Wholesale Skirts Are an Important Staple

Skirts can be dressed up or dressed down, depending on what you pair them with. They are an important staple in any woman’s wardrobe to allow her to mix and match her outfits. When it comes to wholesale skirts, you will be able to find plenty of options to fill your store with enough options to fit the style of any woman who shops in your store. The more skirts you offer, the better the women who shop will appreciate the selection.

Tiered Wholesale Skirts

One type of popular skirts is the tiered skirt. These skirts appear to have several layers to them, even if they do only have one layer. However, this tiered effect can make these long skirts appear even more elaborate, giving them a completely different look from one layer skirts. These skirts can come in a wide variety of colors, allowing women to choose the one that will go with a specific top or one that can go with multiple tops in the wardrobe. For instance, if a woman buys one in black or white, it will go with just about anything. However, a blue or red one will be more limited. This type of skirt can come with multiple colors as well, such as in a tie-dye pattern.

Lace Edged Wholesale Skirts

Another great option for long wholesale skirts are those that sport a laced edge. This laced edge provides a slightly dressier look to the skirt, though it can still be used for a more casual look as well. Often available in only solid colors, such as blue and olive green, these lined skirts provide protection with a classy look. The lace along the bottom of the skirts allows them to work in dressier occasions when paired with a nice blouse.

Skirts can work well to round out a woman’s wardrobe so she can turn any top into a dress, either formal or casual. Many of these wholesale skirts, such as the tiered or lace-edged skirts can work in both situations. It all depends on the kind of top it is paired with. For instance, if the skirt is paired with a sweater or a casual top, it becomes a casual dress perfect for pretty much any occasion. Otherwise, if it is paired with a blouse or other dressy shirt, the skirt is transformed into something that will work for a more formal occasion.