7 Shape Flattering Tips

Fashion Tips: How To Look Slimmer

1. Black colored clothing is a powerful slimming tool. Most women prefer to flaunt their best features with bright colors and tone down their unflattering features by wearing black.

2. If you’re a plus size woman, wear plus size clothing. There’s nothing more unflattering than ill-fitting clothes that do nothing for your figure. Unfortunately, most women look bigger than they actually are when they tight-fitting clothing.

3. Dress for success. Pant suits, skirt sets, and pant sets are very flattering on full-figured women. Choose designer apparel that offers functionality and versatility.

4. If you’re a petite plus size woman, choose solid colors. Unfortunately, patterns like vertical striped will make plus size women look bigger than they actually are.

5. Select comfortable clothing that’s easy to wear. Clothing that’s uncomfortable to wear and/or doesn’t fit properly will only make you slouch, which will make your figure look less flattering.

6. Select pants that aren’t low-riding. Women that are curvier in the waist and mid-section rarely look attractive in low riders. Unfortunately these pants offer very little tummy support.

7. Plus size women benefit from A-line patterns which flatter their figure. In other words, formal dresses with A-line patterns will look exceptionally beautiful on women who are bottom-heavy.