Trends for Juniors Wholesale Clothing

Trends for juniors wholesale clothing are always changing. Spring is just around

Trends for Juniors Wholesale Clothing

the corner and that means stores and online boutiques are stocking up on the latest spring trends. Customers are always eager to try something new in their wardrobes, but there’s something about spring that gets people to get out there and shop. Spring means new beginnings and the idea of warm weather is enough to make anyone want to “spring” for a few new wardrobe pieces. The latest spring trends are ideal for shop owners to explore to give customers the looks they’ll crave this season.

Maxi dresses – Maxi dresses are a major trend for spring and summer 2012. There’s nothing like a flowing, long dress to make a woman feel feminine. Maxi dresses are favored by women of all shapes and sizes because they’re comfortable to wear and easy to throw on. There’s no fussing with proportions or trying to figure out what to wear a maxi dress with. The maxi dress does the work and all the woman has to do is add a few accessories. Maxi dress is bright colors and strong prints dominated the runways in New York and Milan. Some of the best colors for the season are orange, green and yellow. Customers will make use of these dresses during transition season by adding a jacket and can continue to wear them throughout the warm weather months on their own.

Slim pants – We aren’t talking about skinny jeans or pants, but just a slim silhouette. Forget the slouchy bunching at the ankles that many of the mega trendy skinny jeans have. Slim pants are a trim, straight leg silhouette that cuts off just at the ankle. These aren’t capri pants, which hit under the knee, but ankle skimming pants with a slim leg opening. Slim pants are ideal for showing off wedges or other playful shoes during the warm weather months. Slim pants in bright colors are popular and white is always a winning shade for spring and summer. The details on slim pants should be fairly discreet with flat pockets on the front of back of pants. Many women avoid pants with slanted pockets because they can wing out or bulge if the fit is not perfect.

Maxi dresses and slim pants are strong trends for juniors wholesale clothing this season. Get to know your clients to see what they are looking for each season and gauge what sells best at the store. Sticking with basics along with a healthy mix of trendy pieces that update a client’s wardrobe is the best way to move product.