series of steps to attract search engines, most importantly with keywords – specific search terms most commonly sought by Internet users for certain goods or services.  The ‘sale’ in this example is a higher ranking with search engines.  Remember that most Internet users will only look at the first page of a results list, so it critical to get your site listed on page one.

SEO Windows

Building a Better SEO Collection

There is no hard and fast guideline for SEO; instead there are a few techniques that have been proven to be effective.  Much like fashion trends, these techniques periodically change; however, the core thought behind them remains the same.  The best SEO campaigns for wholesale ladies apparel sites will include a strong campaign based on keywords, a social media factor to take advantage of ‘new age’ networking, a blog to capture the attention of both search engines and potential clients and, a solid set of eCommerce tools designed to make the purchasing experience easier for the client.