Finding Plus Size Dresses Wholesale


Women who require plus size dresses often have difficulty finding them in the styles they like that look flattering as well. It is up to retailers to make sure they cater to all types of customers. This is why it is so important to find great plus size dresses wholesale so you can provide your customers with the dresses they need for various occasions.

Inventory Size

When you are buying plus size dresses wholesale, you will be able to choose exactly which sizes you will carry. If you find you are selling more of one size than another, you can make sure you order a larger number of the size that sells best. This will allow you to better tailor your inventory to meet the needs of your customers. If you buy your plus size dresses another way, you may end up having to order a specific number of each size, leaving you with too many in one size and not enough in another.


As you consider your options for finding plus size dresses wholesale, you need to be sure you find a wholesaler that provides a variety of dresses. Some wholesalers only carry one or two plus size dresses at a time. While you may not want to carry more than that, it is nice to be able to choose from a wider selection. You know your shoppers better than anyone else. If you have more dresses to choose from, you will be able to offer the same type of selection to your customers or you can choose the ones that will appeal the most to your customers.

Flattering Styles

In choosing the plus size dresses at wholesale prices, you need to make sure you are choosing styles that are flattering. Some wholesalers may carry only those dresses that haven’t sold through other avenues.  However, if you take the time to find a wholesaler that offers top-of-the-line dresses in plus sizes, your customers will appreciate it because they will be able to choose from styles that flatter their body type. You want to give your customers a look they can feel good about.

Shopping for plus size dresses wholesale doesn’t have to be difficult. You only need to keep your eye out for flattering styles in a wide variety so you can offer your customers a greater selection. The more options they have, the happier they will be when they get to choose something that works well for their body type and looks great.

The Benefit of Wholesale Dresses


As you attempt to expand your options for your apparel store, you need to tread carefully. Buying up a lot of inventory can be risky, especially before you determine what your target audience is really looking for. The worst thing you can do is fill up  your store only to find out the items you are offering aren’t popular enough to actually sell well. Then you are stuck with these items instead.

Lower Inventory

When you buy wholesale dresses, you are able to purchase a lower number of dresses than if you were to buy from the manufacturer instead. If you want to test out a particular dress that you think looks nice,  you can buy a couple of them and put them out on the rack. If they sell quickly, you can buy more inventory from your wholesaler. This creates less risk for you so you aren’t stuck with something you can’t sell. Wholesalers have many retailers they can sell to so you can let them worry about an item that doesn’t sell well for you.

Low Prices

Consumers are always looking for the best deal so they can save money wherever they can. If someone needs to buy a dress they will only wear once or twice, she won’t want to spend a lot of money. Wholesale dresses allow you to sell them for less, while still making a profit on the item. Being able to sell for less without compromising your profit is one of the best things you can do. If you need to put the dresses on sale, you can do so without worrying about potentially losing money in the process.


Perhaps one of the greatest advantages of buying wholesale dresses to sell in your store is the variety you can stock. Some stores only purchase a couple of different dresses because they don’t want to risk having too much inventory left over. However, if you are buying wholesale, you can purchase a greater variety in smaller numbers so you can offer your customers more options. Customers prefer to shop where they have a greater selection from which to choose.

Offering wholesale dresses in your own store will provide you with many benefits. Because you will spend less on these dresses, you will be able to offer them to your customers for less, helping them save money without hurting your profit. In addition, you can test out items before you carry a larger inventory so you don’t need to worry about getting stuck with too many of one dress. You can even use wholesale to provide a greater selection of choices in juniors dresses, women’s dresses and plus size dresses.

Latest Wholesale Fashion Trends


*Wholesale Clothing Fashion Trends*

Fall is that time of year when we all want to add a little something new to our wardrobes. You may have staple pieces in your closet you turn to time and time again, but it’s important to update your wardrobe with pieces that will put your look on trend. The latest fashion trends for women work for many body types. Remember personal style is all about how you interpret a trend, so don’t worry about sticking to what you see on celebrities or in magazines. The latest wholesale apparel fashion trends are versatile enough to work for many lifestyles and can be implemented in small doses or worn full-on for the serious fashionista.

Leopard is one of the latest fashion trends to hit the runways. It’s popping up on everything from dresses to ankle boots. If you’re the more timid fashion lover, start small by working leopard into your wardrobe with a clutch handbag or shoes. For those who prefer casual dress, in all-black leopard adds a dash of drama without making you leave your comfort zone. If you’re feeling adventurous, why not go for a leopard Wrap Dress available from OpenStockApparel.comwrap dress or a fitted blazer in this fun print? Celebrities like Khloe Kardashian wear leopard ponchos, boots, and purses, so there’s no limit to how you can work this trend. Leopard is also a great way to ramp up your office wardrobe. For a closet that’s full of basic pieces for the office, leopard adds a fun trend that’s appropriate and fits most work settings, as long as it’s done in small increments, of course.

Fall also welcomes the arrival of colored pants. Colorblocking is one of the latest trends to carry over from spring 2011. If you haven’t taken the plunge on purchasing colored pants quite yet, now is the time to jump on this trend. If you’re wearing colored pants to the office, look for wide leg slacks or skinny trousers. Wear them with subdued colors, such as gray or blush to keep this look appropriate for the office. If you employ the latest fashion trends on the weekends, go for jeans. Colored jeans look great for day with a fitted V-neck T-shirt and flats, or topped with a blazer and pumps for a night on the town. The most popular colors for colored jeans are red, green, and purple. You can wear the pants with a solid color on top such as magenta, canary yellow or cobalt, or go low key by opting for heather gray.

Unbelievable Wholesale Junior Fashion Deals


Open your wholesale stock options to Open Stock Apparel’s wholesale apparel pricing and selections. You won’t believe our great pricing on wholesale ladies apparel or our quick turnaround time. We don’t stop there though. Our wholesale inventory is made up of quality garments that are on-trend or classic basics depending on what your shoppers are looking for to fit in their wardrobe.wholesale fashion juniors, juniors wholesale fashion, fashion juniors wholesale


You won’t find a one-size mentality at Open Stock Apparel. Our online stock features garments that fit all sizes from juniors to plus sizes with trendy and fun options for each size range. While we do feature basic options like simple dresses and ladies’ wholesale blouses, you will also find unique choices like our junior wholesale dresses that include party and prom dresses like our Wishes Junior Party Dress with Pleated Empire Waist to add a great style quotient to your inventory at a fantastic wholesale price.  Finding ladies’ wholesale dresses like our Wishes Missy Sleeveless Zebra Print Dress adds an instant trend factor at an unbelievable wholesale price.

You’ll be able to see through a lot of sales when you add the in your choice of brown, purple, green, orange and mustard. With interesting details and a fun sheer fabric, this Kaelyn Max Junior Sheer Blouse with Criss/Cross Design is a great choice to transition into fall. With deep earth tones and a fabric that works well alone or as a lightweight layering option, customers can instantly see the versatility of this blouse option. Suggest pairings with a pair of brown trousers or pencil skirt and those same shoppers will be able to visualize this garment as a wardrobe option. You’ll visualize added sales as well.

Our motto is In Stock . . . In Style. We stick to that with garments that arrive on time and that are high quality, well-made garments at unbelievable prices. Our selection of labels is matched with a larger mark-up for you. Buying from us at our great prices saves you money and helps to offer your customers the best options. In addition to our everyday great wholesale prices, we also offer additional dollar off percentage promotions and shipping discounts. Take a look at our full line-up of wholesale ladies’ apparel options to find your own balance of garment quality and price for your customers. You are our customer and we are here to serve you with the best prices in the wholesale apparel industry.

Targeting Your Demographic: Drive Wholesale Fashion Sales


wholesale junior fashions, fashion wholesale juniors, junior fashion wholesaleWith any business, it is of the utmost importance to be able to identify your target market. Determining who this target market is allows you to market the apparel from your recent wholesale fashion order to clients who are already interested in your retail store and the specific fashions you are selling. Interestingly, you can spend less on your marketing if you have determined your specific demographic. Targeting your traffic means you’ll sell more women’s dresses, junior’s tops, and plus size knits – because the people who visit your website will already want to buy exactly what you are selling.

Research your demographics carefully by spending some time considering who your ideal customer is. Consider areas such as gender, age, income level, and geographic location. This information can then be used to create a marketing campaign that will be most effective.

Consider your latest wholesale clothing order of junior tops. Obviously, you wouldn’t want to market these tops to women or men. Your targeted demographic is teenage girls. Your marketing campaign should use their language and be visible on the sites they are likely to frequent.

This concept can be applied to develop more effective PPC (Pay Per Click) advertisements, analyze keywords, create content, and to implement a social media campaign. Demographic information can also be used to create blog posts that are more effective. Writing posts to a particular demographic by changing the tone, voice, and language of a piece will make it far more effective.

Sales will come much easier if your marketing campaign is geared toward an individual group rather than the whole spectrum of buyers. Always consider your customers and those who view your website as the individuals they are and you will soon see your women’s fashions and missy dresses flying off your shelves.