Trends for Wholesale Womens Tops


Wholesale womens tops are a prime place to invest. Many women look for tops, blouses, and shirts to update their wardrobes. Many tops and blouses can be styles different ways, giving a woman more bang for her buck. You want to find

Trends for Wholesale Womens Tops

versatile tops that work on many shapes and for many lifestyles. Casual tops are the most frequently purchased styles of tops for women since they can be worn to some work places, as well as n the weekend. Check out the top trends for wholesale womens tops.

Draped tops – Tops with draped detailing are popular for every age group of women. Cowl necklines are flattering for most women and work well with plus size figures. Many plus size women have trouble finding tops that are flattering and have a sexy edge to wear out at night. Draped tops hide trouble spots like the arms or tummy area, but have a feminine appeal. Draped tops in bright or dark colors are the most popular because they can easily be dressed up for evening. A woman can add a statement necklace to a draped top and jeans for a look that’s sassy for Saturday nights.

Utilitarian details – Details like epaulettes, intricate buttons, antiqued metal, or belting make a top more interesting. Utilitarian details like these are very popular for transition season and can be worn year round too. Epaulettes are a major trend for jackets and have now come over to shirts. A woman can take a shirt with utilitarian details and wear it tucked in to a pencil skirt at the office. She can then take that same shirt and pair it with skinny jeans and flats for running errands on the weekends.

Feminine fabrics – Fabrics like silk, satin, chiffon, or synthetic versions of these materials are very popular for spring 2012. We’re seeing a return to glamour and softer colors and fabrics that embrace femininity. Silk, satin, and chiffon create a feminine look whether worn with a skirt or contrasted with a pair of wide leg pants. Women like these fabrics because they are an easy way to implement texture without much guesswork. Shades like champagne, silver, and pewter show off the dimension of these fabrics best.

Draped tops, utilitarian details, and feminine fabrics are all major trends for wholesale womens tops this season. Keep an eye on what your individual customer is regularly buying to gauge trends at your store. This lets you know if you’re buying for the office or more casual gear each buying season.

Wholesale clothing


What do you know about wholesale clothing? Is it merely selling clothes in a large bulk to the retailer? There are so many factors attributing to the success of wholesale clothing and we’ll show you some tips on how to buy wholesale clothing.

Buying wholesale clothing is no longer for retailers only. With today’s challenging lifestyle, people are opting for a bargain that can save a great deal of cash. Consumers may come in a group to the wholesaler or a group of friends can buy clothes in bulk through the internet. The quality is always same as the ones found at your favourite shops. Wholesale clothing outlets are stocked with all types of garments. Even if you are looking for plus size, man or woman, young or old, the clothing is available for any occasion.

Is it better to shop at a local wholesale clothing store or on the internet? Both provide good bargains. If you shop online, you can have a look at the clothes by just clicking. You will spend little time finding the best garments for yourself. You can always compare prices and go through several wholesalers’ websites. This is wonderful if you are looking for a suitable dress for any occasions compared to when you have to look for a dress from one place to the other.

When you order in large quantities from wholesale clothing websites, you will enjoy free shipping to your doorstep. This might be challenging however as you might get the wrong shipment. For many reasons people prefer shopping at local wholesale stores. You can try the clothes and there is less chance of you getting the wrong attire. If you are buying clothes for others, you can always go back and exchange them if they don’t fit. But the good news is that most wholesale stores are now settings up websites where you  can view the clothing and then visit their store to try the clothes on your make your purchases.

Many people have become enterprising and have joined the online trade by buying at low price and selling clothing for profit. Because people pay you before you send them the clothes, you do not need any inventory and all you need to invest in is a website. Having a reliable wholesaler helps because it is not just price, but quality matters as well.  If the wholesaler agrees to drop ship for you at a reasonable rate, you have yourself a bargain.

All-Sized Women Can Find Clothes and Look Great


Discovering the world of fashion for plus-sized women can be fun, if you know where to look.  However, most people don’t, and that’s where we at blog will help you.  We love to dig around finding the neatest fashions, and ones that will help everyone look their best, including women who are wearing plus sizes.

Flirty Shirt

There are some things that should obviously be avoided for certain impressions that want to be created.   Pants are difficult to buy: Try to find some that will have a few neatly placed tucks, with a vertical stripe, or a herringbone pattern.  The stripes make you look longer and create an illusion.  Black, brown and dark gray are great and so are navy blue.

Professional plus-sized women should look for blouses that have a bit of a shine to them.  Forget the horizontal stripe—you’ll look wider, and this won’t help.  Stay away from the paler colors; bold bright ones make your eyes shine.

Don’t limit yourself to heavier fabrics; make sure to have some fun, frilly ones in your wardrobe.  They’re out there, and they are beautiful.  Some of the sheer ones that a long camisole can go underneath, or a tank top and the effect is beautiful, and slimming.

Buying clothing to fit women that are larger in size will become easier over time as you begin to discover the places that exist.  Whether the outlets you choose to use are online, or actual retail shops near you, you can find flattering styles and colors, any time of year.

Shiny and Fabulous

Learning to mix and match takes some practice.  Take some time to sit down and look at magazines, and pay attention to any models that are about your size, and look great.  There are celebrities who are larger, and who definitely garner attention for how they dress.

Come visit us, and let us lead you on the path to clothing happiness!

Fashion Secrets Worth Keeping


Wishes Junior Ruffled Dress

Wishes Junior Ruffled Dress

Fashion Dresses

Shopping for fashion dresses is something that many self-conscious women dread, so for these women, it helps to know what kinds of dresses complement the different body types. Keeping this in mind, retailers who purchase stock from wholesalers will probably want to buy a large variety of styles unless if they specialize in clothing for a specific body type, such as plus size or petites.

Eliminating problem spots

Many women have a specific “problem spot” that they feel is the least flattering part of their figure. Whether this is the waist, hips, or legs, these spots can be played down. For example, a thick waist can be hidden under an empire waist dress, and someone who feels self-conscious about her legs can cover up with a maxi dress.

Another common problem is height. Usually, short women want to look taller and vice versa, and dresses can go a long way in helping a woman create the illusion of a desired height. For example, a petite woman can look taller by buying form-fitting dresses in darker colors. This provides not only a slimming effect but an elongating effect as well. Dressing in any one color will enhance height, so tall women who don’t want to play up that feature might lean toward dresses with a variety of color.

A problem that often plagues both tall and petite women alike is an undefined waistline. For women who don’t want to draw attention to the waist, a good way to deflect attention from there is to play up a more favorable feature. For example, a slender neck can be complemented by a necklace, or long legs can be shown off in a dress that stops a few inches above the knees.

Mint Green Floral Print Maxi Dress in Pink

Mint Green Floral Print Maxi Dress in Pink

Basic Fashion Dress Types

The A-line dress is a classic style that will last in someone’s wardrobe for years to come. It is form-fitting at the top and flares out gradually going downward, so it is a good choice for defining the waistline and hiding wider hips.

Like the A-line dress, the maxi dress is tighter at the top and loose flowing at the bottom, but the difference is that it runs all the way down to the ankles. It is an informal style, so it can be worn many times instead of sitting in a closet until the next special occasion. It is feminine, flattering, and for those who feel self-conscious about their bodies, it provides great coverage.

The empire waist is also a good choice for women who want to hide a wider waistline. On this style, the waistline is set anywhere between the bust and the natural waistline. Because of this, it also helps in accentuating the bust.

The sheath dress fits tightly throughout the body, which makes it popular among women with slender figures. For women who want to accentuate curves, though, a good way to do so in a sheath dress is to play it up with accents like ruching or bold prints.

The above styles are just a few examples of the many different kinds of fashion dresses on the market. Height, weight, and overall shape need to be taken into consideration, as each cut of dress has a different effect. Many women who feel self-conscious have a difficult time determining what their strong spots are, so the key to choosing fashion dresses is knowing which ones will play up a woman’s best features. OpenStock Apparel is a wholesaler that carries fashion dresses to flatter figures of all types, from petites to plus sizes.

How wholesale clothing companies find clothes


Buying wholesale has its benefits!

Buying wholesale has its benefits!

Clothing wholesalers make their money by finding bulk items from various sources all over the world, and reselling their wares to boutiques and retailers. In addition to brand new designer wholesale clothing, large lots of clothing can be found through opportunities with manufacturers that allow for some great deals. They also find their clothing from direct importers, liquidating companies and overseas directly from clothing makers. If a manufacturer can’t sell everything it has produced, its products languish on shelves, unsold, until it has to be practically given away. Wholesalers will buy large lots of clothing and sell them all over the world to clothing stores that deal directly with regular customers, in retail outlets, malls and discount shopping centers.

Everything from wholesale women’s dresses, women’s wholesale blouses, plus-sized clothing, and specialty items are continually being sought by clothing wholesale companies, to be purchased in large lots and parceled out to clothing retailers for sale to the regular buying public. Merchandise that might not otherwise be available in a normal store is found by wholesalers through maintaining relationships with the largest manufacturers in the world; they then distribute smaller lots to anyone wishing to mark the products up to retail prices, often at substantially less than one would pay in a department store setting. Department stores usually buy their products directly from a manufacturer, right off the runway and sewing machine. Substantial savings can be found by working with a wholesale clothing company that has access to the same clothing going to high-end department stores.

What makes wholesalers different too, is their usually high buying ability. They have a capacity to purchase huge lots of clothing, often with years of relationships behind dealing with clothing manufacturers and closeout distributors. The savings are then passed on to retail and boutique operations, which don’t have to buy quite as large amounts of bulk items for resale in their shops. Wholesalers maintain streamlined staff, who scour the world looking for bargains on current and trendy wholesale women’s clothing. They look for the best prices, shipping arrangements and variety of clothing so their chances of successfully reselling to retail operations stay high. They look for deals, yes, but also great prices, choices in sizes and colors, different styles in the same colors and items that are relevant in the fashion world. They can’t resell items that are out of season, or unattractive to the average consumer, so they are constantly monitoring fashion shows, keeping an eye on trends and seasonal deals.

Wholesalers don’t just sell off-season or over-runs items. They have access to discounts from brand name, new merchandise that might not otherwise be available to a small boutique or resale shop. The newest fashions can be had by wholesalers who have relationships with the larger designers and brand name manufacturers, at much better prices than someone who deals in smaller quantities can find.