Junior's Fashion-Back to School with Wholesale Deals


For junior girls planning a return to school this Fall, continue the hot Summer trend by stocking the colorful but muted autumnal colors of the Antoinette C. Short Sleeve HandkerchiefHem Dress. Perfect for both spring and fall before the weather moves to its extremes, this is one of our Junior wholesale dresses that accommodates a day out shopping, an evening dress or back-to-school wear for that important first impression. The scarf dress is a pullover that is easy to wear, sunny and carefree, and can be worn to both highlight assets as well as hide perceived imperfections.

Along with the scarf dress, hem lines have consistently been going down, and the maxi has been a very popular trend this year. Junior girls will want to keep the hem lines low when wearing dresses into the cooler autumn months while still sporting a very popular style. Celebrities such as Lauren Conrad have even worn a satin maxi on the red carpet, and a maxi dress such as the Magic Multi Colorful Empire Waist Maxi in Brown & Turquiose can be jazzed up with some bling to fit nearly every occasion, from casual wear to more formal functions. Purchasers of wholesale ladies apparel will find maxi dresses easy to pair with a multitude of accessories and styles, including heavier wear, such as cardigans, sweaters or light jackets for when the weather begins to turn.

Scarf dresses have not only been a hot item for the fashion conscious, but also a more inexpensive high fashion alternative. Ever since Angelina Jolie wore a simple scarf dress some time ago when she stepped out at Cannes, all the celebrities have been wearing scarf dresses, from Kate Hudson to Nicole Richie.  The Meetu Magic Challis Dressis a beautiful example of our maxi’s, another fashion trend where hemlines are going down, and will likely stay that way for a while. Trendsetter Nicole Richie can usually always be found wearing a maxi, which are not just for junior girls, but give a light, free-spirited look to women of any size or age. Like a maxi this scarf dress can be accessorized easily, coupled with a long coat, a cute jacket or cardigan.

Bringing Style to Juniors


When purchasing wholesale junior’s clothing, it’s important to be stylish and current with the trends. Junior wholesale clothing is made in many sizes and it’s meant to fit girls in the 10 to 18 age range. Juniors fall in an age group where they are constantly being pressured to fit in, have lots of friends, and have people like them. Often times the easiest way for them to fit in is through dressing like their peers. Because of the constant pressure to fit in, they constantly pay attention to what’s in, hot, and current so they will rarely wear anything that is out of fashion because they are so style conscious.

Pay attention to what’s in the magazines and on the runways, because junior girls will be sure to watch the trends too. Make sure the items are cute and age appropriate, like this lovely pink tunic top, which could be paired with low-rise skinny jeans, a pair of leggings, or as a dress like Britney Spears did here. Tunic tops and cardigan sweaters, like versatile cropped cardigans, are staple items in any juniors’ wardrobe because they can be paired with so many different things, like jeans, jeggings, skirts, and dresses. So be sure, as a wholesale junior’s clothing buyer, so include these items when making a purchase.

Party dresses are also another very trendy item in junior’s clothing right now. Whether for prom, a school dance, or a night out, cute, stylish dresses are something every girl between 10 and 18 will need in her closet. This satin dress is perfect for all three of the aforementioned occasions, and it follows a huge trend seen on the runways this year; bold, vibrant colors paired with dark colors. Dresses patterned with polka dots or florals are another huge trends seen on the runways this year, so if you want to bring style to the junior set through wholesale clothing, these are another must-have item. Dresses like these are great because they are versatile, easy to wear, and they will make every young girl feel chic, modern, up to date with her style, and the envy of all her friends, which is an instant confidence boost.

Staying current on the trends and paying attention to the runway shows are two imperative aspects to purchasing wholesale juniors clothing. Juniors are a very style-conscious set, and they tend to follow the trends, not set them. So be sure to stay up to date on what’s stylish, and you’ll be able to bring style to any junior’s wardrobe.

How To Shop Smart for Women's Clothing


How many clothing items are hanging in your closet or languishing in a dresser drawer that you hate?  What percentage of your clothes are things that you pass by in favor of ANYTHING else and haven’t even considered wearing in more than a year?  If you’re like most people, you have an unseemly number of clothing items that should probably have been a) never bought in the first place; b) donated to a thrift store a long time ago; or c) set on fire.  Get rid of what doesn’t fit, what’s torn or dirty, what just never looked right on you.  Clean the slates before you get started on restocking your clothing bank.

MAKE LISTS!  Take an inventory of what you have and what you need more of.  Include shoes, jewelry, coats, sweaters…everything.New Kaelyn Max at Openstock ApparelNew Kaelyn Max at Openstock Apparel

The smart thing to do, the frugal and self-respecting thing to do is learn how to shop smart for women’s clothing in the first place.

Start off by knowing what size you ACTUALLY ARE.  Find a measurement chart online and take your measurements to learn your standardized sizes.  You’ll need to take your measurements for bra size, shoe size, waist, hips, inseam length and even head size (if you’re going to buy hats).  Even know what size you really need for rings.  Next, find out what type of body you have.  Are you long-waisted?  Do you have a great chest?  Is your waist thick?  Do you have chunky thighs or a less-than-stellar butt?  You’ll need to know what you want to accentuate or de-emphasize before you head for the stores.

There are several things you’ll really need to nail down before shopping including WHICH of the clothes you love and why.  Is your look consistently casual?  Are you more of a button-down type?  Are you trying to bust out of a rut?  Then look through magazines and find what you’d love to try.  Consider whether you’re really happy with a color you consistently go to, or if you’d like to try something different.  Make sure your current color or one you’re considering is even flattering by holding it up to your face and looking in a mirror.  Do you look washed out, or tired in that color?  Do you have enough clothes for different occasions?  For instance, can you go to the beach and to a church outing on the same weekend?

New Kaelyn Max in 4 colors

New Kaelyn Max in 4 colors

The most important step to learning to shop smart for women’s clothing is to go to stores and try on every clothing item you’re considering.  Consider bringing along someone whose opinion you value, or learn to be realistic and critical on your own.  Is the item flattering, both in fit and color?  Is it comfortable?  Is it affordable? Will you be able to find shoes to go with it?  Do you already have seven of the same item sitting at home?  Can you afford your look, or do you need to learn how to be a little more sensible?

Great Looks for New Year's Eve Parties!


There are some occasions when just any old thing can be pulled out of the closet and made into an acceptable outfit for going out, and then there are those rare occasions when an outfit needs to make a real statement. Such is the case with New Years Eve. This is the time to show off during the celebration of the year coming to a close and the anticipation of the next twelve months – all in your outfit, and it must be fabulous. Needless to say, choosing a flattering New Years Eve outfit needs a little thought, but it doesn’t have to be a chore.

End the year with a big bang by looking your best! Your New Years Eve outfit should be a direct representation of the night’s events, so make your plans before making purchases. Whether you are attending a formal party or spending a night on the town, you can never go wrong with a party dress and a stunning pair of heels.

Consider what’s in style this season. Sequins, studding, and metallic hues are all current trends and extremely festive for a night of celebrating, especially on New Year’s Eve, which is THE opportune time to sport a little glittery sparkle. Dresses can be found in all lengths and styles at the moment, and if you aren’t really feeling the sequin look, keep in mind that you can never go wrong with a little black dress. This fashion lifesaver can be found in all styles, not to mention, become a staple in your wardrobe.

Keep in mind the glamour aspect, but wear something comfortable and weather-appropriate, especially if you are spending time outdoors. If you choose a bold colored or metallic mini or body contouring dress, keep yourself warm by layering it with a cropped leather motorcycle jacket and a pair of colored or black opaque leggings. Faux fur is also an excellent choice this season and is certain to keep you warm and toasty.

Accessories are a major part of any outfit and should be carefully considered if your clothing is bold and already making a statement. When shopping for heels, choose a stylish but practical pair so that walking and dancing doesn’t become a burden. If your dress is a solid color, jazz it up with a pair of exotic patterned heels or studded strappy platforms.  If you choose to wear something patterned, colorful, or all of the above, consider a pair of solid color heels or shoe boots, which are at the height of current fashion. Make sure that your jewelry doesn’t become an overstatement. Keep it simple, classy, and trendy. Finally, remember that toting a large handbag might not be preferable for New Years Eve and a cute clutch is a much easier way to keep track of your necessary items.

Once you have selected your perfect New Years Eve outfit, go ahead and open that first bottle of champagne early and give yourself a toast. You’ll be decked to the nines and ready to celebrate in no time!

The Appeal and Perfection of Party Dresses


Every woman wants to look good, but more important is the attitude associated with how she is dressed. Newly acquired women’s clothing has a way of making the woman feel special – as if she just chose something solely hers. Few things compare to the fresh, clean, and crisp feel of new women’s apparel.

Of course, some ensembles have a special way of elevating the woman to new heights of euphoria. The distinction between the special occasion and the special clothing causing the special feeling is not always easy to distinguish. That is the beauty of special occasion clothing.

The party dress is one of the most widely popular purchased ensembles in the women’s clothing category offering that special feeling of euphoria. Party dresses cover a wide range of dresses for an even wider range of occasions, but the party dress is an exquisite example of how women choose to get that feeling of euphoria from an ensemble and occasion regardless of the rhymes or reasons.

Popular Types of Party Dresses

While women do not necessarily need a reason to wear special occasion apparel, there are a few common reasons the women may go looking to purchase new party dresses.

  • Prom dresses are considered one type of party dress that often are a once in a lifetime purchase. The prom is an extremely important milestone in a young woman’s life, and a new party dress is the perfect accent for the special day.

    These prom dresses are often cherished by the young woman, and may be passed down to future generations as a family tradition.

  • Wedding dresses are another popular types of party dress associated with an important date in a woman’s life. A wedding is often the one party every young girl dreams of from a very young age. There are “pretend” weddings played out by little girls dreaming of the white, flowing wedding dress with all of the beautiful, feminine accessories.

    Wedding dresses are another popular keepsake dress often passed from one generation to the next. Women treasure the significance of their wedding dresses, and this is an extremely important type of party dress.

  • Cocktail party dresses are a sexy, sassy dress worn by a woman to a cocktail party. That little black dress is a perfect example of a traditional party dress designed for a cocktail party.

    Of course, cocktail party dresses are not necessarily only for cocktail parties and this makes the cocktail party dress a smart purchase for any woman.

  • Mother of the bride or groom party dresses are another important type of party dress worn by a woman to commensurate the union between cherished and beloved children.

    These party dresses may be suggestions by the bride or groom, but often, the mother gets to choose her own special party dress. This occasion is an important reason to purchase an elegant party dress.

  • Evening gowns are another type of party dress popular with women of all ages. The evening gowns offer an excellent method for dressing up for that special night out on the town or having a special evening at home with a partner.

    Choosing evening gowns is fun, exciting, and beneficial because evening gowns can be used from one occasion to the next making it extremely versatile and durable.

  • There are also military ball gowns, bridesmaid dresses, summer party dresses, and many other types of party dresses to actually purchase and wear for any number of special occasions.

Plus Size Party Dresses

One market that is evolving quickly is the market containing plus size party dresses. This evolution is a natural response to the increasing number of women within this category. Retailers recognize and accept that plus size women want to as look sexy, sassy, and voluptuous as the missy size woman or the junior size woman.

Plus size party dresses are designed to emphasize the natural curves and shapes of the plus size woman while drawing attention away from those less desirable features such as extra full thighs or hips, larger bust size, and/or a less than perfect stomach region.

The Perfect Party Dresses Made Simple

Whether you are purchasing plus size party dresses, missy size party dresses, or junior size party dresses, here are a few tips to remember when making a purchase to guarantee a proper fit. Plus, dresses will fit women better by understanding what looks best, and what should be avoided.

  • The empire line dress is a classic, fairytale dress. This type of party dress makes the woman look taller and hugs the figure. A classic party dress for those with a marvelous, slim figure.
  • The ballerina or full skirt party dress is one of those romantic fits appealing to those of us wanting a classy and sexy all in one package. This type of party dress is for the full-busted woman, and petite women should use caution when wearing this type of party dress. This dress is great for concealing heavy hips and thighs.
  • The princess or a-line dress is simply gorgeous and accents the bust and waistline. The bodice on this party dress is form fitting, and may draw attention to those women with a small bust.
  • The bias cut and column party dresses are a very chic, lovely styles of dresses. These types of party dresses hug the form closely from neck to feet, and are generally avoided by women without the classic hourglass shape. However, the hourglass shape can be extremely slim or extremely voluptuous opening up this style to many body sizes and shapes.

Open Stock Apparel offers wholesalers the opportunity to purchase wholesale party dresses by designers such as Nite Way, SL Fashions, Studio I, Nicole Studio, Nebiani, Montee, Morgan & Co., Aspeed, Faviana, Zum Zum, Niki, and Jody. Regardless of the occasion, Julie Ann offers a party dress to fit the occasion.

With the expertise and low wholesale rates offered by Open Stock Apparel, the retailer will find a copious number of styles, types, colors, and sizes of party dresses perfect for any woman from junior size dresses to plus size dresses. Plus, dresses offered at Open Stock Apparel are designed with the women in mind.

When you expect the best not only for your storefront but also for your customers, Open Stock Apparel makes common sense. From informational suggestions to superior designs, the retailer will find compassionate and knowledgeable service offered only the way Open Stock Apparel can offer.