What to buy this summer

This year’s summer fashions will definitely keep you on your toes when you are purchasing merchandise for your boutique or women’s clothing store.

A big trend next season for women’s apparel clothing is in textures: either patterns woven directly into the fabrics, or textures created by draping or folding. This look is good with not just the fabrics, but in the designs of the dresses, shirts and pants. Find styles that utilize these textures to help your clients bring balance to their figures. Ruching on shirts and tanks can create hourglass figures for those who need help on top, and draping can cover hips in flattering ways.

JFW Tangerine Embroider Dress

JFW Tangerine Embroider Dress

In style this year will be beads, studs and bright colored sequins. Pastels and bright colors will all be in vogue. Coral is emerging as one of the most popular colors. It looks great on most women, and compliments this seasons colors as well as the very popular black and white.

Dresses will once again be big this year, so keep a variety in stock that include maxi dresses in solids, florals and patterns, . The classic shift is back as well as styles that lean towards the 50s. These styles can be both office oriented and used in casual settings and situations. The summer shifts will allow for catering to all body shapes and sizes. While minis will never go out of style for those with the legs to wear them, this year’s hemlines are holding just above the knee.

Don’t forget that “little black dress” which is always in style. Look for styles that suit your figure. If you want to show off you shoulders, strapless styles look the best. If you like a looser, more comfortable look, go for a dress with an empire waist, and last but not least, if you want to conceal your hips, look for a dress that has a cinched waistband or has a sash at the waist.

Use colorful accessories, to create your own clothing style as well as changing up an outfit so you can wear any dress for many different occasions. Wide studded belts, scarfs, and patterned tights are very popular.

Pencil skirts will be all the rage, especially for those who are looking for work attire. But to transition to a more casual look, keep a stock of A-lines on hand as well, which can work well for both work and casual.

Major themes in styles include a variety of bohemian and bold prints to create a goddess look with less structure. The feminine theme speaks of elegance, in both casual and evening attire. Chanel-like suits, elegant ruffles and vibrant colors make up this theme, in dresses, skirts, tops and jackets. Less is more in the modern styles that also include bold neutrals of grays, blacks, and various shades of white.

When considering shirts, include a variety of styles in crisp white. This classic look will allow customers to easily mix and match outfits so don’t be afraid to go all out in stocking many designs of this fashion favorite. If white is not your color, bold solid color or fun geometrical patterns also dress up business and casual attire.

This year, with many shoppers will be recycling older fashions, so make sure to carry a unique and intriguing collection from your wholesale women’s clothing vendor, using a variety of colors, texture, styles and trends to keep your customers coming back for more.