Tips for Buying Wholesale Clothing


Buying wholesale clothing is a tough job for business owners starting out in the

Tips for Buying Wholesale Clothing

retail clothing business. It is full of trends and constantly changes from one season to the next. These are tried and true tips for buying wholesale clothing for women, juniors and plus sizes.

Know what your client wants. – Depending on where you’re located or what the demographic is for your store, you may sell more of one thing than another. This is common for every clothing store, but most common for women’s stores. Knowing what your client wants allows you to become comfortable with what you need to stock regularly. If you’re an online boutique, you can do an email blast surveying what clients look for most from an online store. You can also keep track of similarities of styles and shapes that are selling regularly, season after season. Knowing what your client wants also helps you gauge new trends. Once you know what sells well to your customers you’ll be able to look through trends and immediately know which are the styles your client is likely to latch on to.


Always stock the basics. – Nearly every store does well when it comes to selling basics. This is especially true for sites and stores that cater to working women. Working women are always looking for simple pieces that can be implement into weekend and work week wardrobes. Solid neutral colors and classic styles are popular because they flatter many women, no matter what their shape, size or skin tone. Classic styles to keep in stock are trench coats, tailored jackets, button-up shirts, feminine blouses and simple dresses. Denim and tailored slacks are also big sellers.

Choose statement pieces. – Statement pieces like a jacket with an oversized collar or jeans with embellishment are best sellers because they are one garment that update an entire look. This is what many women look for when shopping. This allows a woman to buy one piece that updates many of the basic items in her wardrobe. Most women invest in basic pieces and buy a couple of trendier pieces each season. For the woman who isn’t spending a lot, offering these trendy garments allows her to buy one or two things for a new look without breaking the bank.

It is important to watch trends within your store and on the runways when buying wholesale clothing. You want merchandise that’s going to move quickly and grabs clients’ attention when they see it.


Wholesale Clothing Trends


Wholesale clothing trends move as quickly as the rest of the fashion industry. Fashion forward pieces are available at every price point now, making customers eager to check out the latest fashion fads at a price they can afford.

Wholesale Clothing Trends

Women want pieces that work into their existing wardrobes, but update their wardrobes as a whole. Instead of more basics, women seek out trendy pieces at low price points to give their closet a face lift without spending a lot of money.

Jackets – Jackets are a favorite of women of every age and lifestyle. Jackets change the look of a dress or blouse in a flash, making jackets a hot seller for boutiques and clothing stores.

Women want jackets that show off their shape without constricting. It’s all about fashion and function. Many wholesale jackets marry these traits, making them a hot seller for any store. Jackets in neutral colors are what most women look for, but often versatile bright colors like grass green, red and orange are also popular sellers. Jackets in classic styles such as a trench or of-the-moment silhouettes like a draped style are usually the top sellers.

Skinny pants – Even women who may not consider themselves fashion forward have hopped on the skinny pant trend. Skinny pants started with jeans and leggings, but the silhouette has quickly evolved to include all styles of pants, including work slacks. Skinny pants are popular because they are flattering on a variety of shapes. Plus size women like skinny pants because they don’t add bulk to their shape. When worn with stacked heels or boots, skinny pants can translate from the office to evening nicely.

Tunics – Tunics are popular because they flatter many body shapes and work day or night. Tunics in knit fabrics or jersey blends are the most versatile. Women can wear them on the weekend during the day over leggings or skinny jeans, along with flats or sandals for running errands. Once it’s time to go out at night, a woman can dress up that same tunic with metal jewelry and sky high heels or platform shoes. Tunics in bright colors and jewel tones are popular because they are a simple style.

Wholesale clothing trends should be monitored for those who work as buyers and managers of boutiques and stores. Watch what your customers are buying to gauge what is selling in your area and zone in on who your target customer is.

Wholesale Dresses Maxi Print Trends


Wholesale dresses are great buys for boutiques and stores. Women love to take a dress and make it their own with accessories, such as a scarf or gladiator

Wholesale Dresses Maxi Print Trends

sandals. One of the hottest trends in the world of wholesale are maxi print dresses. Maxi print dresses are back for spring and summer 2012. There’s no reason to stock the same basic dresses when there are so many fantastic print trends to choose from.

Tribal prints – Tribal prints are among the most popular prints for maxi dresses. Everyone from moms to college girls love tribal prints because they’re bold and make a style statement with minimal effort. Tribal prints in earth tones and bright colors are the most popular for spring and summer 2012. Tribal prints work well with wooden jewelry and other accessories with an organic element. Raffia sandals or wooden details on shoes elevate the look of a tribal print maxi dress. Tribal print maxi dresses are great for travel and can be toned down with a simple jacket.

Swirling prints – Swirling prints were seen on the runways for spring 2012. Designers favored swirling prints for a flirtatious, festive feel that works with warm weather. Bright tones work best with swirling prints. Shades of blue, purple and green within one swirling print maxi dress work for many women. It’s all about playing with color. A swirling print is easy for many women to wear because you need little else to make the outfit complete. Espadrilles or wedge sandals work beautifully with a maxi dress with a swirling print.

Floral prints – When spring and summer come around, floral prints are where it’s at. Spring 2012 has seen a return to feminine, ladylike prints and silhouettes. A maxi dress in a floral print is a chic look for day and night. Floral print maxi dresses look great on women of all ages. When the weather warms up, stocking bold colors is always a smart move for boutiques and stores. The trend for 2012 is larger floral prints versus small to mid-size prints.


Wholesale dresses in a selection of prints are a smart pick for shop owners this season. Tribal, swirling and floral prints are among the latest trends in women’s fashion. These strong prints are great for revving up a wardrobe for the new season. Many women are taking risks with color, putting these bright tones at the top of shopping lists for spring and summer 2012.

Knits Wholesale Tops


Knit wholesale tops are a smart buy for women’s boutiques because they are worn year round. Knit tops are fabulous for every season and women are eager

Knits Wholesale Tops

to fill their wardrobes with new knits. Knits add texture to a look. In some cases, they also add a layer of warmth that helps women look trendy during the cold weather seasons. Knit tops are easy to wear with jeans and leggings during the cold weather months. Women enjoy layering up different styles of knits for additional warmth.

Draped cardigans – Draped cardigans are among the hottest sellers for women of all shapes and sizes. It is a favorite for plus size women and more mature women looking to add something stylist, but appropriate to their wardrobes. Draped cardigans in colors like chocolate, plum, black, and gray are the most versatile for every lifestyle. Draped cardigans can be belted at the waist for a more feminine shape. Draped cardigans can also be worn open for a casual look, especially when paired with a tank top and skinny jeans or leggings.

Belted cardigans – Belted cardigans are a favorite for women because they work for the office and the weekend. Belted cardigans highlight a woman’s shape. For the office, a belted cardigan worn over a tank top works with slacks or wide leg pants. For a quick change for the weekend, belted cardigans look great over a tank top with skinny jeans tucked into knee-high boots. Women favor belted cardigans in neutrals and jewel tones for day and night. Bright belted cardigans are also fit for the color blocking trend, whether it’s for the office or hanging out with friends on the weekend.

Tunics – Tunics are a must-have for women of all ages. Tunics have made a major comeback in recent seasons. Tunics in neutral shades like heather gray and cocoa look great for an office setting, but can also be dressed up for a fun night with friends. Tunics work over tights or leggings depending on their length. Tunics are a favorite for plus size women, but juniors and ladies love them too. Tunics with draped necklines are among the most flattering, but those with turtlenecks provide a smart base layer for those battling frigid temperatures.

It’s important to follow trends when buying wholesale tops. Knits are among the best sellers for online stores and boutiques due to their versatility. Wholesale tops are a great way to build a merchandise selection of key pieces that women need in their wardrobes.

Wholesale Apparel: Trendy White Toppers


Wholesale apparel from openstockapparel.comA classic white blouse is a must-have in every woman’s closet.  From a menswear-inspired button-down to a versatile white tunic, celebrities insert the white shirt as a wardrobe staple. Adding white tunics or shirts to your wholesale apparel line-up is a great way to bring this basic to your shopper’s fall wardrobe.

Celebrities like Kristin Cavallari and Rachel Bilson show that they can rock the white blouse in a casual way that updates the classic with trendy details like bell sleeves. A new casual addition to the OpenStockApparel wholesale apparel options with fun detailing is our Northgate ¾ Sleeve Embellished Tie Neck Tunic. This trendy topper features a Wholesale apparel at openstockapparel.combohemian tie neck with embroidery detailing at the neck and sleeves. Adding this wholesale apparel option to your catalog gives shoppers a casual, yet stylish white blouse alternative that can pair with jeans, black pants or a flowing skirt.

Choose our Cino Designer Sheer Ruffle Tunic as an addition to your wholesale apparel line-up to echo the easy-breezy styling of Jennifer Garner on the beach. She tops off her swimsuit with a light-weight tunic that compliments a summer tan. The white tunic from OpenStockApparel’s wholesale apparel grouping is a versatile choice that can easily top off leggings or skinny jeans or a swimsuit as well. Showing shoppers easy accessory pairings including a dark stretch belt can elevate sales of Wholesale apparel from Openstockapparel.comthis updated classic white tunic that is at home in the office or on the beach.

For a work-appropriate white shirt, try our Missy Festive Mandarin Collar Blouse that brings East-West styling to a wholesale apparel option that won’t break the bank. With a hint of tuxedo styling this white blouse is a great jean topper that is equally well-matched to a black pencil skirt. Demi Lovato sports a short-sleeve casual version of the white mandarin collar shirt showing the versatility of this favorite style that extends to young Hollywood.

Every woman looks to find that perfect white blouse that will move from casual to work-friendly. While the white blouse maybe a closet standard, suggest a pop of color in a red shoe or fun accessory to further elevate shoppers’ white blouse purchases from your wholesale apparel displays. Offering them a range of white blouses that can take them from the office to the beach or the grocery store from our wholesale apparel options also gives you the opportunity to pair the white blouse with other options.